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Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Helsingborg April 10th 2014

Spring has arrived in Sweden! Though the weather has been mild since my move here, longer and warmer days have people peeling off woolen layers and moving their café chairs to chase the sun! I am certainly no exception. Helsingborg takes great pride in brightening the town with seasonal decorations. The lights and candles that lit up Christmas are long gone, but now the streets have enormous planters filled with tulips and daffodils. And going along with the Swedish tradition around Easter, bright feathers attached to branches take center stage in various squares. Beyond the tradition of feathers, Easter in non-religious Sweden has sweet buns filled with cream, semla lining the windows of every bakery. Little girls will evidently dress up as witches and knock on doors wher... read more
Crocus lined walk
Tulips abound!
Good morning, Copenhagen!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Keswick April 10th 2014

Yesterday we got the train to Penrith and said goodbye to Mum then we got the bus to Keswick and walked half way up Skiddaw to Skiddaw bunkhouse. When we got to the youth hostel there was another girl who was 9 called Elsa. We played lots of great games. I took a picture of her - see below Today we walked up Skiddaw and almost literally got blown away but we didn't get any views because it was so foggy. Then we came down and went to Keswick youth hostel and went to get supper from the street market and came back to cook it. I will write more on Saturday.... read more
Hair in face
me and Elsa outside Skiddaw House
Me and Elsa

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 10th 2014

Strolled down to Taverna Esmeralda for Brunch today. Slept until 10:00 .... So much for the energizer bunny! Had a delicious Croque Madame with Cafe Creme. strolled the Quai Bookstalls to purchase a few goodies and then caught the Batobus on Seine at Notre Dame stop. cruised down to the Louvre where we departed to see the Pyramid.... Also paid 12 euros each to relieve ourselves and have a cool drink! It was worth every penny... Met a lovely couple from Seattle ... Chatted awhile then re- boarded Batobus to The Eiffel Tower where we had res . Later in evening for tour and trip to summit. It was early so we got a nice cream and walked over river and up hill to Plaza Trocadero to take photos and eat an early dinner of Spa ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 10th 2014

Friday morning I woke to clear blue skies and the realisation that this was it, this was the day that I trusted my adventures to a 1958 British made and designed motorcycle, and to be fair, one that wasn't exactly revered in its day, let alone 56 years later with so I'm told, 'better options'.I admire those that take to the roads on a new modern, hyper reliable machine, but to me, where exactly is the excitement? I mean, for most, the biggest challenge is to throw your leg over the 36" high seat and then all that is left to do is press a button and you get taken along as a passenger and all you're required to do is stop every so often to re-quench the machine. I know, I'm really putting my neck ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Helsinge April 10th 2014

Whoever coined the phrase 'Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen' certainly felt the sentiment of those who have visited the capital city of Denmark, and having been lucky enough to visit it for probably the 30th time on this trip I still never tire of it. Copenhagen is as close to living nirvana as you're likely to find anywhere on the planet, and if you could just throw in a little more of an ambient temperature (never satisfied....) then I think you'd have arrived. Copenhagen exudes confidence and style and it is very happy with itself, as are the Danes. You will never here a Dane talk about moving to another country because they think the grass will be greener, in fact you are more likely to here the opposite, most Danes will look at you with confused curiosity ... read more


Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 10th 2014

Wow.... Two days of wonders to report! Arr. Paris Tue. at 11:30 am. (4:30am U.S. ). A little weary and travel worn , but ready to hit the ground running. Charged our Energizer Bunny Batteries and caught Taxi to 21quay dela Tournelle....lovely studio apt. in Latin Quarter very near Notre Dame Cathedral. Walked across bridge (at our front door stoop) onto Ile de St. St. Louis to find long over due lunch. A lovely little Crepe shop caught our eye, Cafe Argent, where we all had a lovely bowl of a puréed Veg . Soup with breaD and some lovely crepes filled with different sweet fillings. Particularly loved the Apricot! Left there around 2:00 and walked to Notre dame on the Ile de cite and toured the beautiful Cathedral inside and out to see the stained ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee April 9th 2014

Today we went up to Mondsee to find the church used in the movie. It was a lovely church but had a service running so we were a bit limited in our ability to explore. The large building beside the church was a monastery built in the 11th century and it has now been restored and converted into a hotel. After wandering around for a while, we went down to the lakeside where we found a large playground for Em. She loved it and we played for quite a while. We walked along the lake where the swans were very friendly, looking for a free lunch. It was absolutely beautiful with views across lake to the surrounding mountains. This whole area is covered with mountain lakes and the scenery is just breathtaking. We had lunch in ... read more

Europe » Malta April 9th 2014

Last night we had just one plan for today and that was to go to Kalkara and visit Fort Rinella. By this morning we had added to that plan, and that was to go back to Valletta first and check out St John's Co-Cathredral. I had been talking to an ex-colleague who is on secondment to Malta and he had said if we did nothing else in Valletta we shouldn't miss out seeing this cathedral. That thought ate away at us overnight and we we did not want to leave Malta, then say once we were back home that we wished we had gone. There were several main reasons and the first is that hanging in the cathedral is the biggest of Caravaggio's paintings the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist as well as the cathedral ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Locarno » Ascona April 9th 2014

Locarno, 30. März - 6. April 2014 Pünktlich mit beginn der Sommerzeit starteten wir am Sonntag den 30. März unsere Reisesaison 2014. Wie üblich führte uns unsere erste Reise für ein paar Tage in die Sonnenstube der Schweiz, in das Tessin. Wir fuhren am Sonntag bei herrlichem Sonnenschein gemütlich (ohne störende Lastwagen) via „Axenstrasse“ dem Vierwaldstädtersee entlang und durch den St. Gotthard. Den Tunnel passierten wir so zügig wie noch selten. Beim Südportal lag im Vergleich zum Norden noch viel Schnee. Diesen Winter hatte der Tessin ja jede Menge davon abgekommen. Doch je tiefer wir fuhren desto grüner wurde es. Auch die Temperatur stieg von anfänglich 12 auf bis zu 21°C. In Locarno stehen wir wie immer auf Campingplatz Delta. Nachdem wir unser Wohnmobil abgestellt hatten besuchten wir noch den Kameliengarten, welcher sich neben dem Campingplatz ... read more
Campingplatz Delta in Locarno
Im Tal blühen die Magnolien, die Bergspitzen sind noch schneebedeckt
Annemarie im Kamelienpark

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