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Europe » Switzerland » North-East July 20th 2014

Så kom akkurat tids nok til hostelet slik at vi rakk siste innsjekkings tid (vi kom et par min på 24:00). Resepsjonisten var veldig hyggelig og med rommet kom frokost, en gratis drink per natt og en velkomst sjokolade. Sjokoladen var kjempe god, og tror det er den nye ynglings sjokoladen til Synnøve (vi gikk på sjokoladejakt dagen etter for å finne akkurat den sjokoladen). Elven Limmat renner gjennom Zürich og deler gamlebyen i to. Dagen etterpå sov vi lenge, før vi gikk til en park for å spise frokost (siden jeg sov over frokost tidene). Vi spiste skive med mozarella og tomat på, det var den beste frokosten vi har hatt på lenge!! Etter det gikk vi på sightseeing, men kartet vi fikk på hostelet var så dårlig at vi gikk heller etter egen retningssans ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 20th 2014

Apparently air conditioning is only partially invented here. I know it exists, because I've felt it in a few buildings and rooms. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist in my bedroom, and I'm quite sure it doesn't exist in the room that our meeting today was in. At a guess, I'd put the temperature there at somewhere around 412 degrees centigrade, and the humidity around 136%. Regardless, it was an interesting meeting. The Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies does this most years and they seem to have an idea of how to do it. They walked us through how non-violent action works (and how much better than violent action it is, in terms of results and number of casualties), then had us start working on our own, hypothetical non-violent campaigns. My team chose ... read more

Europe July 20th 2014

Travel Blog 17/07/14 At sea: Throughout the day the Dawn Princess will continue her crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, this huge body of water covers approximately one fifth of the globe and by human understanding is the oldest of the oceans. According to ancient Europeans it was the only ocean that existed, the Greeks and early Romans believed the Atlantic to be just one huge river encircling the world. Captain Ivan Jerman was replaced in Southampton by Captain Phillip Pickford, who I have met at the Horizon Court, he has been in command for a few days now and I for one am a bit disappointed in his lack of information. With Captain Jerman every day at sea at midday he would give a navigational report as well as the sea conditions for the next 24 ... read more

Amis, Montagnes et mer! Si vous avez suivi notre blog depuis quelques années, vous savez que nous avons rencontré plusieurs bateaux français. Un des avantages de ce voyage, c'est de pouvoir les revoir alors que nous n'avons pas mis les pieds dans les Antilles cette année. Nous commençons donc par l'équipage de L'Océanite, qui habite Albertville. C'est facile, ils se trouvent à à peine une heure de route de Chambéry. Le 7 juillet, donc, ils nous font visiter leur coin: village médiéval, site olympique... malgré la pluie!! Un des objectifs non cachés de notre voyage en France était d'aller voir des péniches. En effet, nos plans de navigation devraient nous amener à vendre notre cher Absaroque et à acheter une péniche pour naviguer sur les canaux d'Europe. Nous faisons donc une balade du côté de St-Jean-de-Losne, ... read more
Le stade couvert à la mode "Eiffel"
Albertville a une cité médiévale
Les fontaines étaient importantes...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 20th 2014

This trip got canceled since my husband passed away August, 2013. I decided to go this year and take my cousin. Since I am using airline vouchers and miles, I had to book our trip to London from Boston. We will be in Boston for a couple of days before heading over to London. Our Hotels: Here are the hotels I have selected for this trip. Boston: The Boston Harbor Hotel img= Boston: The Taj Boston London: The Milestone Hotel and The Stafford Hotel London: The Milestone Hotel img= read more


Europe » Netherlands » South Holland July 20th 2014

July 17 and we drive to Den Hague - better known in the west as The Hague. After a nightmare of trying to park and finding out - too late, that the chip card we have is not the same as the one everyone else in the Netherlands has - it doesn't seem to work in simple machines like a parking meter. So, off to a parking house to pay vast amounts of money to park in the city. We walked around a very nice district where we ran into various embassy houses and finally the Queens palace. All the flags are flying half mast to honor the many many Dutch who were killed in the Malaysia flight that was shot down. People here are sad, angry, and demanding something be done - a shrine has ... read more
Synogogue in Delft
Don't park too close!
Queen's Palace

Europe » Russia » Centre July 20th 2014

Living in Moscow is not easy, but extremely interesting and adds a new touch to my life. Today, I went to Kolomna, a town 100 km from Moscow, by commuter train (about 2 and a half hours). I have read about Kolomna in advance – I better not do it because I was perplexed by the name “Golutvin” (the directions were something like – take the commuter train to Golutvin station), but the nearest station is called Kolomna. Both stations are within the same town, but Kolomna seems nearer to the sights: I saw several high bell towers and church domes from the elektrichka window, and wanted to get off. However, I got off at the terminus, called Golutvin. I had to take a tram from Golutvin station to the centre. I got out of the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 20th 2014

After a very, very active first day in Berlin, and exhausted from jet lag and walking around the city for 8 hours, I went into my second day in Berlin with the intention of taking it easy. But that's not exactly how it happened. My German professor recommended to me that I should visit the KaDeWe, the 7 story mall in Berlin, so of course I had to. I am still a little confused about the U Bahn but it is definitely the best way to get around for me. I love the underground and I wish home in Long beach had such a system. Anyways, I got to the KaDeWe and it was beaitiful. I visited each floor; but my favorite floor by far was the 6th, which is the food. I bought some yummy ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Friesland » Earnewald July 20th 2014

Our friends duly arrived dead on time having managed all the connections from Schipol with aplomb. The next day dawned grey, windy and cold but the wind was from the South and we were going due North so we decided to put our nose out into the Ijsselmeer, see what it was like and decide whether it would be Medemblik on the West side or Stavoren on the East where we really wanted to go in order to get into Friesland and specifically Sneekermeer. We always try to give our friends albeit a small but varied cameo of Holland and so we were aiming for some town moorings and some island moorings. So we went for it….and 2 hours later, after a rather bumpy and surfing crossing we entered into the peace of the inland canal ... read more
Model Sailing Dinghies
P & H pulling a fuel-less Isabela
Skutsje Racing

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 19th 2014

After Romania we did 345 kilometres to Serbia. Looking for our Pension in Zrenjanin we had a problem. According to the GPS the street did not exist. We asked a young man who stopped at a pizza shop. He looked at the address, phoned them then said follow me. He took us to the front door of the Pension at the edge of the city. Thanking him with, Australia thanks you he pointed at his shirt. It was an Aboriginal print of a kangaroo. Staring at him he said I have uncle in Australia and I luuuv Australia. What a gem of a guy. The Lady in the Pension spoke no English. An English speaking Croatian guy helped out. We told then we had not eaten since 8 a.m. It was now 5 p.m. because we ... read more
road to Zrenjanin
towards Zrenjanin
Close to Bosnia Herzegowina

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