Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones

A 60 something who feels that the world is her lobster, that life is worth living and that you only get one shot at it . A whole new world opened up since we bought Suzy. A different view out of the window every day and the chance to see life in all its glory. And then there is Sion our travelling companion. A knowledgeable sheep who with his Sheep Book of Facts keeps us on our toes. He and his bestest, bestest friend Woolly Mammoth search the world for latrines, roofs and manhole covers. What more could you want out of life?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Dronfield July 9th 2014

We are now in the heart of a British summer. The occasional thunder storm clears the air but it still feels heavy and muggy. A different heat to that abroad. The nights are long and have reached that plateau where they neither get any longer nor get any shorter. And it is 50 days to our next long holiday. Suzy sits idly on the top garden waiting to get on the road again. She needs a fill of fuel and that will be done some time over the next week or so as I have accumulated another 20p per litre off fuel and need to use it by the end of the month. Plans are still underway . We need a vignette for the Czech republic and we cannot get this from our usual supplier TollTickets ... read more
Renishaw Hall - the lily pond
Lily pads on the pond
Pink waterlily

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Bakewell June 26th 2014

Where is heaven? Let me ride on this sweet breeze and waft away thither. A few years ago a friend and work colleague who was as mad as a bag of frogs just like me bought me a small desk calendar. It showed - one day at a time - and had some thought or saying from an eastern religious text or words of wisdom from an eastern philosopher. Since that first calendar I have had one on my desk every year. Sometimes I read the thought for the day and think it is beyond me. I don' t understand it. It is too complicated to fathom and I feel it is like throwing pearls to a swine to expect me to digest it and take it in . Other times I read the pearls of ... read more
First course
Hassop Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Mansfield June 24th 2014

It is now three weeks since we returned from holiday and Suzy Sundance is finally sitting in the sun with a new windscreen fitted. Her chipped glass replaced by a brand spanking new clean bright one. £75 lighter but at least she looks better now. She still needs cleaning. She still is full of grey water which we have had little chance to throw out and a chemical loo that has probably filled with enough methane gas to power a whole city. We should have cleaned her out but instead chose to spend a few hours at Newstead Abbey just a few miles down the road from us. There is always tomorrow or the day after for jobs like that. Now owned by Nottinghamshire Council but originally the home of Lord Byron it is a gothic ... read more
Newstead Abbey
Newstead Abbey
Through the main front window

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Matlock June 15th 2014

We have been home now for the past two weeks. Where has the time disappeared to? When you are younger a year lasts forever, a month feels like a year, a week like a month, a day like a week . But as you get older it seems to disappear quickly into a black hole and you wonder where it went to. Suzy gets her windscreen makeover tomorrow but that's another day. She still needs cleaning and it is a job that will need to be done sooner rather then later. But then there is today................ Today we take you down Electric Avenue. There you go - I got the song in. Eddie Grant - go on sing along . We did as we walked down the street. Quietly of course. It is one of those ... read more
All aboard the tram
we going rock you down Electric Avenue
We didnt risk the fine

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais June 5th 2014

Our last night was spent at Guines. We had an early start to make the train. Waking up at breaking light we unhooked Suzy and set off for the half hour drive to the train terminal. Sally Sat Nav picked yet another route from Guines to Calais. Along pretty roads through the village of Guines, along the river full of wildlife including herons on the banks fishing. As usual the overhead gantries recognised us and welcomed us without the need to put our details in. Much better than standing in front of the machine and trying to punch the numbers in. The French police pulled us over, checked our steering wheel and doors and then went off to talk leaving us sitting there. After a few minutes they let us through and we passed through a ... read more
Moorish architecture
Moorish architecture
Moorish architecture

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers June 4th 2014

Well now is the time to say goodbye - we are on our last few days of our holiday. Where have the last 31 disappeared to?. One minute we are planning and the next it is nearly over. We have given a lot of thought of what to do over the last few days and as always we have a few days left without any real thoughts about what to do with that time. On our last campsite I fell into conversation with a lady who had just arrived and was in the same dilemma. She and her husband had been to Italy and had used the train to travel down and back. She could only travel on a Saturday and found herself like us with a few days left but with nothing to fill it ... read more
Angers castle
Through the arched window

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Saumur June 2nd 2014

Suzy the motorhome was parked for the night on the Flower Camping Ille de Offard in the middle of La Loire. Why are we on an partial island in the middle of the river? To see Saumur of course. Winding our way home we needed to find somewhere to stop off at. And Saumur hit the mark. My first visit to the Loire was in 2002 when I got my first sight of chateaux along this popular part of France. We got chateauxed out by the time we had visited five on the trot and Saumur was one left for another trip. It has taken the best part of 12 years to get round to seeing it and that of Angers where we plan to stop off tomorrow. Our journey over the last few days has ... read more
La Loire

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Poitiers June 1st 2014

Our journey took us from Beynac to the tiny village of Couhe about 48 kms from Poitiers. The road Sally Sat Nav chose was winding , simply beautiful with grass verges full of tiny flowers. The villages we drove through were pretty. Yellow sandstone with gardens full of colour. The boulangeries and charcuteries open for business. The sun shone on us as we headed for our overnight stop. We passed few cars along the way. The winding road was fairly empty. Occaisionally one came on the opposite carriageway and then one passed us. There seemed little traffic on the road and for this we were grateful. Driving as it should be. At one point we saw a red sports car settling in behind us. Was it a Ferrari we wondered? Or an Audi TT? It overtook ... read more
Poitiers Cathedral
detail from the cathedral
Decorative columns

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Beynac-et-Cazenac May 31st 2014

Sometimes a place feels right and Beynac felt just like that . A perfect place , the perfect castle perched atop the hill, the perfect view from Suzy's windows and the perfect weather. In fact the perfect day. After breakfast of croissants and orange juice we set off for the village of Beynac and its magical castle. The weather was set fair. We not in a hurrying mood as we had all day to do nothing in. We were not going anywhere until tomorrow. The campsite has direct access onto a woodland complete with pond. This provides an easy 15 minute walk to Beynac. The woodland provided shade from the hot sun and as I walked I imagined what the wood might have looked full of Bluebells that archetypal English woodland Spring flower with its heady ... read more
on the way up to the castle
The view from Suzy's back window

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Vezac May 30th 2014

Gardens fascinate us. It doesnt matter if they are formal or rambling English country ones. We have no preferences and just love them whatever shape or form they take. We have over the last few years watched Monty Don an English garden presenter who covered gardens of Italy one year and then followed it up with Gardens of France. The French offering was a touch disappointing. He visited Versailles and Monets Garden but seemed to miss out on other important gardens throughout the FRench regions. One of the gardens he missed was the garden of Marqueyssac The suspended gardens as they are so called are completely different to anything you could imagine. If you do chateaux then there is one here. However there is little in it and we found it a tad boring. An empty ... read more
Nothing but green
the gardens of marqueyssac
gardens in green

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