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Technical Equipment


There will always be some travellers either too attached to their laptop to leave it at home, or who need one for work purposes. When choosing a laptop to take along - choose one that is light in weight, durable with good battery life, and with a CD burner - for putting digital photos on to a CD and then sending home. More about that later.

Panasonic make a laptop specifically designed for this - the Panasonic Tough Book - but many travellers have been fine with laptops not enhanced for toughness. Treat your laptop well and it will last.

Things to check - power supply, check that it will cope with the range of voltages that you will be likely to encounter on your travels. If it copes from 100V - 250V that is the range that you'd need to deal with. If you are buying new - look for wifi compatibility - you'll be able take advantage of free wireless internet access in a surprising number of places, airports, cafe's, train stations, and even plain simple high streets. (link to wifi finder)

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