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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of preparing for a trip. Getting the right insurance cover is very important. Choose the wrong policy and if the worst happens you could find that you are not covered - do be aware of what you are covered for and what you need to arrange separate insurance for. By the same rule, visiting a foreign country on a short city break is very low risk and you might well be covered for medical expenses by national reciprocal agreements. In this case, travel insurance recommended by many travel agents is extremely expensive, mainly due to commission plus administrative costs, and you will pay disproportionately to the risk by a huge factor.

Basic Guide to Travel Insurance

Common Terms

Excess: the initial portion of any insurance claim, which the policy doesn't cover. If you have an excess of $50, and claimed for $300, you would only receive $250 since you would be responsible for paying the first $50 yourself.

Repatriation: the act of returning to the country of origin. With regards to travel insurance, returning you to your country of residence. Returning home as a result of accidental injury or illness.

Annual Multi-trip: Insurance for multiple trips during a year, limits the number of days you can be away from your country of residence, so is often not suitable for long periods away from home.

Singe Trip Policies: Cover a specific destination, for a specific period of time,

Winter Sports Cover: Cover for potentially risky winter sporting activities, such as snowboarding and skiing. Note that some policies can be quite restrictive in terms of off -piste skiing.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition: Any pre-existing medical conditions need to be notified to the insurance company. It doesn't mean that they will not cover you, or even increase the cost - but if you don't inform them and something unrelated happens, you may not be covered. Be upfront about everything with the insurance companies - if they can find a technicality on which to avoid paying out, they will.

Personal Liability : Legal liability for accidental injury to a third party and/or accidental damage to their property.

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