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Planning and Preparation

Photocopies and notable numbers

You need a trusted person at home (especially useful if you can remember their phone number!), a photocopy and scanner(optional), your passports, the emergency numbers for your ATM/Credit Cards, your travel Insurance Document and emergency numbers.

Photocopy your passport - if you're travelling with someone, get a copy with both passports on the same piece of paper. Leave a copy with your trusted friend/family at home - next, have one each in an accessible place - you will be asked to for passport details on checking into many hostels and hotels - you don't want to be rummaging around under your clothes every time - the only people that need to see your identification are border guards and police (and if you get asked by police, go to the police station with them, do not hand over passports on the street - common street scam). Finally, for extra security you can scan a copy of your passport and email it to your self, in the event of losing everything.

Copy down all the emergency telephone numbers for your credit/ATM cards onto two pieces of paper, one for your underclothes wallet, one for a trusted person at home. Also email a copy to your on-line web mail account. In the event of a robbery, it is crucial that you contact these numbers as quickly as possible to avoid being liable for any losses to your accounts.

Get two copies of your travel insurance document, one for your underclothes wallet, and one for your trusted home person.

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