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Quick Guide to other Major Travel Diseases

a viral infection of the nervous system. Delirium and painful muscle spasms in the throat - if symptoms develop, it is usually fatal.
Affected Areas: Europe, North America.
Spread by: Bites from an infected animal.
Precautions: Recommended only to those who would be in wilderness areas for long periods, or working with animals.
Extra: If you are bitten by an animal, wash the wound immediately, get medical attention quickly, note the date, place and description of the animal, then inform the local police.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), HIV (Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus) - a virus that attacks the immune system. There is no vaccine or cure.
Affected Areas: The entire world.
Spread by: Unprotected sex with an infected partner, the use of infected syringes, medical and dental equipment or other items that puncture the skin, when infected body fluids (eg. blood) penetrate the skin .
Precautions: Avoid casual sex, use a condom, take a supply of good quality condoms - lower quality ones have a higher risk of splitting, do not inject non-prescribed drugs.

A parasitic disease caused by a worm carried by water snails. Treatable but no vaccine.
Affected areas: Most common in African waterways.
Spread by: A worm that penetrates the skin and damages the intestines, liver and urinary tract.
Precautions: avoid bathing and wading in infected areas.

an intestinal infection that causes severe diarrhea, can lead to dehydration and death.
Affected areas: Areas of poor sanitation in South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia
Spread by: Water and food.
Precautions: Good personal hygiene (wash hands before eating) and avoid food and water that is of dubious quality.

Painful fever.
Affected Areas: the tropics.
Spread by: mosquito bites.
Precautions: avoid being bitten by mosquitoes day or night.

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