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Air travel

The single most popular form of travel for the independent traveler. Fast, economically the cheapest, with a high safety record, the jet plane has revolutionized the travel industry. Had Jules Verne been alive today we would have been reading "Around the world in 80 hours", which gives some idea of the revolution that the jet has brought about. Unfortunately, despite its many advantages, there is one large negative to jet travel, which has been largely ignored until today. This is the huge amount of CO2 released during each flight. It is possible that as the world grows in knowledge and concern about the damage that this release causes, the cost of jet travel will rise. Combined with jet travel's dependency on oil, the age of cheap flights that we currently see might be limited.

Now back to the good news. Flights are at the moment cheap, plentiful, and go to just about everywhere; it seems in this day and age that there is nowhere in the world that is more than 48 hours from anywhere else.

Single tickets

Buying single tickets from place to place in the course of your travels is the most flexible way to travel. It is also more expensive than a return flight, or a Round the World Ticket. However - it is possible to pick up cheaper local options from local travel agents than you may find on the Internet, or from travel agents back home.

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