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Planning and Preparation

Keeping in Touch

Letters and Postcards

Please send a postcard! At least one from each destination to at least one person - a dying habit but the happiness it can create is great - an e-postcard doesn't quite cut it!

Travel Blogging

Welcome to the revolution - travelblogging draws on the internet and the travel revolution, taking it a stage further. Journalising experiences during travel is nothing new, but blogging is one step further: your journals are published, alerts sent to your subscribers, and photos can be added, all presented stylishly and easy to use. The best thing (or possibly the worst) is your journals will be read by strangers! - possibly thousands of them.

TravelTip! - is the best travel blogging service out there - and it is free, already thousands of people are kicking themselves for paying for less adequate services. Join today, play with a test journal and get involved with the community that has formed around the concept.

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