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Trip Styles

In reality most trips will be combinations of the styles listed below.

Historical/ Educational.

The world is full of interesting history, and kind souls globally have put the information on display for visitors to share. It is possible to go to books, encyclopedias and surf the web and learn vast amounts, but it's far more interesting to visit the scene of the events and assimilate the history where it all happened. The down- sides of this are that sometimes museums or sites have either only details in the local language, or perhaps a token amount in English. Some notable locations where history really comes to life, in not necessarily pleasant detail are:

Eastern Europe: learn about 2 world wars, oppression during Soviet occupation, crushed rebellions, and visit some of the most notorious locations in the world.

Vietnam: crawl through tunnels built by the Viet Cong.
Latin America: Pyramids and ancient cities from lost civilizations.

Another aspect of educational trips is learning a language. You'll find language schools in many countries, some providing home-stays with local families, allowing you to totally immerse yourself in the language.

Photographer's Paradise.
A camera, a lot of time, with fantastic, unusual scenery, people, and architecture to record - you've made it to photographer's paradise. This style of trip is more popular than you might think. Since trekking with tripods and lenses can be hard work, the intrepid photographer often sacrifices comfort for art. Although relatively few people make a full-time living from travel photography, (a few of the luckier and talented ones become famous and lead very interesting lives as a result their efforts), most travellers use photographs as a way to record their travels and preserve the memories forever.

"I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn." -- Pablo Picasso

Picasso takes it a little to extremes, but photography is an art form, which is very useful to all types of traveller.

Party Tour!
Party Tours such as round the party Islands of Phonon Keng, booze trips down the eastern coast of Australia or on one of the infamous party buses, such as the Kiwi Experience are in abundance. If lots of drink, good company and hangovers on luxury 57 seater coaches with a party in a different town each day is your idea of fun, this is an ideal option.

Growing and Knowing Together.
Taking some real time to get to know your partner is common, and what better way to do it than to see the world together. Though be warned: there is a risk that sometimes when the chips are down and the stress levels are up, the strain can tell. Can the relationship survive the stresses, strains and temptations of an extended period of travel ? If it can, one of the most colorful and exciting experiences of your life will be enhanced by becoming a shared experience with a chosen partner.

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