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Travelling from Heathrow to Uzbekistan?

Urgent Human Rights situation - Jahongir Sidikov
13 years ago, November 23rd 2007 No: 1 Msg: #23012  
N Posts: 1
Jahongir Sidikov is an Uzbek dissident who has been resident in the UK since 1999 and active in the Uzbek ex-pat human rights movement.
He now faces deportation to Uzbekistan having been refused asylum.

Craig Murray, ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and Human Rights Watch are extremely concerned for the safety of Sidikov should he end up in Uzbekistan. There are strong grounds for believing he will be tortured there and perhaps executed.

If you are travelling to Tashkent from Heathrow, you may find yourself on the same plane as this man.

Any tourists to Uzbekistan who find that Jahongir has been forcibly bundled onto their flight should object and insist that he is taken off the plane.

Any pilots and airline staff who are asked to transport Jahongir to Uzbekistan should refuse to co-operate.

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