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Faces in Place

Posting of images and captions/descriptions/comments
35 months ago, August 19th 2018 No: 1 Msg: #205433  
How do I post images and captions/comments etc, in Faces to Place. Can anyone throw some light please? Thanks! Reply to this

35 months ago, August 19th 2018 No: 2 Msg: #205443  
Hi Tab. It's easy when you know how.

When in a blog (a published one, not one being edited), enlarge a photo and, in the far right column, beneath the blogger's profile and stats, you'll find the photo number. Select and copy it, including the square brackets.

Paste in the box marked 'Your Response', then hit Enter (or Return) on your keyboard.
Click on 'Preview' if you want to make sure it's the correct picture..
If it is, click on 'Post Reply. (If it's not the one you wanted, click on Edit and repeat the above with another photo).

Then, keep smiling!

P.S. You seem to be enjoying South America!

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35 months ago, August 24th 2018 No: 3 Msg: #205479  
Thanks Mike!
So key to that would be, photo is to be collected from a published blog, not an unpublished blog or from my computer. I have to search...I have so many images, I didn't publish all. But I will work it out. Thanks a million Mike!

Yes, we did enjoy South America. Getting ready for November....my trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar...Hope it works out as Kenya in February! Reply to this

35 months ago, August 24th 2018 No: 4 Msg: #205489  
Yes Tab, pictures must have been published on TravelBlog. Follow the same procedure to post pictures in any of the Photography Forum topics. Oh, and I see that you have now managed to post your Borneo family pic (eventually).

As for your next trip - well, you're going to love it. It's many, many years since I was there (Tanzania safaris several times, Zanzibar only once). The wildlife of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro is just incredible. Zanzibar is beautiful but quite 'touristy' - be on your guard for corruption and scams. Enjoy it! Reply to this

35 months ago, August 25th 2018 No: 5 Msg: #205511  
In response to: Msg #205489 Thank you Mike. Good to know you have a fair bit of traveling experience in Tanzania. If I need some suggestions before I travel, I will send you a mail in this reply box. Thanks, Reply to this

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