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two weeks in South Korea

ideas of things to see and do.
35 months ago, August 13th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #159875  
Hi, We will be in South Korea for a couple of weeks in November and would like some suggestions of things to see and do. We are a family of four, the kids will be 4 months old and 2 years old when we are there. We plan a few days in Seoul then would like to get out and see other places. Any suggestions? And hints / tips for transport and accommodation would be great too thanks (nothing too pricey though). Reply to this

35 months ago, August 13th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #159878  
Hello Karen and Colin, I spent a couple of weeks in South Korea in November last year - a wonderful place with wonderful people.

Within Seoul, there are plenty of places, but I'd recommend the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the National Museum of Korea. If you can be in Seoul during their lantern festival, do so, it is fantastic. My Seoul blog is here: A Warmth in my Seoul

For your two year old, you may want to distract him/her at Lotte World. I never went there, but have heard it is impressive. For accommodation, hard to go past the Hotel Sunbee for value for money.

There are two must see places away from Seoul - both are relatively close to each other. One is Bulguksa Temple near Gyeong-ju and the other Hahoe Folk Village near Andong. It is possible to get to Gyeong-ju and Andong by train, but it is nowhere near as cheap as the great quality buses, but they take more time. However, you'll need another bus (or taxi) to get you to your final two places. Here are my two blogs on these places:
The Village From Another Age
The Colours of Korea

If you are lucky, it will be a late autumn and the trees will look wonderful! My blog shows other places to see around Gyeong-ju. I also visited Haien-sa (near Daegu) but I don't rate that place as highly as the other two I mentioned above.

As a hint, don't try to leave Seoul on a Friday or Saturday morning or try to return on Sunday afternoon/evening. I saw traffic jams spreading for kilometre upon kilometre returning from weekends away - I'd imagine it would be the same heading out of Seoul too - regardless of train, bus or car.

If you have any other questions, please let me know. Reply to this

35 months ago, August 13th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #159879  
PS: Car hire is cheap in South Korea and may be more cost effective, and GPS hire is extremely cheap. For four people, this may be your most cost effective method, but I wouldn't collect your car in the centre of Seoul. Head to one of the airports and collect your car there - oh, and ensure you have plenty of cash for the tolls. Reply to this

35 months ago, August 18th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #160117  
Thanks for the info Shane. We'll have a look at your blogs and get back to you if we have any questions. Reply to this

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