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Vietnam North in September

Whats the weather in North Vietnam in Septmeber?????
3 years ago, May 2nd 2012 No: 1 Msg: #155631  
Wonder if I have messed up? I have been on at my wife (non traveller more of a holiday maker) to do something out the ordinary. I have managed to pursuade her to go Vietnam in September. We have 17 full days there less flying time. We land in Hanoi September 5th. The weather seems somewhat unpredictable and I am dreading 17 days of hurricanes for obvious reasons. We will go as far south as Hoi An and then head back north slowly. We want to visit Hoi An, Hue, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau and Hanoi. Be honest with me have I picked the wrong month? Should I have booked October? I ma a photographer so I need to know what is the risk to my gear from the weather. Hope you can advise. Reply to this

3 years ago, May 5th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #155732  
Actually, October is the peak of hurricane season! However, bear in mind that when we say that, we mean that in one year there are maybe 5. We had one already. It may rain every day, but usually in the afternoons for about an hour. In the mornings it may be sunny or cloudy, but dry and fine for sightseeing.

You may want to think about how to protect your photography gear from humidity too, as I hear that can affect things. Reply to this

3 years ago, June 24th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #157986  
September is an alright month! It's a lot cooler than July/August. There is patchy rain as it's the start of the rainy season but nothing to stop you from sightseeing. I was in central/north Vietnam a few years ago in September (you can see the photos in my blog). It was quite cloudy in Hanoi but a lot clearer on the coast. I'm not sure what kind of cloud cover suits good photographs? I wouldn't go in October, too much rain and too cold. It's quite random when/whether you'll get a storm. There was one at the beginning of August when I was there, which wasn't rainy season yet, but they may be more common from September onwards. Reply to this

3 years ago, June 26th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #158046  
In September, it's a little cool...that's ok..I think... Reply to this

3 years ago, June 26th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #158054  
Nicola. Thank you for the reply. I really enjoyed your blog. Would it be correct that Sapa is somewhat of a tourist trap. I had originally discounted it from my trip plan for that reason. However my wife saw some footage on the tv and twisted my arm. The plan is to arrive Hanoi and head south to Hoi An. Then head to Hue/DMZ and then back to Hanoi. From there we were going to Sapa finishing with a trip to Halong Bay. As a landscape/people photographer Sapa may do the trick but if your visit suggested somewhere just as nice and authentic I can start to rethink. Appreciate if you dont have the time to reply and thanks for the info. All the best. Dave Reply to this

3 years ago, June 26th 2012 No: 6 Msg: #158055  

Thanks Kris. The camera gear is a worry. I will come up with a master plan eventually......
Read your blog with some interest. If only I was academic I might follow in your footsteps. At some point the olds will eventually cut me and my wife free. Can't say I am looking forward to it but I just crave adventure. I am big fan of SE Asia. It is going to be my wifes first visit and if it goes well who knows but if it goes badly it could be the end of my beautiful dream. All the best and thanks for your response. Dave Reply to this

3 years ago, July 19th 2012 No: 7 Msg: #158955  
Sept is an excellent month! It's a lot chilly than July/August. There is blotchy rainfall as it's the begin of rainfall but nothing to quit you from touring. I was in central/north Vietnam a few decades ago in Sept. It was quite dark in Hanoi but a lot better on the shore. I'm not sure what type of reasoning protect matches excellent photographs? I wouldn't go in Oct, too much rainfall and too freezing. It's quite unique when/whether you'll get a weather. Reply to this

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