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Cambodia for the first time

Planning one month to Cambodia in Dec 2012
5 years ago, April 14th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #154634  
My wife and I would like to explore in depth as much as possible Cambodia for a month (give or take).
We will start our trip from Bangkok and end it there,we have no plans to visit Thailand this time but have to use the Airport to fly in/out.
We love,nature,hikes,culture,history and meeting people.
We found that staying with local families is the best way to experience the real life in a country.
So please help me plan our trip:
How to cross from Bangkok to Cambodia?
What route to take,what to see,what to avoid.
What transportation to use?
Do I have to carry cash or C.C will do?
Can one rent a room with a local family? how to do it.
Do we need to be medically treated before the trip?
As new to this country please add any other advice you feel relevant.
Thank you
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