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accomodations near the Manila airport/ on Palawan Island
4 years ago, December 4th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #124184  
We have a stopover in Manilla overnight, so would like a hotel/hostel close to the airport. Also looking for suggestions of where to stay on Palawan Island. We will be there for a week, not diving, so are looking for beach and snorkeling, as well as other activites and sights near by.

thanks for any suggestions. Reply to this

4 years ago, December 4th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #124193  
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You can get to the Ermita area of Manila pretty easy from the airport. There are hotels there in all price ranges. Maybe 20 minutes to a half hour for the ride depending on traffic. On Roxas, the main road, you will pass by the Mall of Asia. I wouldn't stay close to the airport.

You can get the "Yellow Taxi" service from the airport or take the Airport Taxi. Both are outside the arrivals hall, out at the curb area. Yellow Taxi is the name not just a random taxi. This service is about half the price of the Airport Taxi and registered, etc. Yellow costs more than a regular taxi but safer. Keep the receipt they give you or use the Airport Taxi. For return ride any meter taxi will do but tell the driver to use the meter and the fare is very cheap. Have small change and small bills for paying for cheap things like taxi rides, etc.

Traders Hotel is one on Roxas. Other places closer to Robinson Mall are on this list below. (The Robinson Mall, located in Ermita, is easier to navigate than the multi-building Mall of Asia!) Some of these places are not too bad in pricing. Cherry Blossoms is closest to the mall.

Some hotels have casinos if that is an interest. Other places at higher and lower prices also available. The Hyatt is popular with some tourists.

Cheaper places also available. (I usually stay in the 900 P to 1500 P range myself.) Always include any price level you want to be at for hotel recommendations.

Good luck.

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