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Advice needed please

Last minute decision to travel now leaves me with accomodation worries
16 years ago, October 18th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #8021  
B Posts: 4
I did a bit of a rash thing the other day and booked a trip to Thailand, i'm going for 3 months and will be travelling alone. Now i'm wondering if i'm going to be able to find accomodation over the Christmas and New Year period. What would be the advice of those of you more in the know, try my best to find somewhere before i get there or to take a chance that i'll be able to find a room nearer the time. I'm getting a bit worried so any advice you have will be gratefully received. Reply to this

16 years ago, October 20th 2006 No: 2 Msg: #8044  

this really depends on where your heading to. if your first stop is bangkok then i suggest heading to kho san road. basically the backpacker hub of asia. here you can get everything you need from clothes, camera's onward travel info and an abundance of hostels, hotels and guesthouses. you'll have no problem finding a place to stay by just turning up. prices range from $2 up to $10 depending on your comfort level.

i am recently coming to the end of a 7 month trip and i have never booked ahead and never had problems finding accomodation. ususally the touts will find you first so its all easy from there. check out my travel blog for some ideas.

hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask. Reply to this

16 years ago, October 20th 2006 No: 3 Msg: #8047  
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Thanks for that. I am hoping to spend Christmas on the beach somewhere so would be looking for accom either on one of the islands or a coastal resort. Am i being naive to think it will be ok just to turn up at that time of year and still hope to find somewhere comfy to lie my head? Reply to this

16 years ago, October 21st 2006 No: 4 Msg: #8056  
I visited Koh Samui, Phuket, and Koh Pha-ngan in December a few years ago and had no problem finding a spot on arrival on all three islands. On Koh-Pha-ngan I found a super idyllic spot called Long Bay: http://www.long-bay.com/ at Haad Yao beach. A bit harder to get to, but well worth the 45 min tuk tuk ride through the jungle...a true piece of paradise. I think prices were around $40US per night.

I'll be hopping around the islands again this December....let me know if you want to meet up and exchange travel stories over a beer.

Michael Reply to this

16 years ago, October 29th 2006 No: 5 Msg: #8217  
N Posts: 2
Hi. I'm going to be in Phuket- Patong Beach for Xmas and new year. I booked my room already cos I wanted to be have peace of mind. If you are around we could meet up for drinking and dancing! Reply to this

16 years ago, October 30th 2006 No: 6 Msg: #8235  
B Posts: 4
Sounds great, i'll get in touch if i'm that way. Where are you currently? Reply to this

16 years ago, October 30th 2006 No: 7 Msg: #8240  
N Posts: 2
I fly into Bangkok on Nov 2nd, then to Hanoi on 6th Nov for a few weeks before coming back to Thailand but no proper plans apart from the booking at xmas. I'm 29 and am travelling with my mum! Hope you are enjoying yourself!! Reply to this

16 years ago, November 2nd 2006 No: 8 Msg: #8308  
I would suggest booking your hotel online if you are going to the islands during Christmas...at least, have an idea where you want to stay because our experience in Koh Samui at Christmas was that it was pretty busy and transportation from the airport requires you to at least know what area you want to stay at, since the mini buses all head to different beach areas. We stayed at the Samui Laguna Resort in one of the bungalow rooms and it was pretty cool. We were right on the beach and within walking distance of several eateries. It is located on Lamai beach which is one of the quieter areas...if you are looking for a busier area with a bustly street life, the you probably want to check out accomodations located on Chawang Beach. We mopeded (easy to rent one of these to check out further locations) over there one day to hang out but were glad to be sleeping in the quieter area.

We have also stayed in AoNang which is near Krabi but it wasn't winter time when we were there, so I don't know how busy it is during that time of the year. It is beautiful there as well, and very popular for rockclimbing (the reason we went there). Reply to this

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