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Nepal June??

Help with traveling in Nepal.
11 years ago, May 24th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #73831  
I\'ll be in nepal (katmandu) from the 1st of june! i\'m kinda jumping into this trip head-first as i haven\'t had much time to plan! i\'ve figured out a basic itinerary of where to stop of before going to india. obliously starting in Kathmandu then pokhara, lumbini and the from there to varanasi. Basically i\'m lookin for some advice on getting trains (weather its feasible for me to organise that in nepal?) , what to visit while i\'m there and what sort of things should i not leave home without (i know it\'s just about to get into monsoon season so should i bring a bunch of rain gear etc.? A checklist essentially!)

thanks for your help!

-Dan (Dublin, Ireland) Reply to this

11 years ago, May 25th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #73900  
speaking from my experience I know nothing of the train service in Nepal but I do know that there are regular bus services that will take you anywhere. the bus terminal in Kathmandu is located in Gongabu (new bus terminal) and Bagbazar (old bus terminal). if you are feeling energetic or adventurous you could hire mountain bikes or motor bikes in Kathmandu and a map and find your own way around. I hitched and walked around Nepal and it was by far one of the best experience Ive had. I passed a place called Damen ,on the way to chitwan from Kathmandu, which had some brilliant views of Mt Everest and some interesting local people. I visited the elephant breading center in Chitan National Park where I played un watched and un redistricted with a baby elephant. Lumbini is a charmless town but the site of Buddhas birthplace and the temples are well worth the visit (hire a bicycle). I passed a place called Tansen (i think) it was up in the tips of some valleys and sported beautiful views and a sweet little town.
Nepal is the place for adventure activities however the only thing i involved my self in was white water rafting. I booked this in Pokhara. (was fun) there are tuns and tuns of places to book this kind of stuff there and its best to shop around. while in Pokhara i went fishing on the lake and tried out all the fruit shakes i could find. this is the place to chill.
if you are looking to get the train in india then you could look at this http://www.indianrail.gov.in/ BUT i have never understood the site and maybe there is a problem booking if you are not a resident. i have always booked my train tickets from a travel agency. i really cant remember if this was possible to do from nepal but if you are crossing into Gorakpur boarder then you can book a train from any travel agency there, again shop around a little..oh and from memory Gorakpur was about as interesting as an insurance seminar so dont plan to stick around. I dont know if you know but 2nd class sleeper is a good option for the train anything more has no experience and anything less is painful.
Varansasi is an amazing place if you take the time to stretch your legs. just walk around the small lanes and alleys and see what comes up.

ummm what to take...... ummmmmm it really depends on what actives you want to do while your there. if it was me going to nepal in june (i wish) i would take fishing lines and hooks, a good pair of converse,a light rain mac, only the basic cloths, smallest bag possible and the best camera money could buy. really there is nothing you cant obtain in Thamle in Kathmandu. if you have a little cash to burn then go with the bare minimum and just buy it there. dont get me wrong its not super cheap but compared with the UK anything is within a holiday spending. if you are doing this trip on the cheap then take cloths to travel in, an outfit you feel good in as you will prob go drinking on occasion and want to look your best, take a flashlight, diarrhea tables, essential toiletries, Ipod, camera, address book, condoms, good book, mobile phone (if staying long period as can get cheep sim in both india and nepal) and credit card (just encase) .
(and breath) anyway.............Dan, I'm so jealous i can not say (can you tell from the essay?) i hope all this helps. x Reply to this

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