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We've booked our tickets and now want to find out more!
14 years ago, May 8th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #72326  
Hi All,

We have just booked our tickets through to Sabah, in and out of KK, and are now trying to find more about what we want to do. We have plenty of ideas - Sipidan, Sepilok, Uncles Tans on the Kinabantangan river, Poring Hot Spring and some trekking around Mt Kinabalu, up to Kudat maybe.

We would also like to see more wildlife around Danum or Tabin, but understand these places are pretty expensive.

We have no specific questions right now, but are after any general info and tips people could give us (or even a link to a blog?!) to help us plan our trip. We have three weeks to explore Sabah and would like to make the most of it without spending too much (sorry, old fashioned, short of money back packers here) or rushing around.

What is there to see south of KK? What other places can we go snorkelling? Any good hostel / cafe / bar suggestions?

And finally, we have 24 hours in Singapore on the way home - what are your suggestions of ways to fill that time? we fancy the bird park and the night safari sound good too (but we know little about it though). Whats the duty free like at the airport? Worth having a look during the brief layover on the way to Sabah?

Oh, and another lastly (!) what about internet access in Sabah? Internet cafes or wireless? Cheap and easy or hard and slow?

Thanks heaps!
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14 years ago, May 8th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #72339  
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South of KK is more of an adventure package. Aside from the ultimate experience - the Mt. Kinabalu summit climb, you can either opt for the raipds of the Padas river (whitewater rafting) or a leisure cruise along the rivers of Gerama/Klias insearch of the infamous Proboscis Monkeys and its relatives that resides around the vicinity. Further down south east would be Tawau/Lahad Datu, the gateway to Danum Valley and the renowned islands of Sipadan, Kapalai & Mataking - great for scuba diving. If you're considering to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat, then head on over to Sandakan on the east coast of Sabah.Up north is Kudat, a great place to explore the culture of the local community and not forgetting it's amazing view of the sea from the tip of Borneo. For snorkeling, either the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Islands or a day trip to the Mantanani island off Kota Belud (slightly up north) would be a good pick.

There are plenty of budget accommodation, including backpackers throughout the state. For bars, Upperstar/Texas, are the "in" places for both visitors and locals alike (across the street from Hyatt Kinabalu). For the "upper scale", Shenanigans pub is another place to enjoy live band (Hyatt's inhouse pub) aside from Cocoon, just right across the street. Public transportation are also abundant and long distant coaches do run frequently to/from your ideal destination at reasonable rates. You can access wifi in the city such as Mc Donalds', Coffee Bean and KFCs on additional charges - you may need to buy an access card at RM30 (if not mistaken) from the outlet, but the normal rate at cyber cafes are RM2.50 per hour.

Here's a fun visual for you so you can plan ahead (or change) your next visit. Whatever your choices may be, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in KK.

*map courtesy of Sabah Tourism / Malaysia Travel Guide
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14 years ago, May 12th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #72617  
Hi, if you need any information about sabah, dont hessitate to contact me via email at mlyjsng@yahoo.com or silas_82@hotmail.com. I also just started a blog on sabah which u can visit if u want to. Its at http://dragonofborneo.wordpress.com But i will also be updating the blog on this site as i just registered today.. cheers mate! Reply to this

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