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brunei sarawak national parks??

dad55 son 13 going to brunei for 10 days ,enough to see in brunei or is there something not to be missed in sarawak,niah caves etc.
15 years ago, May 17th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #35498  
it seems as though entry into sarawak is pretty simple, so if we are in the area are things in sarawak not to be missed. Looking for culture/natural beauty etc
or is there enough to see in brunei without tear arssing around
thanks for any info Reply to this

15 years ago, June 2nd 2008 No: 2 Msg: #37057  
i never been to brunei, but have been to miri. Miri is the gateway to Niah Cave by cars/vans and the national park has a chalet to accomodate your stay. Niah cave website + accommodation.


you could also arrange to go to Mulu Cave which you need to take a flight from Miri. here the Mulu park accommodation


here is the website for air ticket to go to mulu...


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15 years ago, June 13th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #38378  
Hope this isn't too late for your trip - There are things to do in Brunei, but Mulu caves, just oiver the border in Sarawak are so fabulous I would say try to go there too. I have lived in Brunei for 5 years, driven all over Sarawak and Sabah and still haven't finished!

Brunei -

Go to Temburong Canopy walk - as long as your knees are up to climbing over 1000 steps! Mine arent unfortunately, so haev never done it. Everyone who ever has has come back raving about it. There is now an (expensive new ) hotel in the jungle heard $300 per night - unconfirmed ... Day trips from 7am till dusk half that cost per person. Speedboat through mangroves in Brunei Bay, short road trip, upriver in a longboat, jungle climb and canopy, cool off in ice cold clean river, longhouse visit and food.

Kampong Ayer (watervillage) tour - very interesting contrasts of wooden house looking like death (not inside though!) and opulent Royal palace on skyline.

Evening tour to see proboscis monkeys - well worth it

Empire Hotel and Country Club - enjoy a bit of how the other half lives without having to pay to stay ...great "afternoon tea " in the Foyer - fabulous five story atrium in gold leaf and italian marble

Royal Regalia Museum - see all the golden gifts given to the Sultan over the years - including the golden car used for Royal weddings ....


Mulu Caves.- Tour can be arranged through a Brunei travel agent, or you can start in Miri and move into Brunei, but I wouldn't miss Mulu if I was you. Stunning caves - three different groups of them. Fly in for a two nights three day stay in the Royal Mulu Hotel . Built of wood up off the ground in amongst the trees. Lovely staff - the warmest reception of all hotels I have stayed in. Casual, but of a reasonable standard. Was a couple of years ago I went in and I believe the prices have risen ...don't they all?... But i think the walks, the guide, the caves were enough to warrant it. I intend to do it again now my son is older and probably more able to appreciate it better (moaned all the way walking through the hot jungle! ).

Clearwater caves stunning swimming spot at the base - be ready to dive in, be shocked by the cold water, but not want to get out!

Short walk into Lambir Hills national park (1/2 hr out of Miri) to lovely waterfall for a picnic - great swimming hole for a lazy day or walk further over the hills to others
Have fun
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