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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores October 14th 2018

Dave and I enjoyed an early morning farewell breakfast (I finally got my avocado!) at Hotel Polo in Cusco with Celia and Larry, and Kathy and Bud, before we bade our new friends farewell. Since the six of us had been separated from the rest of our Kaypi group, we were unable to say goodbye to our other new friends so if you are reading this blog, we enjoyed meeting you all and sharing this wonderful journey and we look forward to hearing of your future travel adventures. Still nursing some symptoms of altitude sickness, we were whisked to the airport, where, while waiting for our plane to Lima, Dave sipped tea and I canvassed the elegant airport shops selling expensive and beautiful baby alpaca items, confirming my good decisions to buy from Andean Colors where, ... read more
Biblioteca in the Central Plaza, Barranco, Peru
Church of the Holy Cross, on the far left, Barranco
La Boteca Restaurant, Barranco, I loved all the masks, and lunch was perfect!

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima October 14th 2018

Once again we were ready for our 6 AM pickup, this time to the Lima airport for our return to the United States. The hotel provided a box breakfast, and Kaypi provided a taxi to airport. Still groggy, we drank our hotel coffee on the way to the airport and, once bags were checked at the airport we dove into our boxed breakfast before sinking into our seats waiting for our return home. I had booked a room in Miami for both the day before leaving for Peru and for the night upon our return from Peru to give us a little more time to relax and recover. The flight from Lima to Miami was again, smooth and seamless but I can’t say the food was up to the reputation for wonderful Peruvian cuisine, but hey, ... read more
A smiling Peruvian woman and her Alpaca at 14,222.44 feet elevation in Peru
A woman with her child at work at Andean Colors, in the Sacred Valley, Peru

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima October 13th 2018

Our LC Peru flight to Lima from Cusco touched down around noon. It’s a familiar airport to us by now, we have flown in and out from Lima a few times. We still recall having a leisurely (but interesting) dinner in the departure lounge a few nights ago, the first of a kind when we spent a relaxing few hours at the airport with no destination to go. No, this time we were not going to stay in Wyndham next to the airport. The driver from Radisson was waiting just outside the arrival lounge to pick us up. The last time we stayed in Lima, we briefly touched Miraflores when we visited Huaca Pucclana and the Larco Museum. We liked Miraflores. Not to mention that we loved Debora in Radisson. She rocks! “You know, you are ... read more
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DSC_x0489 (2)-1-2
DSC_x0553 (2)-1

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco October 12th 2018

Bird watching near the city of Cusco If you have fun observing birds and nature, this is the right tour for you which is barely ten or fifteen minutes by car from the city of Cusco near the temple of Tambomachay, an ancient source of water, a ritual spot since pre-columbian times. The altitude average where we will be walking around is about twelve thousand feet or three thousand eight hundred meters above sea level, the species that we can observe are around like fifteen among them a beautiful yellow belie Sicalis Luteola which is a grassland finch close to the marshlands, but in this case close to stream, as well as near the cultivated lands and villages, usually is found in pairs or in groups and is very easy to identify them because the bright ... read more
Andean sparrow

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco October 12th 2018

Sacsaywaman the temple of lightning: if you are familiarized with the Greek mythology you are able to understand this temple which is known mistakenly as fortress because in 1536 was used at such; however the study of mythology and archetypes reveal some symbols as the thunder bolt, eagle, mountain lion which are the classic symbols related to the main God of the Olympus. Ancient philosophers remind us that the essence of concepts and ideas can be uncover through the shape, in this case we can clearly observe the zigzag patterns that reveals its own purpose, as symbol of lightning and thunderbolt concept applied to Zeus and its similarity to the main God in the Andes known as Viracocha the maker. If you take a review in mythology you will notice that at times Zeus appears as ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco October 12th 2018

Moray a journey through the time If you are reading this blog it means you might be interested strongly or merely curious about the site of Moray in Cusco, a place that was said by esoteric groups to be a sort of Mandala; however the site seems to have been used for agricultural used by ancient societies in Cusco. The name of Mandala derives from Sanskrit, an ancient language that has a meaning and approach to the figure of “the circle” which is the most perfect form that human beings known in our three dimensional world. According to the Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who mentioned widely the purpose of Mandala an ancient archetype symbol that appear in the unconscious mind to restore or repair the order, an effort of the collective mind to bring harmony ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco October 12th 2018

An outing discovering the ancient archetypes of Cusco Cusco is at least three thousand years old since the earlier cultures settle in the hills of its surrounding trying to avoid the humidity of its swamps, ponds and several streams and rivers that passed through. Fortunately we can count on the several legends that reveal and uncover the archetypes of these societies that inhabited this mysterious and mystical andean city of Cusco. First of all, I would like to describe the triads and tetrads hidden in the legend of the four brothers who emerged with their respective wives from three caves. The names are as follow: Ayar uchu, Ayar Manco, Ayar Auca and finally the most dangerous because its supernatural powers capable of destroying hills with its slingshot and cause tremors on earth. So until here we ... read more

South America » Peru October 7th 2018

Lima ist grau, laut, hektisch, unübersichtlich und immens groß. Es wuselt vor (relativ kleinen) Peruanern, im Vergleich wirken die modernen Stadtbusse (Metro) und breiten Straßen riesig. Und obwohl oftmals alles gesteckt voll ist, wahren die Peruaner eine unaufdringliche und kaum bemerkbare Distanz, das Individualdenken der Städter ist hier angekommen. Wer sich mit dem Strom bewegt und rasch, ohne zu zögern, die gefährlichen mehrspurigen Straßen überquert, fällt hier kaum auf. Die meisten Städter schauen ohnehin auf ihre Füße oder aufs Handy. Willkommen in der Hauptstadt Perus, willkommen im Concrete Jungle! Doch gerade dann, wenn man im Gedränge unterzugehen scheint, die Orientierung verliert und etwas hilflos von Links nach Rechts blickt, eröffnet sich eine ganz neue Welt: Die generelle Hilfsbereitschaft der Leute ist auch hier präsent. Vielleicht etwas besser verkleidet... read more
Hipster-Läden in Barranco
Ein Markt voller Geburtstagsartikel
Nüsse und Getreide im Mercado Municipal

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu October 6th 2018

It was a pandemonium when we reached the bus station in the morning in Aguas Calientes. I thought 6 am would be early enough for a twenty minute bus ride to Machu Picchu to get a glimpse of the sunrise. Well, I was wrong. The line-up to board the bus was snaking along the street. Not to mention the bus ticket counter. Thank God that we already purchased advanced bus tickets so we didn’t have to struggle another line up in the counter. Every 10-15 minutes buses were leaving, totally loaded. Already many have left for Machu Picchu in the earlier buses. Still tourists were pouring in. Anyway, we managed to board the bus. But luck is an unpredictable element that always does not favour you. It had rained last night and the sky was semi ... read more
Machu Pichu in the early morning
Suman was ecstatic!
DSC_x0401 (2)-3

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek October 4th 2018

Cusco a UNESCO protected city with over 500,000 people was the centre of the Inca empire. A vibrant and beautiful city with a grand central square opposite the Cathedral Cusco also had some great bars and restaurants serving both international and Peruvian food at high quality and relatively low cost.!if you spend a few days there you won’t go hungry. Most if not all of the churches in Cusco including the cathedral were built on Inca temple sites. The Spanish destroyed the Inca temples but left the foundations and built their churches on them because the Incas knew how to build against earthquakes Our first full day in Cusco we were free to wander so after an orientation walk with the guide we found ourselves having brunch overlooking the main square and Cathedral watching even more ... read more
mani square Cusco - with band
Christ statue overlooking Cusco
Lares Trek - looking a bit cloudy

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