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South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park April 16th 2015

Nick: After such an early night, getting up at five a.m.was no bother. The aim of the day was to push further into the National Park, by bus and boat, through an area of sub-tropical rainforest to where our second lodge ('Pantiacolla Lodge') is located, at the base of the Pantiacolla mountains. It was clear from that start that it was a very hot and humid day indeed, as one would perhaps expect in the middle of the jungle. It was animal-adventures from the start, with Sarah spotting a whopper of a millipede in the sink, perhaps three or four inches long (I rescued him with the aid of a leaf). Fed and watered, we were back on the bus for forty five minutes or so before stopping at a remote village, our final stop for ... read more
Our lodges for nights 1 and 4.
The day the monkey got on the bus!
The naughty monkey and his partner in crime!

South America » Peru April 15th 2015

AREQUIPA Arrivée très tôt le matin à Arequipa. Transfert jusqu’à l'hôtel. En matinée, tour de ville de la cité blanche d’Arequipa. Arequipa est considérée la ville la plus européenne du Pérou avec sa culture, sa gastronomie et son architecture propre. Le tour débutera par la visite du monastère de Santa Catalina, véritable ville dans la ville. Elle est considérée comme l’une des plus grandes et des plus belles oeuvres de l’architecture coloniale d’Amérique du Sud. La visite complète de la ville est d’environ 3h et se fait à pied. Après-midi libre: parfait pour prendre un café sur une des nombreuses terrasses de la Plaza de Armas. Nuit à Arequipa. Mise à jour Pas mal moins cool le trajet de nuit en autobus. Avec une heure de retard au départ, le parcours a quand même pris 11 ... read more
Arrequipa petite rue
Nous à Arrequipa
Vue partielle de la ville

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park April 15th 2015

Nick: At the time of writing, I am sat cross-legged on the front veranda of our lodge in the sub-tropical Amazon, within Manu National Park, Peru. It is a little while before lunch on the third day of our trip into the Amazon and we have already seen far too many incredible things to list here (although I intend to try). We've been keeping a few notes over the last few days so that we don't lose track of all the wonderful things, and I suspect that this cornucopia of natural wonders will translate into another rather verbose blog entry! So for those who are keen on simply 'getting the headlines', suffice to say we are having a superb time and our trip into the Amazon has been utterly fascinating, if somewhat challenging in terms of ... read more
Tombs on the way to the Amazon.
Feeling fine in the sunshine.
The big communal oven in Paucartambo, complete with guinea pigs on the left ready to be cooked! The baker was scooping scores of little breads out the oven with his mega stick.

South America » Peru » Loreto April 15th 2015

Iquitos is the gate way to the Peurivan Amazon Jungle. It is the largest city in the world reachable by air only and by boat on the Amazon of course. To date this has to be the craziest city we have been in, so noisy with the engines of hundreds of motortaxi's....modified motorcycles (check out the pics) With100% humidity you feel completely drained just walking, the heat is so oppressive. Sadly alot of extreme poverty. We have seen more poverty in Peru than any other SA countries we have visited.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco April 14th 2015

Sarah: (WARNING: contains material that some readers may find unpleasant). Just a quick update on the events since the last blog post. We had a good afternoon in La Paz on Sunday, replenishing our energy levels in anticipation of our Amazon trip on Wednesday morning. I got a photo of the dried llama foetuses that are sold in the witches markets. As I mentioned before, these are bought for good luck and are said to come from failed llama pregnancies. Since writing, Nick has highlighted my naivety and pointed out that it is highly unlikely that all these foetuses are from failed pregnancies... I'm sorry to agree that he's probably right. We grabbed some dinner in the Dutch restaurant that we had been to previously and couldn't resist the meatball, cheese and pickle sharing platter again! ... read more
Dried llamas at the witches market.
These were hanging outside most shops along the street.
Llama foetuses looking about as hydrated as we feel right now.

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca April 14th 2015

Up up and a way......we went up in a Cessna 207 - 6 seater airplane to view the Nazca Lines. The only way possible to view them is in the air. We were adviced to fly as early as possible in the morning less turbulents and heat. When we took off it was 40 degrees. The pilot would bank right and then left so everyone got a perfect view of the lines. We were all getting a bit woozy with the movement and heat, thank goodness it only lasted 40 mins. The lines are truly mysterious and fascinating. Who constructed the gigantic lines and why.......many theories but know one really knows! After checking out the Nazca Lines we drove about 30 mins. to the ancient Cemetery of Chauchilla with multiple open tombs with mummy's, skulls and ... read more
In the Cessna
The tombs

South America » Peru April 13th 2015

PARACAS - ICA Transfert, tôt le matin, au port de Paracas pour une petite croisière de 2h30 aux îles Ballaestas pour voir les mammifères marins. Transfert privé en fin de matinée (une heure) pour se rendre jusqu’à Huacachina (10 minutes): l’unique véritable Oasis des Amériques, encadré d’immenses dunes de sable, au coeur du désert. Vers 16h30, notre buggie des sables viendra vous chercher, groupe d’une douzaine de personnes, pour une balade animée dans le désert, d’environ 1h30, qui se terminera par un coucher de soleil en plein désert. Nuit à Huacachina. Mise à jour Quelle belle nuit de 9 heures. On s'est reposé avec le bruit des vagues. Levé tôt pour aller en excursion à bateau sur les Iles Ballestras. Repères d'oiseau et de lions de mer, pélicans, fous du Pérou et pingouins (oui oui des ... read more

South America » Peru April 12th 2015

LIMA - PARACAS Départ vers 10ham, pour un transfert privé en direction de Paracas. En chemin, arrêt au port de pêcheur du village de Cerro Azul pour un dîner typique aux saveurs de mer devant la plage. Arrivez à Paracas. Installation à l'hôtel. Reste de la journée libre. Nuit à Paracas. En attendant notre guide, on regarde l'horaire des prochains jours pis on essaie de se rappeler ce que José, notre guide de la nuit précédente, nous a raconté. Il nous a mentionné des petits changements/ajustements à l'horaire. Il était 2h du matin et quand il nous a demandé si on avait 'comprendé', Robin et moi avons répondu, sûr de nous, 'si si'. Évidemment que ce matin, on réalise que tous les deux, on comptait sur l'autre !!! On a l'air ben fin à matin :) ... read more
Robin wanna surf

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina April 12th 2015

After our quick trip to Lake Titacaca we headed back to Lima airport where we decided to rent a car and explore the coast. Driving in Lima was a gong show, but Seanito rocked it! We took the panamerican highway to Ica on the way passing Pisco (where they make Pisco Sour) sadly 80% this Peruivan city was destroyed in the 2007 earthquake. Even though it's been 8yrs. the devastating is evident and awful. We stay in Huacachina, where lies the Huacachina Oasis. After coming from living in a high altitude it felt great to be at sea level with hot weather! Since we were surround by sand dunes we hiked up the dunes, went dune buggying and sand sledding! Getting into the dune buggy and seeing Max's eyes the size of saucers as we were ... read more
Dune Buggy
Sand sledding!

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 11th 2015

CANADA - LIMA Arrivée du vol International à Lima en soirée. Transfert à l'hôtel dans le quartier riche de Miraflores. Nuit à Miraflores. Mise à jour Nous partons bientôt pour l'aéroport. Le grand jour est enfin arrivé ! Tout est prêt, les valises sont fermées (et complè l'espère) et même le dernier pipi est fait ! Pour les fanatiques, le vol AC 455 à 14h (Ottawa- Toronto) et le vol AC 80 à 17h55 (Toronto - Lima), les vols sont confirmés...pis nos places itou. Adieu neige !! Dimanche matin 8h30 Allo à tous. Le vol était parfait, on avait pris un upgrade pour des bonnes places dans l'avion pis on avait des places où on peut se levé et s'étirer les jambes. C'est pas qu'on est des grand jack mais c'est bien. L'arrivée était tardive alors ... read more

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