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South America » Peru » Lima March 2nd 2019

Eigentlich ist der Titel selbsterklärend und doch möchte ein, zwei Worte dazu verlieren wo es hingeht und vor allem: warum? Ich bin nun bereits in Peru und zwar weil meine Schwester (Aileen) hier ihren weltwärts Dienst abliefert. Doch was sie hier genau fabriziert, das werde ich nochmal näher erklären sobald ich es selber gesehen habe. Und normalerweise gibt es von so einer Anreise nicht besonders viel zu erzählen. Jetzt war eben jene Anreise aber durchaus außergewöhnlich. Ich habe wie bei jeder Reise meine Sachen geschnappt und wurde von meinen Eltern zum Flughafen begleitet. Um fünf in der Frühe... Alles wie immer. Ich hab meinen Rucksack aufgegeben, mich verabschiedet und bin zur Sicherheitskontrolle. Und in dem Moment in dem ich mein Handgepäck auf das Band legen wollte kommt es zu einem Stopp. Es dauert ein, zwei Minuten ... read more
Im hellen wirkt es schon viel netter
Ein Versuch mich auch auf die Bilder zu kriegen

South America » Peru March 1st 2019

Another early start as we head to the airport at El Alto at 7 for our 10.30 flight to Cusco. It’s 4100m above sea level and the pollution is hideous, so I’m not looking forward to spending two hours before our flight breathing air high in fumes and low in oxygen. It turns out I’m not going to. Our flight on Peruvian airlines has been cancelled - they ceased operating following a crash. We’re told we need to get Peruvian airlines to purchase us tickets on Amazonas which departs at 10.15. Two problems; the Peruvian airlines rep cannot be located and the flight is full. There isn’t another flight today. We can come back tomorrow but it will cost $828. We contact our waste of space travel agent who suggests we buy overnight bus tickets. I ... read more
Brief visit to La Paz airport
La Paz bus station
Bolivian police dogs

South America » Peru November 27th 2018

Nach Bolivien ging es zum nächstem hochgelegenem Land welches zugleich auch das letzte südamerikanische Land auf meiner Reise war, nämlich Peru. Peru erreichten wir von La Paz aus mittels einer Busfahrt und dann einer Bootsfahrt über einen kleinen Teil des riesigen Titicaca Sees. Am Ufer des Titicacasees in der Stadt Puno übernachteten wir dann auch, bevor es am nächsten Tag auf den Titicaca See ging. Hier besuchten wir Einheimische welche auf ¨schwebenden Inseln¨ auf dem See leben. Die Inseln bauen Sie sich selber mit Schilf und anderen Materialien. Danach übernachteten wir bei lokalen Familien welche wir tatkräftig unterstützten beim Brot backen, Fischernetze auswerfen oder andere landwirtschaftlichen Tätigkeiten. Weiter ging es mit dem Nachtbus nach Cusco, dem Ausgangspunkt für diverse Wanderungen u.a. auch dem Inka Trek zum Machu Picchu. Wir hatten aber noch 2 Tage bis... read more
Humantay Lagune
Der Inka Trek zum Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Uros Island November 9th 2018

Woke up this morning to a beautiful view of Lake Titicaca which we couldn't see last night. This morning we were picked up at 07:00 and Condor Travel rep went with us in a taxi to the port for our tour of the islands of Lake Titicaca. All the boats were tied together and we had to jump from one to another to get to ours. Only four other people were on the boat but it quickly filled to about 40 before we set off at 07:30. After just 30 minutes we arrived at the first Uros floating island and a lady who is head of the island with her husband gave us a demonstration of how they build the islands our of reeds. The guide interpreted for her. The housing is very cleverly made out ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa November 8th 2018

We were driven to Yanque to meet up again with the same group as yesterday. When we arrived, Peter said we had 10 minutes to look around as there was a local market on in the main square with local women and men (dressed as women) dancing around the central fountain. Peter explained later on that the men dressed as women is a tradition passed down from the past when families always tried to match their daughters with a rich family, so sometimes boys would disguise themselves as girls so they could go out together. After 10 minutes I couldn’t see Daisy and Peter was also looking for her as well. I assumed she was shopping and checked all the market stalls but it turned out she was just watching the dancing and Peter found her. ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa November 6th 2018

Another relaxed start to the day, we didn’t go out until 11:00. First stop was the Iglesias de la Compania which is right next to Place de Armas. Fantastic stone carving like many buildings here. Then down the road a bit to the other University-run museum, Museo Arquelogico Jose Maria Morante. This is also a small museum of just 5 rooms but they had amazing mummified bodies all in a sitting foetal position. One was also placed in a reproduced burial chamber so you see how they found them with ceremonial articles. At the third room we asked the lady in the room if she spoke English and she did. We thought she might have been a security person but wasn't wearing a uniform so Daisy asked her a question and she turned out to be ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa November 5th 2018

Up early for our 04:30 transfer to Cusco Airport. It was a little early but it wasn’t far and we got to the airport over two hours before our flight. We had coffee and pastries for breakfast at a little shop after being scared off by the prices at a larger café. The total we paid was just 18 soles compared to that amount for just one sandwich. Flight took off on time and instead of sleeping I was glued to the view I was getting from watching out the window. After initial cloud it was clear most of the way and it was fascinating watching the changing landscape as we crossed the Andes. It was only about 40 minutes in the air. It was a simple matter of paying 30 soles for an official taxi ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca Lines November 4th 2018

This is our last tour in Peru and so will be my last blog. All good times come to an end. And so our trip to Peru! But I was waiting for this icing on the cake – Nazca lines! And boy, was I excited! You see, I never got out of my childhood dream of imagining aliens. I loved ET. And I loved to believe that Nazca lines were actually created by the aliens. And I knew I was not thinking rationally…there are many credible theories about who created those lines all over the Nazca Mountains. It didn’t matter to me. I felt it thrilling to imagine that aliens came from the outer space, landed from the spacecraft, created those lines and disappeared. Why? Because I am crazy! So, how could I say Good Bye ... read more
DSC_x0659 (2)-1

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco November 4th 2018

Up at 3.25am for my Alternative Rainbow Mountain (Palccoyo) tour. It is called "Alternative" because the original Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) tour is now extremely popular but is also a difficult trek because of the altitude. The alternative one is actually three smaller mountains and the hike to the top is about one hour instead of 2.5 to 3 hours, so figured it was much more achievable. Whatsapp is used extensively through South America and the tour guide Carlos sent messages to each person when it was their turn for pick up. I was picked up at 04.05. First stop after 30 minutes was a Bakery where were all given some bread to share but later on at a roadhouse called Quinta Restaurant near Checacupe we had breakfast. There was an unscheduled stop along the way and ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco November 3rd 2018

Today we joined another for group to visit two more remote sites. Similar to yesterday we went to tour agency office and the man escorted us to Place De Armas, found our group and we followed the guide again to the same bus stop. First stop was to the Andahuaylillas Church although he encouraged us to go into a shop first before the church. Seems to be a common thing like in China. At the church, there is a 15 soles entry fee as it is not on the Cusco tourist ticket. Then we noticed a sign saying no photos so I just a took a peek into the church and decided not to go in. Daisy went in with the guide and a handful of others. I just waited outside and spoke to two guys ... read more

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