Photos from Peru, South America

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Machu Pichu in the early morning
Handicraft sale in Pisac village
The Sun Festival, Central square
Rainbow Mountain
Rainbow Mountain
Market lady
Coloured earth
The laguna kahuna
Laguna sparkle
Very steep scree
Suila summit close up
View from Paso Jurau
Amazing view!
A llama
The hot spring at Viconga
Pyramid peak (Trapezio?)
Peak of Yerapuja
Sun on a fluted ridge
3 lakes mirador
On the way up to 3 lakes mirador
Carhuacocha lake view
Cerro Mexico
Climbing up Rondoy
Camping Views
Huancayo to Huancavelica
The warm but chilling mountain Glaciers
My home: wouldn't change it!
After making it to the lake, we thought we had seen it all. How wrong!
Mystic waters
Hopping over the ice cold lakes
Epic Magnitudes of Huaraz
Trekking at 4000m high wasn't easy!
Epic Glaciers of Huaraz
And the trek begins
Mountain fresh water.
The ongoing valleys 3000 Metres above sea level
Impressive Headwear
Jaw dropping scenery
Couldn't have chose a more peaceful setting
The lake really is that BLUE
Overwhelmed by Joy, Happiness and Beauty
We made it!
This is something to jump about
Don't let it fool you. This lake was too cold to swim in.
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