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South America » Peru » Cusco » Sacred Valley September 15th 2018

Linda and I have packed our duffel bags that the packhorses will carry and our own backpacks and are picked up at 5:40am to begin our 32km three day trek on the Quarry Trail. It is fair to say I am a bit apprehensive. I have heard plenty of stories but I have not been affected very much but altitude so far - a few tingly fingers and toes and that is all. After a short bus trip up a road under construction we get underway. The first day will be about 6km and will rise from about 2,800m to 3750m. Linda and I are joined by 5 others from a Gecko tour which follows the same itinerary but is for 18-29 year olds! We walk up a valley on a dirt track which is wide ... read more
Quarry Trail -so far, so good
Quarry Trail - Perolniyoc Cascade
Keep to the mountain side when passing!

South America » Peru » Cusco September 13th 2018

There is no way you can sleep in when there are no curtains, temperatures of over 25 overnight and lots of bird noises so I was up early to have a wander around the grounds and take some photos before we headed back downstream to Puerto Maldonado. After a change of clothes at the bus station we were on the pane back to the heights of Cusco. It is a lovely city with a population of about 1 million. It was the capital of the Incan Empire before the Spanish came in 1532 or so and took over. The Incan temples and shrines were overbuilt with Catholic churches and cathedrals and they dominate the city. However there are many signs of the original religion, the bulls on the rooftops facing the sun, the signs on some ... read more
The Incan religious influence remains
The view downstream
Green things around the lodge

South America » Peru September 12th 2018

Our early start took us down river for about 20 minutes and then a 30-40 minute walk through the jungle to the Tres Chimbadas Lake before it got too hot. Here our catamaran took us on a cruise of the small lake for a couple of hours. It was very beautiful and peaceful, with a variety of birds and even a caiman. The lake was formed when the river decided to take a short cut and the bend in it turned into the lake. Over time it will become a swamp and then be consumed by the jungle and disappear. One of our elderly schoolteacher companions asked if the animals, fish and birds would realise in time and be able to get away. Our extremely patient guide explained this process would take 50-100 years. The absolutely ... read more
The only ‘big cat’ we saw in the Amazon
Bird in the Reeds

South America » Peru » Lima September 10th 2018

We are up at 1am to catch our flight to Lima and join our next tour. The hotel concierge has been helpful with online checkin and all goes smoothly. As we stan in line to board a ground crew member comes by calling my name. Excellent, an upgrade to business class. Ah no, I have been randomly selected for a baggage check. As we scurry to the depths of the airport I realise that my bag contains half of Linda’s stuff. We had consolidated to one bag (her’s) to go to Glalapagos and had not repacked. What had she left in mine?? Well, a power bank as it turned out, which I popped into my backpack but they had a good fossick through anyway and then sent me back! I suspect Linda was more stressed than ... read more
Subway station, Miraflores, Lima
Wall art, Miraflores, Lima
Basílica of San Fransisco, Lima

South America » Peru » Cusco » Sacred Valley September 8th 2018

We finished our breakfast and spent some time in the hotel lobby chatting with some local folks who set up their small display of merchandise for sale. I suppose, it is part of the hotel ritual to create the ambience that promotes the Inca culture. In my view, that is great…a multicultural mosaic! We spent some time with the folks. The bus came on time to pick us up from the hotel. It would be a day trip to visit the close by interests; Sacsayhuaman and of course, Pisac and the Sacred Valley in Ollantaytambo. It’s a double deck bus with open top. The day was nice and warm and we chose to sit on the open deck for a 360 view of the beautiful landscape around us. Of course I have another interest to grab ... read more
Cusco town

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco September 1st 2018

Have you had the experience anytime you have to catch a flight next morning, but you are not in hurry! No rushing for the cab, no worry about the rush hour traffic…just walk down to the terminal and check-in! You feel so relaxed, isn’t it? Here we go! Our flight to Cusco was scheduled to depart at 9 am. Lima highways are often choke-a block in the rush hours. The main reason we stayed in the Wyndham next to the airport in Lima was the ease of getting to check-in. Besides, our flight to Cusco with LCPeru was also confusion. I purchased the tickets from Expedia, who in turn connected me to a 3rd party in Europe to get the tickets on-line. And I could not get through over phone to LCPeru from Calgary to confirm ... read more
Landing in Cusco
Central Square, Cusco
Folk dance in the Sun Festival

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon August 31st 2018

The Cañon de Colca, the 2nd deepest canyon in the world (the first being only a few hundred kms away from here in Peru), dropping by at times 3000 meters from top to bottom! Arequipa is the place where people base themselves to get there either by organised tour or as we did, by ourselves. Arequipa in its self was quite nice although we didn't think there was too much to see and do from our perspective. We used it as a place to relax and take a breather after some busy weeks on the move. The main plaza was a nice place to sit and people watch and the city has a nice back drop of El Misti volcano. The following day we got a bus to Chivay, the main starting point for the canyon. ... read more
Thermal Pools Chivay
Canyon de Colca

South America » Peru » Cusco August 28th 2018

So apparently there's this amazing lost citadel of Machu Picchu tucked away in the mountains of Peru that people kept talking about, so we reluctantly thought we would go and visit. Turned out to be pretty spectacular! Cuzco is the place to base yourself to visit MP. We got here by a 17 hr overnight bus ride from Huacachina (Ica). We spent the first day acclimatising and wondering around the town, seeing the sights including the Plaza and market and eating a lunch (big bowl of soup followed by a dish of rice, chips and chicken) for £1.25! Cuzco had a nice feel about it. It sits in a valley at 3300 masl, where houses climb up the hills and it reminded me of Medellin in that sense. The following day we took a collectivo to ... read more
Pinkulluna Ruins in Ollantaytambo
Playing Hide and Seek with the Clouds

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima August 26th 2018

Huaca Pucclana or Pucclana Pyramid lies right in the heart of central Lima, in the Miraflores District. It is a magnificent archeological piece that was made of clay on seven staged platforms. To that end, it is not exactly a typical pyramid that we usually visualize. It was built in 4thcentury A.D. and was considered a ‘sacred village’ by the Incas. The structure is surrounded by a wall to define the outer limit whereas the central part is divided in segments and a large segment of the pyramid was used as the administrative section by the Incas. We booked a tour earlier and the tour takes about an hour to cover various sections of the Pyramid and the guide explained in detail why it was built and how different sections were used. Quite fascinating that the ... read more
Huaca Pucclana
Renzo with me and Suman - Huaca Pucclana
Huaca Pucclana next to the suburb

South America » Peru » San Martín » Moyobamba August 25th 2018

Tropische Klänge begleiten mich von Sonnenaufgang bis Sonnenuntergang. Das stete Surren, Rascheln, Knistern, Summen und Zwitschern das mich umgibt berauscht mich wie Musik in meinen Ohren. Ich bin angekommen in Peru und es ist magisch. Ich versuche mich voll auf dieses wundervolle Land einzulassen, nicht mit vorherigen Erfahrungen zu vergleichen, und doch erinnert mich alles unweigerlich ein bisschen an meine Zeit in Nicaragua. Das Leben hier im Amazonasgebiet ist einfach: die Straßen sind mugelige Erdpfade und bis auf die Hauptverbindungen nicht ausgebaut, sie werden beherrscht von Mototaxis und Motorrollern, auf den Gehwegen (sofern vorhanden) begegnen einem Menschen, allem voran Kinder, Straßenkiosk-Verkäufer und wilde Hunde. Man begegnet “gringos” mit Respekt, Distanz und Neugierde: Tourismus kennt man hier noch nicht. Auch Englisch hat noch keinen Einzug gefunden. Ei... read more
Lima: Kaltnasses Wetter im Einkaufszentrum
Kaffeepause in Lima
Tao's Yoga-Deck im Garten

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