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South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa July 21st 2017

The 24th of June we celebrated San Juan Party in Pucallpa Peru (A seasonal and traditional custom here). That afternoon after eating delicious Juane (typical food eaten that day) and dancing with some friends, we decided to travel to Aguaytia, so we collected some money and things and went there. When we arrived it was impossible to ignore the wonderful landscapes and view. We stayed in a small hotel downtown and walked around the city. We had the opportunity to visit Velo de la Novia Waterfall where we spent a good time enjoying nature there. That was a memorable day which we didn’t planned but was fun and we could feel relax breaking out our routine.... read more
aguatia 2
aguatia 1.

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa May 23rd 2017

Pucallpa is the capital city of Ucayali, an area located in the Peruvian jungle where the tourist can get by plane (the flight from Lima takes for about one hour and twenty minutes), by boat (from Iquitos to Pucallpa about 1021 kms) and by bus (which takes for about 20 hours doing the routes Lima - La Oroya - Cerro de Pasco - Huánuco - Tingo Maria - Aguaytia during the dry season). The weather in Pucallpa is tropical in therefore, I advice the potential tourists to get sunblock, comfortable shoes, sandals, clothes especially t-shirts with long sleeves due to the mosquitos, taking a bottle of water, anti-insects lotion, etc. Some of the hotels especially 3* and 4* have air conditioner at the rooms. The most important tourist attractions are: Yarinacocha Lagoon, 11 de Agosto and ... read more
Ride by peque-peque

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa April 11th 2017

I'm sitting in a cafe/bakery watching hundreds of motortaxis zoom by. There's also dozens of men unloading garish sofas in floral upholstery along with LG fridges and motorbikes made in China to outlets up and down the street. In front of me three men, from mid-20s to 40, cast sidelong glances at two pretty girls clip clopping down the uneven path in high heels and short shorts. The air is thick, like soup, and I'm praying for some rain to cool all of us inhabitants down. This place where I'm people watching has no name, so I will call it by its street number - Cafe 352. Tomorrow I go by cargo boat from Pucallpa to Iquitos. My Spanish is not great but so far I've bought supplies (hammock, nuts, snacks and water) for the trip. ... read more
Cafe 352

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa August 24th 2014

There's a whole range of Henry's. We were on Henry VI. The only majestic thing about her was her name. The Henry is a turquoise and orange, wood and tin cargo barge that has seen better days. Mainly cargo – but she does take people – up to 200 of them. And she takes both on a four-day sojourn down the meandering Rio Ucayali for 500 km or more to the steamy jungle city of Iquitos. The Henry's have a port all of their own. Finding it can be a challenge as the port shifts up and down the river according to water level. But our moto driver knew where we wanted to go. Before we'd paid him his 6 soles, a hammock salesman took us under his wing. He walked alongside us over the muddy, ... read more
The Cabin
The Dock

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa August 24th 2013

Started this in Banyos, Ecuador; Currently (sept. 3rd on Isabella Island in the Galapagos!) Ron We just arrived yesterday in Banyos after the 7 - 8 hour bus journey from Cuenca along the spine of the country. We had a great view of Chimborazo, described in the book as a 'hulking giant topped by a massive glacier'! It is Ecuador's tallest mountain at 6310 meters. While we were in Huancayo, which was the destination of our train journey that was described in a previous blog, we bought a cheapo cell phone for about 50 soles ($18) & then put another 50 soles down on the chip so we could call hotels in advance and even possibly call Stateside sometimes...but we were never able to get it to work internationally! So, when we got to Ecuador, we ... read more

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa July 28th 2013

Après une nuit bien confortable, arrivée à Lima vers 05h30. D'ici, un bus peut nous amener à Pucallpa, mais 9h plus tard... On en profite pour visiter le centre. 1er constat : les rumeurs sur la brume de Lima sont fondées ! On se balade un peu autour de la place centrale, sans pouvoir y accéder à cause de la fête nationale. Au passage, on fête notre 1er mois en Amérique du Sud. On en a déjà pris plein les yeux, et ce qui suit promet d'être encore fou ! Suite à ce tour en ville, on retourne à la compagnie de bus. Petite frailleur en y arrivant, l'adresse inscrite sur nos billets n'est pas la bonne, et le bus part (avec nos sacs) dans 15 minutes ! Nous arrivons finalement à embarquer, pour 17h de ... read more

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa June 16th 2013

I can't stop smiling! I'm smiling from ear to ear. My cheeks are smiling. My eyes are smiling. My heart is smiling. I'm truly happy. My 9 days at the retreat have been life changing. I've been sitting here, smiling, trying to think of how I could possibly express in words what I've been through. It's fair to say, there are no words for it. Which in reflection, makes sense. But I promise, if you want to understand it, then be in my presence, you will then feel it, want it, need it! What I can tell you, is that I met some amazing people from all over the world. Together we had one hell of a journey. I've never experienced so much love in the one place. Genuine love. To those people....... Thank you. The ... read more
My hut

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa January 11th 2012

Hier starten mijn verhalen van mijn laatste en misschien wel spannendste avontuur sinds ik in Peru verblijf: bus op van Cusco naar Lima, vlucht van Lima naar Pucallpa, vrachtschip van Pucallpa naar Iquitos (3 à 4 dagen), speedboat op de Amazonerivier naar de grens met Colombia en Brazilië (12 uur), verblijf in Colombia vor een dag of twee, terugkeer naar Iquitos, plan van meerdagenexcursie in de jungle, verkennen Iquitos, en tot slot terugkeer naar Cusco. Het moet hier allemaal een beetje sneller gaan het schrijven, vandaar dat mijn zinnen soms in telegramstijl geschreven staan. De rit op de bus van Cusco tot Lima ging vrij vlot. Ik heb kunnen slapen. 21 uur duurde die rit, met een stop van 30 min tussenin. Peru is kust (droge zanderige woestijn), gebergte (Andes) en selva (jungle). Ik zag ze ... read more

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa October 9th 2011

We arrived in Pucallpa in the early evening following a few hours in a taxi from Tingo Maria. This particular stretch of road is one that guidebooks consider to be very dangerous due to hijackings and drug trafficking, they do not write about the stunning beauty of the journey which made for a pleasant surprise as we journeyed alongside a river into which fell many beautiful waterfalls. On arrival in Pucallpa we wandered about to find a hostel, checked in and left in search for the market and some food. Tansy went to sleep early whilst myself and Ryan stayed up with a few beers watching the Peep Show. I figured Ryan would appreciate the disturbing humour, and he did I had travelled from Trujillo through Lima and Tingo Maria to Pucallpa for one reason, to ... read more
Scarlet Macaw
Lakeside Villages
Stealing my Necklace

South America » Peru » Ucayali » Pucallpa November 13th 2010

So, what is a lady to do after a mind-blowing month immersed in jungle life? I have been asking myself this same question now that I am back in this wacky city of Pucallpa. Here is an update on my life over the past few days. I have been: -Processing the whole experience way off in the woods (and missing everyone from the camp) -Having classes in Shipibo! This has been delightful as I am learning from a friend. It´s lovely when the universe hooks people up for different transmitions. I am teaching Francisco English, and he is teaching me his first language. Of course, it´s very informal (I´m sure you have caught on by now that this is my mode-of-opperation), and poco-a-poco, but I now know the basics of this beautiful language. Gramatically simple but ... read more

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