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South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray January 25th 2016

We have had another beautiful day. Our driver for the day was Julio. He picked us up and took us to Ollantaytambo. We got our ticket and then it was off to Moray. The weather was warm today, but there was a thunderstorm brewing in the distance across the valley. The thunder could be heard as we hiked around the terraces. Next it was off to the Salineras. The road to Salineras was a series of very narrow gravel roads with switchbacks. We were happy we were in a car with Julio driving rather than one of the larger vans or busses. We had a few drops of rain hit us when we were driving down to Salineras and also when we were walking around the pans, but otherwise we were not really hit by any ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray January 2nd 2016

PERU...Soaring with Condors. Shooting the breeze, carried by the wind, catching a cloud...soaring...up, up, up. Then gently like a feather...floating. The mountain air crisp and clean...the massive valleys parting like the Red Sea before us...the condors soaring around us. So my spirit lifts to join them. Gliding, swooping, banking, hovering. Then like a leaf...spinning back to earth. To rest. Then like a butterfly...I'm off again. ****** Daniel met us at Casa de Wow and offered to take us through the Inca weave meet a shaman in the taste cavy and sup corn beer. But I've let my figure go to pot...once buff bod long no dancing naked 'round a fire searching through peyote haze for my inner spirit this trip. No Sirree...not this trip. So we take Option Two...searching for Pachamama. *** ... read more
Raising Pachamama
Tai Chi the Peruvian way

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray April 4th 2014

Geo: -13.3139, -72.2075We had breakfast in the hotel this morning and then met for an hour bus ride to the archeological site of Moray. At Moray we saw terraces that, rather than going up the side of the mountain, are in a depression in the earth. Experts believe that the Incas used this as a laboratory to help them cultivate crops that would grow in the valleys of Cusco. The temperature difference between the top of the site to the bottom of the site differ by 15 degrees F. We walked a way down into the terraces and then used "flying staircases" to get from one terrace to the next. These are rocks that protrude from the wall of the terrace creating steps.We learned that these Incan terraces were not cut into the mountain but a ... read more
Ric at Terraces of Moray
Flying Staircase
Flying Staircase

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray July 2nd 2013

On our last night in Cusco we caught up with Matt and Tasha, an English couple we met in La Paz about a month ago, and introduced them to Paddy's Shepherds Pie. They are a nice couple, similar age to us, and we shared recent travel stories and lamented over the fact that most of the date of births registered on our recent tour groups are in the 90's. It was nice to catch up with them, and we will probably do so again in a few weeks when our paths cross again. The next day, we had 12 hours to kill before our overnight bus to Arequipa, so we thought we would kill some of the time by visiting the Moray Inca ruins and the Salinas de Maras (Maras Salt Mines) around an hour out ... read more
Salinas de Maras
Salinas de Maras
View to Cordillera Range from Moray

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray August 17th 2012

Day 7: Friday, August 17th, 2012- Chincheros, Moray and Maras Today, we took a guided tour to Moray, Maras and the salt mines. We made a stopover in Chincheros, where we learned how the pepole create their many textile fabrics. To clean the alpaca wool they use a natural made soap. The colours they use are made from natural ingredients such as beetle blood (red), and salt (changes colour of wool to different hues). In Chincheros, we bought a lot of stuff including 3 sweaters, and 2 toques. In total we spent around 200 soles there. Then we headed off to Moray. In Moray, I forgot that we needed to buy a Boleto Turistico, so that we see the many sites around Cusco. We spend the majority of our soles at the previous stop and they ... read more
Textile demonstration
Textile demonstration
Textile demonstration

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray January 22nd 2012

Today we hiked through the Salineras, or the salt mines of Mara. The mines were other worldly. They seemed to grow out of the mountains, like a multi-colored rectangular honey comb. We had summited a small mountain looking for them before they appeared before our feet. When we looked down, 1,500 salt pans met our gaze. Las Salineras produces the majority of the salt consumed in the Cusco region. Still, they seemed to blend in with nature so well, we had almost missed it. How could something so productive and industrial be so beautiful and worthy of tourism? The salt extraction from the mountain seemed not only effortless, but naturally beautiful as well. The rock walls connecting the pans were indistinct from the mountain itself. The only sign of input energy was a stream that seemed ... read more
Walking along the salt pans

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray September 17th 2011

Saturday (Sep. 17th) I was supposed to go on a tour today of the South Valley and its ruins, but I ended up being sick all day. It was no fun, I literally spent almost the entire day in the bathroom, and I ended up having to pay for the tour I missed anyway since I hadn't told them enough ahead of time to cancel it. Oh well. Sunday (Sep. 18th) I felt infinitely better today so I went on the tour we had planned to the Moras salt mines and the Moray ruins. They were incredible, I am so glad I got to go, and there were just four of us on the tour (Vivi, two other guys, and I) so it was basically a private tour. The Moras salt flats (also called the Salineras) ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray July 11th 2011

Well it has been an interesting week since eoghan arrived. The start of the week i showed him round the town a bit. The markets are good here but you cant buy everything you want, not enough room in luggage!! We went out for dinner on Eoghan’s first day, alpaca tastes good, but the americans we were with were a bit intense!! We moved into our wee flat on Tuesday, so comfortable. On Wednesday we went out with the girls from newcastle, it was Heather’s birthday. The club was a bit dodgy from the start, with some pervert wains at the door. I got very drunk as the drinks seemed to get stronger in the club! But it was a grand night as far as I could tell! Thursday was a lazy day, mostly because of ... read more
Our new bus
Moray ruins

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray February 20th 2010

Moray/mountain biking from ollantaytambo/ Maras Carnival 20th Feb 2010 After the climb to the garrison in Ollantaytambo we took a wee walk around the town to look for somewhere to eat, On the main square surprisingly we found a tour operator open selling mountain biking tours as well as white water rafting though it was unavailable due to the high river and dangerous conditions but we decided to go ahead with the bike trip the following morning, from Ollantaytambo to Maras, down the mountain to the salt mines and then a bus connection to Cusco. We had an early start and surprisingly were not the only people doing the trip, a couple from the U.K. were our companions. We started at Moray another Incan site, this one unique as it's believed to be a nursery for ... read more
water balloon terrorists

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray July 30th 2009

At the lovely Acupari Language School we had a field trip last Thursday to Moray and Salineras. It was great except for the snow, everyone speaking German, and the rain. Moray is this amazing Inca agricultural experiment. The Inca built terraces at different elevations in circles to achieve slight differences in climate. Then they planted different species of crops and different variations of each crop in an effort to develop better plant genetics in the foods that they were planting. It is both visually and intelectually amazing. Our stop was cut short by a downpour and I nearly fainted trying to run back to the bus at that altitude. The next stop was Salineras. It was a great sight to see. Essentially what happens there is that the river flows out from underground in an area ... read more

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