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South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park August 15th 2018

Country number three, Peru! No points for guessing the main place to visit here, but some points for those who know of The Huascaran National Park and the main city of Huaraz located 8hrs by bus North East of Lima! This area is the highest point in the Andes and has excellent opportunities for day hikes and multi day treks and is where the famous mountain logo from the Paramount movies is located. Our stay in Lima was brief, we only saw a very small portion of Mira Flores in less than a day before catching the overnight bus to Huaraz. We had instant mountain views from our room and the temptation to visit immediately was there but first we had to spend a few days acclimatising. We had several day treks planned and our first ... read more
Pura Raimonfii
Laguna 69 Trek Landscape

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park June 1st 2018

Huaraz (25/05/2018-03/06/2018) I wandered the empty streets of Huaraz at 5.30am in the dark looking for my hostel, but I felt totally safe. I climbed the steep cobble-stone street up to Alpes Hostel, gasping for breath (oh hello, altitude issues!) and checked in to this beautiful hostel. Whilst searching the long corridors (and many floors) for the baños, I accidentally stumbled onto the hostel rooftop... where there was a gorgeous sunrise over the surrounding jagged, snow-capped mountains. Wow.. Huaraz, you are beautiful! What a view! Still tired from the lack of sleep on the night bus, I napped in the cold, breakfast room until 9pm when the staff (so much love for the staff here) let me check in early. I went for a second nap (in my bed this time) before rising at 11am to ... read more
Preparing The Pozo
Thermal Baths

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park August 28th 2014

We took a day bus from Lima to the city of Huaraz up in the Andes, through some stunning scenery before arriving in the dark. Huaraz has great views of the Corderilla Blanca and the Corderilla Negra. From our room we looked out over the Corderilla Negra and the local market. It was a great spot for people watching as the locals went about their daily business buying what they need from the ladies sitting by the side of the street. There was even childrens rides like a carousel for the locals to use. We decided to take our first day a bit easy as we were back at altitude after being at sea level for the previous week. Our first trip was to Pastoruri glacier, this only included a short walk so was good for ... read more
Laguna 69
On the walk back from Laguna 69

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park July 21st 2013

Départ de Trujillo à 05h30, comme prévu. Changement de bus pour Huaraz vers 08h30. Il était facile de somnoler jusqu'à ce qu'un vendeur d'encyclopédies muni d'un haut-parleur nous enlève tout espoir de sommeil... En nous réveillant, nous ouvrons les yeux sur un paysage magnifique, mais cela a un prix : nous frôlons les ravins, et même en passant la tête par la fenêtre, il est difficile de distinguer 5cm de la route. Lorsque le bus arrive au terminus, nous cherchons l'hôtel, mais comprenons au bout de 30min que ... nous ne sommes pas à Huaraz ! C'est donc parti pour un nouveau bus pour arriver 1h plus tard à Huaraz. Le lendemain, réveil vers 08h30 avec l'intention de partir en rando à la Laguna 69, mais nous apprenons pendant le petit dej qu'il fallait se réveiller ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park May 28th 2013

Hey, We are looking to find out what is the best/easiest way to get from Huaraz in Peru to Leticia in Colombia. My understanding is that this isn't the most accessible area and can only be reached via boat or air. Would anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about this? Regards, Seán... read more

Atsikeliu 5.30, pasitikrinu kuprines ar viską pasiėmiau, papusryčiauju ir laukiu kol atvažiuos autobusiukas manes paimti. Netrukus su langais papypsina atvažiaves mikriukas, tad išbėgu į lauką. Pasirodo šis ne pas mane. Didžiąją kuprinę pasidedu į saugojimo kambariuką ir netrukus sulaukiu savojo autobusiuko. Kompanija idomi, 6 izraeliečiai, 2 britai, australas ir mergina iš naujosios zelandijos. Iš ryto visi nelabai kalbūs, gal tik išskyrus izrealiečius. Važiuojam apie valandą iki kito miestelio. Čia kas nori gali papusryčiaut kavinėj ar nusipirkti užkandžių parduotuvėj. Čia praleidžiam dar valandą ir važiuojam iki kaimelio iš kurio pradedam savo žygį. Čia mūsų jau laukia 4 asilai ant kurių sukraunami visi daigtai... palapinės, miegmaišiai, maistas. Čia nacionalinis parkas, tad prie įėjimo dar tenka papildomai susimokėti. Netrukus įlendam ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park November 5th 2012

Leaving the coast behind we travelled from sea level to 3600 meters up in a matter of hours. Another drive on windy roads high into the mountains, after being back at 0 meters for a few days altitude kicked in again quickly. After the beauty and warm weather of the beachside it was a slight shock to arrive into Huaraz, it’s a loud, dirty looking town - seems like every other road has been dug up, including the one with our accommodation – it’s cold, rainy and dark mid-afternoon. But my reason for visiting wasn’t so much the town but the surrounding national parks. High up in the Andes Huaraz is dominated by the highest tropical mountain range in the world, The Cordillera Blanca, and Peru’s highest peak, Huascaran. After a night in the hotel it ... read more
National Park
Lake 68
Lake 68

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park July 17th 2012

Our first impressions of Peru along the bleak barren coast were now a ten hour overnight bus ride behind us. And what a contrast. Where as a dusty desert defined our last few days, now snowy spiraling peaks and picturesque mountain villages predominated our new Peru. Arriving in Huaraz at 4:00 A.M., we hopped a taxi to the Casablanca Hostel ($15 a night including continental breakfast ) and were surprisingly given early morning check in at no extra cost. We promptly crashed. Huaraz is the place to go for trekking and serious mountain climbers. Just outside town are many towering peaks poking the sky at 20,000 feet and higher. These granite gifts from God seduce you to get outdoors, sign up for treks and spend time wondering how insignificant man is beneath these behemoths. Wasting no ... read more
Local Huaraz Taxi
Our Group
Day 1 Campsite

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park June 30th 2012

הגענו לוואראז! יש כאן כמות מטורפת של ישראלים - בכל מקום שומעים עברית - כנראה הם נמשכים לכאן בגלל כמות הטרקים הענקית שיש כאן. פגשנו חבר´ה שכבר חודש וחצי בוואראז ורק עושים טרקים - גרמו לנו להרגיש כמו ילדים (כבר פחות התלהבנו מהטרק וחצי שעשינו...). בכל מקרה, החלטנו להתחיל עם טיול יום למקום הכי מדובר בוואראז - לגונה 69. זו לגונה שנמצאת איפשהוא בהרים, והיא אמורה להיות בצבע טורקיז ומסביבה הרים מושלגים - בגלל זה כולם מתלהבים ממנה והיא מאד מפורסמת. היא נקראת לגונה 69 - משום שמסביב יש מלא לגונות ויום א... read more
מתחילים את הטרק ללגונה 69
ממשיכים את הטרק ללגונה 69

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park November 19th 2011

My first two stops in Peru couldn´t have been more different. After a very bizarre border crossing (the two border posts are a few miles apart, with an entire town in between) and a relatively painless bus journey I arrived in Mancora – a very gringo beach town. I can´t pretend that Mancora is a place with character, or even an impressive beach – but it was sunny. After a 3 weeks in the mountains and the rest of my trip looking to be spent at altitude (followed by my impending return to England in the midst of winter) this was going to be my one and only chance to top up the tan and enjoy the sun. I busied myself over the next few days wandering down to the beach, drinking fresh coconut water and ... read more

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