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South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas February 24th 2018

Spanning nearly 4,345 miles—roughly the distance from New York to Paris—the Amazon River is an awesome natural wonder, home to fascinating creatures like pink dolphins, piranhas, Amazonian manatees, and crocodile-like black caimans. It snakes through a total of eight South American countries, including Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (to name a few), though its largest portion can be found in Brazil. On our trip to Amazonia, we probably saw less than 100 miles of this great river. When they say everything’s bigger in Texas, they ain’t kidding. At a length of 255 feet—just 15 yards shy of an entire football field—the massive car wash at the Buc-ee’s convenience store of Katy, Texas, is truly the leader of lathering ... read more
Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ
Hong Kong Lights
Garota de Ipanema

South America » Peru » Amazonas October 14th 2017

September 7- We had built another free day in Cusco into our itinerary and it was so welcome to just be able to sleep and do nothing exertional other than get laundry done and walk to the Indian market. And then it was time to say good bye to Cusco and fly off to the Amazon with Star Peru. The Cusco airport is right in the middle of the city and Kelly had regaled us with stories of scary approaches and landings on his first visit here over 30 years ago, but the wind was in the right direction today and it was all a bit of a non event. We were met in Puerto Maldonado by the crew from Corto Maltes Amazonia and taken to their office where we left most of our luggage, taking ... read more
white caiman
Stink bird

South America » Peru » Amazonas July 9th 2017

The longer I travel, the stronger my feelings that I made the right decision to leave the UK get. I had no idea how long I'd be traveling for when I left for Indonesia in April 2014. I didn't even know whether I'd like teaching children or not. Now I seem to know the answer to both of these quandaries; for at least another 20 years, and 'I love it, and want to continue doing it as I travel!' Why do I still want to travel after having lived in four countries over three years then? I'd say the primary reason is that I don't like feeling too comfortable in life; I get lazy, I don't read, and I don't learn anything about the world or myself. I left the best-paying job I've ever had to ... read more

South America » Peru » Amazonas April 30th 2017

Bagua Grande is where I am right now, and it's been wonderful for a number of reasons; the food is simple and rich, I'm away from naughty commercial restaurants like McDonald's, there's nature all around, and the weather is tropical. The best aspect of living in new places is almost always the people, their lives, and their customs, and it's certainly been this way here too! One wonderful characteristic of Latin American people is that they are so accommodating and social, and once you get to know people a bit better, they just want to induct you into the family and have it done with! Living with my wonderful Mexican family has made me feel that I really do have two families now, and I missed them just as much as my friends and family from ... read more

South America » Peru » Amazonas October 28th 2016

The next morning we had a trip to Nauta, the local town. We had free time for a wander but it was so hot most of us went for ice cream. Then we took 15 tuk tuks on a tour around town. On the way we stopped to look at giant turtles and fish and fed them bread. One of the couples had a stowaway on their tuk tuk which was funny. The kid had clearly done it before as he ran alongside and jumped on the back as we were moving. He got off just as easily. In the evening we went wildlife spotting in the skiff until well after dark. Our enthusiastic guide jumped overboard caught a baby caiman (croc) for us to examine. The other boat saw more monkeys but no caiman. The ... read more
Heart of palm
Jungle walk views

South America » Peru » Amazonas October 28th 2016

The next day we started with a canopy walk through the treetops, along 9 rope bridges. It was really pretty and lots of fun - hard work in that heat though! We saw a poison frog but not much other wildlife. Lunch was a buffet feast in a local village where we had steamed catfish, huge piranha, mashed plantains among other things. Oh and an absolutely disgusting warm local jungle beer. Eww. We ate with our fingers in the traditional style. The food was surprisingly good. In the afternoon we started a village visit which after 10 minutes became a flooded village as we experienced our first Amazon downpour. Within minutes the ground was under 15cm of water! We took shelter and watched on from a local house as the kids continued to play soccer in ... read more
Poison frog
Village lunch

South America » Peru » Amazonas October 24th 2016

Onto day 2. We awoke early for a pre breakfast cruise in the skiff. Weve been told the majority of the activities will be early morning and evening to avoid the heat of the day. After lunch is reserved for siesta, which suits me fine! The temperature is lovely that time of day, so even though I'm not a morning person it was an enjoyable ride. We saw lots of colourful birds and just cruised wround enjoying the morning. Then it was back for breakfast before we took the skiffs to a local rum distillery. Upon arrival at the rum distillery we were shown the still, it's pretty old fashioned but obviously works a treat. We met some baby buffalo which are farmed for meat. By this stage we were all dying of heat exhaustion so ... read more
Morning cruise
Rum distillery
Baby buffalo

South America » Peru » Amazonas October 23rd 2016

Ok so the Amazon is amazing. Muggy, sweaty, full of bugs but truly amazing. And I kinda enjoyed having no Internet for a week, it was peaceful. I couldn't possibly fit everything we did into one post! So here are some highlights. Firstly my group. The tour started off and I was thinking that the tour was going to be terrible. I was the baby of the group. The first person I met was 75. At first it seemed the entire group was made up of privileged white Americans who treated the staff like dirt. A lot of people were wearing crocs or moccasins and the rest were dressed for an African safari. I was getting worried. I couldn't even meet my roommate as she was sick so I got my own room before we left ... read more
Safety first!
The Amatista
Dolphin spotting

South America » Peru » Amazonas January 20th 2016

"Et de fil en aiguille nous en somme donc arrivés dans ce petit village péruvien sur les berges de l'Amazone" La veille de notre départ prévu pour la ville d'Iquitos, nous avons décidé de rester plus de temps dans cet autre monde qu'est l'Amazonie. Après avoir demandé au pasteur d'une petite communauté perdue au milieu de nulle part, nous sommes restés dans le village de Vista Allegre, et nous avons simplement partagé leur quotidien. Une autre face de l'Amazonie c'est présenté à nous. Dans une ambiance très pieuse, nous étions là tout simplement. "Little by little, we ended up in this small Peruvian village, on the sides of the Amazone". The eve of our departure for Iquitos, we decided to stay a bit longer in this other world, the Amazonie. After asking at the pastor of ... read more
Sven y Hannibal
Louca y Jenny

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas October 26th 2015

We flew from Cusco, Peru, to Iquitos, crossing the spine of the Andes. Iquitos, once a booming rubber town with many European immigrants, is isolated in a vast tract of jungle and can only be reached by air or water. It is the largest city in the Peruvian rain forest, has a popuation of 500,000. It is a cosmopolitan city with strong Amazonia roots. We saw some of it by bus and noticed a few old Colonial buildings left over from long ago. We are driven to the town of Nauta, about 60 miles away. We passed scenes of daily life in the jungle until we finally reached a small riverside town on the banks of the Maranon River and board the Delfin II. The Amazon River, in South America, is the largest river in the ... read more
Tree displays the high water line during the wet season
I caught a piranah!
Large snail in rain forest

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