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South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas May 19th 2013

Hola amigos! It’s been a while I know. What can I say, teaching has kept me very busy – that and exploring South America! So right now I am in Puerto Lopez, a chilled fishing town on the coast of southern Ecuador, and I have to say it’s a pretty nice spot. I'm here to teach English and am surrounded by great beaches and wildlife and as many bananas as you could ever wish for. However, I only landed here two weeks ago so this blog is really about the joys of Chachapoyas and surrounds in northern Peru, where I have been for the previous three months. Chachapoyas, or Chachas as the locals call it, is the administrative town of the Amazonas region of Peru. Many people there are employed in government administration, or work in ... read more
Marauding cows in Chacha's main square
ILC posee on education anniversary parade day
7am promotions

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas May 13th 2013

Today we are in the amazon jungles taking a hike.... read more

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas March 8th 2013

The aim when leaving Cusco was to get up into the high mountains of the Cordillera Blanca for a few weeks of trekking en-route to Ecuador. This was achieved via a short flight, a long bus and a half day layover in the capital Lima. Half a day is not much to devote to a nation's capital, but it felt like it was probably all I really needed there!! I visited some pleasant parks – including an impressive one containing 14 different fountains all lit up at night – and got to see the sea for the first time on my trip, but that was enough for me!! Huaraz is the gateway town to the high Andes in northern Peru and to my mind was another unremarkable town, with a remarkable setting: a high altitude valley ... read more
Tunnel of Love - Lima
Laguna Churup
A tricky descent...

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas July 26th 2012

A time-consuming border crossing once again! There are three border posts between Ecuador and Peru: the most popular one, on the coastal Pan-American Highway, is also widely known as "the worst border crossing in South America", with (likely exaggerated) stories of bribe-hungry immigration officials and aggressive scam artists abounding. The remaining two are within relatively easy reach (I say relatively) of Vilcabamba, our last stop in Ecuador. The crossing between the Ecuadorian town of Zumba and its Peruvian counterpart San Ignacio is the one we are aiming for, as it will lead us to the Peruvian departamentoof Amazonas and its capital, Chachapoyas. This town lies at the heart of a region of immense archaeological significance, one we are eager to explore. A pre-dawn start from Vilcabamba. A seven-hour bus takes us, over a largely unpaved road, ... read more
Getting to the border
Getting to the border
Doggy passenger enjoy the ranchera ride

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas July 14th 2012

Chacha..Chachapoyas (sing it to the tune of 'Paparazzi´) A change of plan and we ended up in Chachapoyas. Great decision as it´s a little gem! We stayed her for 6 nights in all but could have easily stayed for longer. We spent 5 of these nights in Hostal Amazonas on the main Plaza and it was the nicest place we´ve stayed so far. Really lovely owner, Eduardo and the hottest fastest shower in SA (although Mr P would disagree as the water seemed to run out when he got in) Chachapoyas itself is a small, pretty town with just enough going on for a good vibe but still with that rural feel. We took the plunge and booked ourselves on a few organised tours from here:- Sarcofagos at Karajia and the Cavernas at Quiota We (us ... read more
Stunning walk
Gocta Waterfall

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas June 30th 2012

Day 257 Sunday 24th June Today is all about filling in time till our 9.00pm bus, so we did not check out till 1.00pm and asked the hotel to mind our bags. Then it was a fruitless walk around, but we did achieve in getting money out with our Mastercard no problem, I think that it is just pot luck if the ATMs have money and if on that day they want to accept your card. After aimlessly wandering we headed back to the hotel to sit in the dining area and watch the football on TV and a bit of reading. For dinner we headed out a bit early and had an early feed at Romana restaurant along with a couple of beers to help us sleep on the bus. We wandered back to our ... read more
Quiocta Caverna
Quiocta Caverna

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas May 3rd 2012

Proposed trip to Northern (tropical Andes) Peru In 2007 a gigantic waterfall was discovered in Peru’s Dept. of Amazonas. This was officially measured to be 895 meters high, 17 times as high as Niagara Falls, or about 3 times as high as the Eiffel Tower. Charles Motley has been working in this zone to benefit the natives, building lodges for the villages near some of America’s best ruins for 25 years. When the Yumbilla waterfall was discovered, a village asked Charles to develop a sustainable tourist infrastructure to give them an incentive to preserve their ecology. On investigation of many waterfalls, a decision was made to create perhaps “the world’s best ecological trek” to not only access it, but many others, 4 being as high as any of the continental USA. This trek follows a narrow ... read more
Yumbilla Waterfall
volunteer's room
bottom of Yumbilla

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas April 21st 2012

After our gruelling Spanish lessons we flew to the Amazon for a ´rest'! we flew to the Amazon town of Iquitos and upon our arrival at the airport we heard a man shouting Panayi....... it was our jungle guide who gave us a warm welcome upon arrival... we were taken to our hotel and spent the first night exploring Iquitos town. The following morning we met our Amazon jungle guide Wilson who seemed friendly at first but soon started to say comments bordering on inappropriate! we boarded our boat and luck was not on our side as it became terrential downpour getting to our jungle lodge! we ended up getting completely drenched...and Wilson even offered to hold up a cover the entire time to protect us from the rain.. how sweet! we arrived at the lodge ... read more

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Chachapoyas February 14th 2012

Amazon Waterfalls Association 501 c 3 has a project developing a sustainable tourist income in Peru's northern Dept. of Amazonas to give that zone an incentive to protect their ecology. They discovered a waterfall in 2007 that is 17 times as high as Niagara Falls or about 3 times as high as the Eiffel Tower. The trek is 15 miles long and passes 7 gigantic waterfalls, 4 higher than any of the continental USA. This follows a narrow cliff ledge covered in a pristine Amazon Forest (most others are 2nd growth), and we have 5 of the world's most exotic and endangered species. Part of our project is propagating 10,000 feeding trees of fruit or flowers for the hummingbirds, and planting some along the trail, and the surrounding land around our preserve. Some things lacking are ... read more
yumbilla 895 meters
Chanata waterfall 573 meters
bottom of Yumbilla

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