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South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López January 18th 2020

Fortunately, I have never had to live in a war zone....nor had I ever before experienced life in a construction site but in a way I sense they are one and the same. I am ever so grateful to have been able to escape with CiCi three doors down to Shana's little guest house during my building project; the addition of a glassed-in dining room. Every morning and afternoon I could stroll up the hill to see the progress, cringe at the extreme mess and rubble, and then return to the peace and quiet of Shana's garden with the hope that my own home would eventually return to normalcy. In preparation for the construction and renovation I had to get ALL my stuff out of my house, but fortunately I have a small two-room cabaña on ... read more
Not a Pretty Picture
Construction Site
Let the Digging Continue

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López January 3rd 2020

Heute machten wir zunächst alle vier unsere Bootstour. Wir liefen nach dem Frühstück zum Strand, wo auch schon unser Boot auf uns wartete. Wir fuhren in Richtung süden, zu einer kleine Insel. Unterwegs sahen wir viele, viele Vögel, vor allem Pelikane und Blaufußtölpel, und eine schöne Küstenlandschaft. Bei der kleinen Insel gingen wir dann zweimal schnorcheln, mit unterschiedlichen Reaktionen. Mathis war komplett begeistert, mein Vater fand es nicht besonders schön, meine Einschätzung lag in der Mitte. Die Sichtbarkeit war zwar mies, und außer ein paar Fischen und einer kleinen Schildkröte sah man nichts, aber dafür gab es von den Fischen wieder ziemlich viele. Außerdem war das Wasser warm, was das Schnorcheln für mich doch recht angenehm und spaßig machte. Nach dem Schnorcheln fuhren wir noch ein bisschen um die Insel rum, dann gingen wir auf einen ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López January 2nd 2020

Heute waren wir den ganzen Tag über in Puerto Lopez, ich arbeitete ein bisschen an Blog und Unidingen. Wir machten außerdem einen Spaziergang am Strand entlang und in das Dorf und Kauften je eine Schlabberhose für Margit und Jan und eine Reserveschlabberhose für Mathis und Mich. Nachmittags machten Mathis und Ich uns dann dran, ein Boot für eine Rundfahrt morgen zu organisieren, wir fanden nach ein bisschen gesuche und geverhandle schließlich ein kleines Boot, in das wir alle reinpassen würden und das wir mit Kapitän für den Vormittag mieten können würden.... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López January 1st 2020

Heute zogen wir mal wieder um. In den Bergen war es uns zu kühl, deswegen hatten wir uns entschieden als nächstes an die Küste zu fahren. Wir nahmen erst ein Taxi nach Ambato, dort warteten wir dann eine halbe Stunde bis ein Bus kam, der direkt bis Manta fuhr. Mathis war in den Bergstraßen etwas schlecht, ansonsten war die Fahrt relativ angenehm, über einen großen Teil der Strecke waren wir die einzigen Gäste! Als wir in Manta ankamen, fanden wir heraus, dass kein direkter Bus nach Puerto Lopez, unserem Zielort, mehr fuhr. Stattdessen meinte der Mann am Schalter, wir sollen einen Bus in einen Ort namens Jipijapa nehmen und dort umsteigen. Wir nahmen den Bus, doch als wir in Jipijapa ankamen, erfuhren wir, dass gar kein Bus mehr nach Puerto Lopez fuhr. Zwei weitere Reisende wollten ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 30th 2017

David here... On the bus journey from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez (PL) we had the joy of that classic film 'My Mom Robs Banks', starring the uniquely talented Charisma Carpenter. Surely due a big award win in the very near future. The bus terminal at PL is 3km outside of town and for once we weren't feeling stubborn enough to decline the offer of a tuk-tuk at only $1.50. We were at our hotel within 10 minutes. We were staying at Tuzco Lodge, which suffers the same problems as most accommodation in hot places; it had a damp, musty smell and numerous insect visitors. Apart from this, it was actually a friendly, comfortable, clean place to stay with a breakfast that changed each day, the variety making a nice difference. After settling in we went straight ... read more
Beach market
That's why we're here
Setting off to Isla de la Plata

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López June 29th 2017

As many of you know I usually spend part of each year working as substitute hotel manager on the coast of Ecuador. After last year's earthquake and the ensuing drop in tourism, the owners didn't travel much which meant that I didn't have work here in 2016. I came back to help out for two weeks in January and now I'm here for three months, along with my baby CiCi. As of this writing I'm well into my third month working here, and haven't yet managed to publish this blog which gives you an idea of how busy (or lazy) I've been. The first month was pretty chill, but the past 6 weeks have been non-stop, with the hotel filled to bursting! Fortunately, I've been feeling great during this busy time -- but early on I ... read more
Scarlett on the Boardwalk
Path to my Room
Out of Breath

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 8th 2017

WoW! Is it February already? January just flew by - well, I was busy working most of the month. Just after New Year's I had to renew my driver's license. Since it was the first day of operations at the DMV, the program for the online test had not uploaded yet...I had to wait for THREE hours! To stave off boredom I copied all the contacts and numbers from my six year old Nokia cell phone, scribbling them on every bit of scrap paper I could find. Little did I know how grateful I'd be to have those numbers because the next day my phone died, just before I was heading down to the coast. I couldn't make the solo drive without a phone so I bought a cheapo cel. During the weeks I was working ... read more
Mandala's New Facade
Dog Walker
The New Malecon

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López August 7th 2016

After a quick stay in Montanita I woke early to hit the local bus ($2) again northbound for my destination of Puerto Lopez. The 40 minute ride was pleasant with rolling hillsides overgrown with tropical rainforest indicative of the region so close to the Earth's equator. I was happy to be in the jungle again and the shimmering blue hues of the Pacific brought an even greater smile to my face. Once in town I walked around and found a nice hostel on the beach which would serve as my base for the next few days. Here I met Samantha and Greg two Americans teaching English in Quito for the past year on a short holiday before returning home. Puerto Lopez was nice. It was the tranquil setting I have been longing for to waste away ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López July 28th 2016

After the excitement of the Quilotoa hike, I went to Puerto Lopez on the coast. I did not know that Pacific coast was known for its clouds and wind so it was a bit of shock when I got there. The beach was a construction site so it was not very pretty! But I think it will be great next year ! However I still had a really good time here. I took a day tour to the 'Poor man's Galapagos' aka la Isla de la Plata. On the boat, I bumped into a Canadian lady that I had met in Otavalo market. This time, her sister was here too ( she had been too ill to go to Otavalo). On the way to the island, the boat was looking for the humpback whales as this ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López September 16th 2015

Okay so my grandparents took me on a vacation recently to the coast and it was absolutely gorgeous there. We stayed in a small tourist/fishing town called Puerto Lopez and I loved it. We stayed a total of about 4 days in a little hostel that was beautiful. We also went whale watching twice and I saw not only 2 female whales , a baby, and two males but I saw dolphins, a sea turtle, and some of the famous blue footed boobies from the Galapagos Islands! It was incredible. I took lots of pictures and video so here they are, hope you enjoy! Also here is a link to my YouTube account where you can see the videos that I took! read more

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