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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center October 12th 2016

Buenos dias DK! Turen startede med et par dage i hovedstaden Quito. Vi var rimelig ramte af jetlag, så det blev ikke til den helt vilde aktivitet. Da vi landede var alt indhyllet i skyer (knap 3000m oppe) og vi kunne intet se, det samme gjorde sig gældende da vi vågnede morgenen efter, men så fik solen fat og vi kunne se omfanget af Quito. Det er en væsentlig større by end jeg troede, der bor 1.7mio mennesker, men den strækker sig 60km i dalene mellem Andesbjergene. Generelt kan man ikke sige at byggestilen er specielt charmerende, det er firkantede betonbyggerier klods op og ned af hinanden. Så vi tog en tur til den gamle by for at kigge os omkring, og det var straks noget helt andet. Super charmerende, velholdte gamle bygninger, kirker og små ... read more
Avisen skal jo læses! Et torv i den gamle by
Fine kolonibygninger i den gamle bydel
Den lokale æggepusher

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito October 7th 2016

Hej familie! Så er der ikke længe til, at Lasse og jeg endnu engang er så heldige, at stå foran nye eventyr. For første gang går turen vest-over og ikke til østen. Turen går til Ecuador, vi flyver fredag d. 7. kl. 6 og lander i hovedstaden Quito lørdag kl. 14 lokaltid. Vi er hjemme igen lørdag d. 5. november så vi har altså en hel måned foran os, med MASSER nye oplevelser og indtryk! Ecuador ligger i det nordvestlige hjørne af Syd Amerika, med Columbia i nord og Peru i syd. Og hvad kan Ecuador så? Sådan ca. ALT! - der er Andes bjergene som deler landet i to, kæmpe vulkaner og -kratere, skove der ligger i skyerne, Amazonas i øst, et langt kystområde og så selvfølgelig kronjuvelen... Galapagos øerne! Vi lander som sagt i ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center August 10th 2016

QUITO Our first day was spent wandering around the old town of Quito. The old town is split up between beautiful and grand old buildings and squares and alleys that can seem quite poor. Usually however there are great little gems such as small local restaurants around these areas that are great to try out. We were meant to go on a walking tour first but sadly the tour person never showed up, so from San Blas square we headed, guideless into the main squares. Our first stop was to Plaza de la Indepencia and the cathedral where we saw how the Spanish tried all sorts to get the people of Ecuador to believe in their Catholic gods rather than their existing Inca beliefs. They even painted a picture of the last supper in the cathedral ... read more
Plaza de la Indepencia
Presidents Palace
Inside the Cathedral

South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo July 13th 2016

Hello, I have just spent 3 days in Mindo and at first I didn't like it because it rained and I was a bit ill but it definitely won me over. It's a tiny town that has a lot to offer. I went to the butterfly farm, la mariposario which is a greenhouse where you can see all stages of the butterfly from 'egg' to larvae to butterfly, gorgeous! I did a hike in the forest with people I met here or had met along the way here. It's starts with a big cable car to get to the other side of the valley, then it is a nice hike leading to 6 different waterfalls. We got very lucky cause on our way back, we were told that the bottom cable broke and some people were ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center July 8th 2016

Hello hello, This is my first time writing from South America so I might have to add photos later. All is going well so far, spent Friday visiting the historical centre of Quito with one of those free guided tours. They showed us which were the best churches to visit and took us in front of the presidential building guarded by two 'Granada' soldiers(if I remember the name right), but they are not as disciplined as the British ones cause they moved their eyes. I then went in La Compania church which is completely decorated in gold inside, 51kilos of gold so it has to be guarded with security cause people used to come in scrape the gold off it. Absolutely gorgeous but couldn't take photos in there sorry. Finished the day with a little tour ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito June 2nd 2016

We had heard the stories of Quito twice over, of how people had been pickpocketed or had their bags sliced open under their seat on a bus and having the contents removed. Even at the border they gave us a leaflet advising us of fake taxis that take tourists out of town and rob them. In our taxi to our hostel we were running through the checklist in our heads to be sure we were in a legit one. ▪️Meter with intact void tape - Check ▪️Orange number plate - Check ▪️Panic button - Undetermined ▪️Camera - Negative Two out of 4 would have to do. We checked on our phone gps that we were heading in the right direction. Thankfully we were. We would have caught the bus if it had not been dark but ... read more
It's all about the headwear
Life on the edge

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito May 19th 2016

Not the most imaginative title is it? I'll try harder next time. Well , I got here yesterday after 24 hours travelling. Totally done in. The first thing I hear on the way to the Hotel is that another earthquake has struck. I arrive in town and the streets are full with people standing nervously in groups. Although the epicentre was some way from Quito , the tremors were felt here. Not the news I wanted to hear... I later found out that this one registered 6.8 and luckily only one casualty. I say later, as nothing was keeping me from bed. I hit the pillow at 3pm local time and slept pretty well through to 6am.. After pigging out on the breakfast buffet , it was time to act like a tourist. First stop: Historic ... read more
shoe shine

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito April 17th 2016

Arrived in Quito in the wee hours of the morning, mere hours after the largest earthquake in years had shaken the country, in some spots to the foundations...having been about 2 hours out from Quito when the plane received word of the earthquake we were diverted twice, including an unplanned stop in Panama to refuel and wait for further instructions...the info was sorted out and we were given the go-ahead to proceed to Quito, not really sure as to what would be waiting for us when we arrived... Bizarre beginning to say the least, we got up and started gathering more info as to what had happened, what/where the damage was and sadly what the casualties and injuries were...the plan was to be in Quito for two days then head off to the Galapagos Islands for ... read more
La Mitad del Mundo
Plaza Grande
View from Cruz Loma

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 6th 2016

Our next stop after the Quilatoa loop was the backpacker hangout of Banos. Unfortunately, the weather has not been kind to us in Ecuador, and that was no-more true than in Banos. A town that's famous for its spectacular views of an active volcano that looms over the town, a view that we were never able to see (although we were able to hear it's rumblings and growlings). We spent our time there trying to make the most of the weather when it cleared and getting wet when it didn't. A trip to the hot baths (banos is spanish for baths) where we wallowed in outside pools as it rained and a return to white water rafting, for Chris anyway, as it doesn't matter if it rains or not if you think you're about to drown. ... read more
'The Devil's Cauldron' waterfall
Caja NP
Galapagos fur seals

South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo March 5th 2016

All kind of people travel. You have the single travellers, the couples, the friends, the families, and infrequently the mother-daughter pair. But it is not often you encounter the mother-son combination. The eyes stop to look, the minds wonder. We are different. Not the norm for the road. We stand out. But the reactions are invariably positive. How is it to travel with my mother? Not hard. But there are differences with travelling alone of course. Probably the biggest issue is the discrepancy in spending power. My budget is lower than my mums. It’s not always easy. I don’t want my mum to have to travel like I do, vice-versa, my mother doesn’t want me to break my bank to keep up with her. For the Galapagos I decided to go on par with my mother, ... read more
Bahia de Caraquez

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