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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito January 14th 2016

Ecuador. The country's name evokes thoughts of the Galapagos with it's exotic wildlife, the Pacific coast with its pristine beaches, the Amazonian rainforest and its lush vegetation, banana exports, and this. This isn't the Ecuadorian national anthem by the way. But imagine if it was! In recent times, it has also evoked thoughts of danger and crime, particularly in Quito - where I was heading next. Another journey another overnight bus ride. I didn't sleep well again on the bus - a bumpy, winding ride, a lack of leg room and a rather large lady in the seat next to me put paid to that. Once in Quito, I took the EcoVia from the city's southern bus terminal into the city. The EcoVia is Quito's version of Lima's metro - a bus with a dedicated lane ... read more
La Compania de Jesus
Little Donkey
North View Of Quito

South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo December 18th 2015

We headed out for Baños leaving from the now familiar bus terminal at Latacunga. We were told to change buses on the outskirts of Amato which was more like just the edge of a busy road. On the second bus, as there were no seats left Vicks got to ride up front with the driver in the seat of the chap that usually goes round collecting the money. For the hour and a half journey Vicks was mainly being quizzed over the differences between Ecuador and England with the driver and the sellers of food that jump onto the bus at any given stop. We arrived at Baños to find out that it was the build up to “Baños Day” which meant that the town was extremely busy. We also arrived on a weekend and it ... read more
Waterfall near the town centre
View from Bellavista
Vicks on swing

South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo December 10th 2015

We arrived in Otavalo exhausted by the bus ride but excited for the markets on the following day. We quickly found accomodation in supurb hotel with a stunning view of the surrounding volcanic formed mountains. After a short rest we eagerly ventured out into Otavalo eager to get a feel for this well known town. We enjoyed some outstanding mexican food, discovered where the local panderia's were. Important information as fresh bread has quickly become our favoured breakfast when on the go. We walked through the market area full of questions about exactly what these famed markets would be like. We realised the following morning that our imaginings could not possibly have prepared us for the chaotic fiesta of the market. We hesitantly ventured out into the neighbouring street to our hotel which had almost by ... read more
Volcano Cayambe
Shoe Shine
Ice drinks

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center December 9th 2015

After 35 hours in the air and 11 hours of airports in general as the sun rose we caught our first glimpse of Quito. Snow capped, forest draped mountains like islands in a swirling sea of gold tinted clouds the sun rose as we touched down jet lag momentarily forgotten in the wonder of Green. A short walk through the terminal where Passport control and customs officers made great conversation partners upon whom we could practice our apparently dreadful Spanish skills. (I believe that they were very happy to see us leave!) Baggage claim was simply and Tommy was thrilled to see our taxi driver standing with a card with her name on it waiting for our arrival. We sat silently in wonder as we were taken to our hotel. Mountains, trees and winding roads. “es ... read more
First sunrise in Ecuador
Plaza Grande
Viva Quito

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center December 7th 2015

Having splashed the cash (after looking at a number of different options) to fly to Quito from Cusco we thought it would be a nice and simple. We were a little wrong. After getting up early, for a change, we got a taxi straight down to the airport for 5:30am. We were due to be in Quito for lunch time after a couple of hours waiting for our connection in Lima. When we checked our bags the woman casually said to us "oh, you are going to Quito, you will not make your connection as the flight is delayed. I can still get you to Quito but you will arrive at around midnight". After our stunned looks she changed her tune a little and said that we may be ok but to check with their staff ... read more
Cathedral in the Old Town
Party bus
Cool little church near our hostel

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito November 27th 2015

Well, here we go again. Another catch up update, this time from my time in Quito in Ecuador. Slowly but surely I am catching up…. Banos was a great little place to visit even if it was a bit of a tourist trap. But the landscapes and the atmosphere of the town was nice and I can only recommend to visit the place if you are in the area. But everything has to come to an end and so I caught a bus to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. After I arrived in Quito I took a taxi to the hostel area (every city and town has an area where most of the hostels are concentrated) and soon found a nice place. As it was Sunday most of the restaurants were closed and it was a ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North November 22nd 2015

Quitosta Mindoon Perjantaina aamulla alkoi matka Quitosta Mindoon. Kuljetus järjestyi helposti suoraan majapaikkani kanssa ja he olivat aamulla hakemassa minua. Quitossa majoitukseni oli uuden lentokentän lähellä, eli kaupungin itäpuolella. Mindoon menevä tie on kaupungista luoteeseen, eli jouduimme käytännössä ajamaan Quiton pohjoisosan läpi. Mikä valtava muutos on tapahtunut viidessä vuodessa! Uusi lentokenttä on aiheuttanut sen, että myös teitä on jouduttu rakentamaan uusiksi. Kentälle johtavat tiet oli rakennettu korkeiden mäkien - eli meikäläisittäin kai vuorien - sivuihin ja kallioleikkaukset oli peitetty vielä betonilla. Ehkä siksi, että kivi- ja mutavyöryjen mahdollisuus pienenisi. Quito sijaitsee 2805m korkeudessa ja sen on sanottu olevan ikuisen kevään kaupunki, ehkä siksi, että keskilämpötila on ympäri vuoden n.19C. Kaupunki... read more
El Quetzal kaakaotehdas

South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo November 21st 2015

Paluu Etelä-Amerikkaan Jokunen vuosi on jo ehtinyt vierähtää siitä kun viimeksi on tällä mantereella oltu. Edellinen Etelä-Amerikasta kertova blogimme päättyi Ecuadoriin ja Quitoon johon myös sen kertainen yhteinen matkamme päättyi. Jo silloin oli ajatuksena, että tuo kerta tuskin oli viimeinen Etelä-Amerikassa ja etenkään Ecuadorissa koska yksi pitkäaikainen haave jäi sillä kertaa toteutumatta. Nimittäin Galapagos. Nyt vihdoin on koittanut paluun aika ja pääsemme toteuttamaan tämän unelman. Galapagos Galapagos. Ihan oikeasti - Galapagos.Jo tuo nimikin kuulostaa minusta jotenkin epätodelliselta. En tiedä miksi, mutta tuntuu siltä, että olen 'aina' tiennyt mikä on Galapagos. Aina on tietenkin suhteellinen käsite, mutta jotenkin nyt ainakin sen ajan, kun ympäröivästä maailmasta on käsittänyt jotain muutkain kuin ihan koti... read more
Ja tänne päädyttiin - Mindo Sisakuna Lodge
Näillä mennään ...
Finnair vie perille - tällä kertaa Miamiin

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center November 7th 2015

So we are now out on our epic 3 month adventure, having spent a full 24 hours travelling from Birmingham, arriving in Quito at 1AM UK time. Thanks again to my sister for getting up in the dead of night to give us a lift to the bus station. Our driver down to Heathrow looked like he was on something, and welcomed all passengers onto the bus by telling them to sit back relax and enjoy their journey in the most monotone Brummie accent possible! The flights were hassle free, the one to Madrid was bumper than crossing the Atlantic Ocean to get to Ecuador! Had an interesting taxi ride into town as our driver was determined not to let any others drivers pull in front of him, but strangely enough I still felt fairly safe ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North November 2nd 2015

We rode out after a good breakfast and headed toward the Ecuador border. Very close to the border (southern Colombia) we stopped at a spectacular cathedral - Basilica Las Lajas, abridging a river in the middle of a gorge. It was amazing from an architectural point of view built in gothic revival style between 1916 and 1949. Why they built it there? Refer to wiki We continued to the border and exited Colombia with no trouble whatsoever and very quickly; if only the rest could be like this 🤗. Next we attended to immigration in Ecuador where our persons and bikes also entered quickly. The riding entering Ecuador was impressive, we seem to be getting quite spoilt with the scenery! I loved the colourful fruit and craft stalls on the roadside along with the many ... read more
Art installation in Quito
Mitad del Mundo
Mitad del Mundo monument before anyone arrived!

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