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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 20th 2018

Oh my! Once again it's been 2 months since I last published a blog entry....what's my excuse this time? Well, Dec and Jan & Feb have been filled with celebrations and travels, but also with health concerns and solutions. Let's start with the good stuff!! December birthday joy included a fabulous party for sisters Carol and Pam; live music, lots of dancing and a gathering of good friends! For the first time ever I got to play with Christmas decorations, preparing the BIB Bazar Charity Shop for holiday sales. It was so much fun to drape the windows with garlands and hang delicate globes and icicles. On New Year's Eve I started a new tradition, hosting a small luncheon at my home. Since I'm not much into crowds and bars, I decided to mark the end ... read more
Birthday Babes!
Birthday Surprise
Load 'Em Up!

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 15th 2018

In Quito we stayed at a very basic hotel in the historic centre next to Plaza Santa Domingo, a good choice as all the interesting sites were within a few blocks. We again took the city walking tour which provided great insight into the local history and culture. At one particular vantage point we could see 6 churches within a few blocks of each other. The Franciscans, Dominicans, and Jesuits had different influences on the city and each built churches in very different styles. The Jesuits may have the most notable church in Inglesia de la Compania de Jesus in which the entire walls and ceilings are covered in gold reportedly amounting to 7 total tons. No photos are allowed in this church, so you have to look them up. Ecuador uses the US dollar as ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 12th 2018

GÜN 11 12 ŞUBAT PAZARTESİ: Dün gece nasılsa geç yattım.Bu sabah 07:00 ye kadar uyuyabidim.Bana çok iyi geldi. Nezlem öksürüğe dönüştü.Toparlanıp yola çıktım Santo Domingo kilisesini ziyaret ettim. "Din Pazarlaması" tüm hızıyla devam ediyor .. Eskiden kiliselerde mum yakarlardı şimdi teknoloji devrede… artık kırmızı ışık veren led lambalar var ..kutuya parayı atıp istediğin mumu yakabiliyorsun …mumun bulunduğu sıraya göre fiyatlar değişiyor ... Çağa uyan bir ritüel geliştirmişler.. Sevgili İsa, vakti zamanında sinagog kapısında ticaret yapıyorlar diye yırtındın ...arıza olduğunda yakalandın ...ticarete mani oluyor diye çivileyip tablo diye astılar ...bir de bunları görsen senin adına ne madrabazlıklar dönüyor ...haybeye gittin yani... Oradan “... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito February 10th 2018

GÜN 09 10 ŞUBAT CUMARTESİ: Sabah kahvaltımı yapıp yollara düştüm..O saatte dahi ,sokaktaki insan sayısı beni şaşırttı. Cartagena, ulaşım açısından çok rahat bir yer. Otelin hemen önündeki duraktan bindim kartımın son atışını kullanarak, "Rafael Nunez" havaalanı önünde indim. Bunları yazmamın sebebi hikmeti, taksinin pahalı olması ve toplu taşımanın aksine, çok hesaplı olmasıdır. Valiziniz tek ise bu yolu izlemenizde yarar vardır. Daha önce yazdım ,Cartagena hava alanı bizim taşra alanlarını andırıyor …küçük ve kompact … Cebimde 19000 COP para kaldı. Uçağım Bogota aktarmalı, orada harcarım diyorum.. Rahat bir yolculuktan sonra, Bogota ya vardık . Alanda Crepes&Waffle a gittim.Bu şirkette Colombia’ da Valdez kadar yaygı... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo August 26th 2017

Having always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands, we decided to make that our chief destination for 2017 travel. We knew full well that we will likely not be back this way, at least no any time soon, we decided to add Machu Picchu as a further destination after the visit to the islands. My brother Chuck located a Galapagos journey that would put us on a boat with less than 20 people exclusive of staff. Since it was fully chartered by the Houston Zoo, we happily joined the Zoo. As we would come to realize, this gave us a huge benefit in terms of the clientele on the boat. The flight down through Atlanta was uneventful. Chuck and I sat in steerage, but were in the row where the exit door was located, so had ... read more
Fast food, Ecuadorean style
Rustic joining

South America » Ecuador » North » Mindo August 9th 2017

Suzanne here... Mindo was a bit of a last minute decision. We'd done cities and beaches. So when we read about a small town in a cloud forest two hours from Quito, it sounded an ideal finish to Ecuador. We arrived at 11.30am, a bit early to check in. We'd not eaten so found Mindo Bio cafe and had a hearty breakfast. It was still early so we sat in the square for a while. It was hotter than Quito, but not unbearable. Our hotel was about ten minutes walk from town. We had to cross a river via a narrow rickety bridge, which added to the fun. We arrived at where we thought the hotel was, only to be faced with a locked gate. So near yet so far. Neither of us fancied trailing back ... read more
...Coffee Lodge Spa
Typical view of the area
A blurry hummingbird outside our room

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 6th 2017

David here... The 8.5 hour bus journey was the usual mix of bad films, terrible music, great scenery and the pain of reclining seats. Arriving at the Carcelen bus terminal, we were immediately surrounded by taxi drivers before we'd even got our luggage. We had done our homework though, and knew we could get a local bus from behind the terminal pretty much to our hotel. We had 3 bus numbers to look out for, but the buses didn't actually display any numbers. So we jumped onto one displaying Versalles, a road near our hotel. The local bus wasn't too busy, but we couldn't sit together so I made my way further back and sat down. As the bus got busier a shifty group of people got on. Suzanne spotted them looking at her handbag and ... read more
Las Empanadas de Morocho de la Ulloa
Another city, another cable car
Quito spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy?

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito June 16th 2017

Volcanoes Anyone? – Ecuador June 2017 This is my first trip to Ecuador – I’m always more excited when I’m headed to a new destination, than when it’s a return visit to a familiar location. First, a relatively short journey of 2 flights from Las Vegas, connecting in Atlanta, before touching down in Quito just before 11pm local time. We were 20 minutes late, but as we were the only international flight arriving at this time, getting thru customs and immigration were a breeze – less than 10 minutes from deplaning to collecting my bag. And wouldn’t you know it, my pre-arranged transfer was nowhere to be found. I even had the guy at the airport information desk call the shuttle company number – no answer. So, I went with Plan B – grabbed a taxi ... read more
Metropolitan Park in Quito
Quito Old Town
San Francisco Church

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 11th 2017

I'm in Quito! My 6th continent, meaning another tick on my bucket list. My first impression of Quito was at 1am getting a taxi to my hostel, but already I can see that the people are very friendly, and remind me more of Mexico and Guatemala. I only have 2 days in Quito, so my plan is to make the most of it. The first morning I headed out to the old town for a walk around admiring the old building and people watching in the main plaza. I'm glad to see things have considerably gone back down in price compared to my recent spending - breakfast is $1-2. There are a lot of interesting vendors and little shops to look at, so I quite happily pass the morning wandering around the streets observing. Heading away ... read more
My massive lunch

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito December 16th 2016

Our time in the Galapagos Islands runs short, it rained during the night and I slipped and twisted my back on the way to find breakfast. Our new hotel is located on the waterfront close to the dock which will be good when we depart early tomorrow morning on our last inter island ferry ride. We didn't do much more that day then shop for souvenirs and wander down to the harbour in between rain showers. The next morning I positioned myself better and scored a seat with Ruth at the back of the boat which allowed more leg room and a more comfortable ride, which was a blessing as this journey was longer and rougher than those previous and some of our fellow passengers had a bad time if it. After a little over two ... read more
Lava Heron
Brown pelican having a meal
Glad that is not my boat

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