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South America » Colombia » Popayan July 19th 2018

County number two and the one I've been most looking forward to visiting....Colombia! Firstly let's dismiss the bad stigma from the past and look forward to an increasingly popular place to visit with incredible scenery and diversity (landscapes and people). A country where the people are full of life and are proud of where Colombia is headed. An early morning rise to cross the border (from Ecuador for us) should be considered at the moment due to the situation with Venezuela. Many Venezuelans are camped out in order to cross and their lines are long meaning crossing the border can take a while. We got there at 6 am and it took us an hour and half. First stop was Popayan after a 6 hour bus ride from Ipiales through some amazing valleys. We didn't know ... read more
Popayan Cathederal
Cali Church La Emirta

South America » Colombia » Popayan December 14th 2017 This was more of a short stop to lessen the length on travel between destination. I stayed at a hostel own and operated by a Jewish family. I felt safe being in the city, but there was I vibe that I couldn't deny. I noticed how early the hostel locks up at night and that there was an invisible boundary at the edge of the city that I did not feel comfortable venturing past at night.... read more

South America » Colombia » Popayan November 29th 2017

¡Antes del blog, me gustaría decir que esto es mi primera vez escribiendo un blog en español, entonces si ves algunas errores, por favor dígame! Ya llevo tres meses viviendo en Colombia, y es un país súper chévere! La gente es siempre muy amigable. Cuando quiero preguntar para seguir direcciones, bailar en un bar, o comprar una porción de pastel, siempre hay una persona con quien puedo hablar o pasear. He encontrado amigos por caminar en la calle, sentar en el parque, buscar por un tatuista, y por otros amigos. Así son los colombianos! Comparten sin reservación, confíen sin duda, y son curiosa sobre mi país, mi idioma, y mi vida de viajar. ¡En cambio, soy curioso sobre su idioma, la cultura de su país, y la vida normal aquí! La gente es bien educado aquí ... read more

South America » Colombia » Popayan September 11th 2017

I've spent over 3 years living in foreign countries and traveling between them to take up new teaching jobs. During that time, I've made some of the errors one needs to make in order to get a bit better at it. I've also figured out a few things that improve my lifestyle, as I'll be traveling for quite a few years yet. So, what am I doing differently now, and why? Luggage. When I arrived in Indonesia, I had an enormous suitcase, a rucksack, and about 15-20 changes of clothes. I did this because I had no idea what I was going to do afterwards, and also because I had a lot of good clothes that I didn't want to throw away. In Colombia, I have 2 pairs of trousers for work, 2 shirts for work, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Popayan July 15th 2014

Our Arrival We arrived at 8:45am on a night bus at 9pm from Medellin. The bus terminal is 20 min walk from the town centre. From the terminal go over the bridge and walk down carrera 11, turn left down calle 4 and you will reach the town centre square. Where We Stayed Hotel Capital - carrera 5, calle 7. COP$20,000 for a double room with TV, internet and shared bathroom. There were plenty of bathrooms and our room was right next door to a bathroom. One of the showers had hot water. Rooms were set around a nice courtyard. What We Did Walked around the town looking at the nice white buildings and churches. Went up Cerro El Morro for town views and to see the monument. There is also a church up a hill, ... read more
Popayan Street
Hostal courtyard
Bus drive to Pasto

South America » Colombia » Popayan February 17th 2014

Sunday 16th February (Odyssey Day 100) We departed the camp at 0800 this morning heading for the border with Colombia. It wasn’t too strenuous for us and we managed to cross the border just before lunch. A very easy crossing here, and now we will be in Colombia for a little over a month. This is a country everyone has been looking forward to for various reasons, it is one country that always got surprised looks from people back home when it was mentioned we would be visiting. The question was always ‘is it safe to visit?’ and now we have a chance to form our own opinions first hand. We arrived in to the town of Pasto at 1600, a reasonable hour for a change since the border crossing had been an easy one. Here ... read more
Inot Colombia
Travel Day
Travel Day

South America » Colombia » Popayan January 26th 2014

Dear folks, at first sight, it looks as if I had been to Cartagena due to so many colonial buildings but I was not. The small city located two hours from Cali is full of museums, churches and colonial styles rich in art and history that offer the visitor a great deal of parks, gastronomic venues and peaceful strolls; all combined within this elegant framework of beautiful landscapes and a lovely architectural adventure; therefore here is your chance to peacefully stroll the Spanish streets with their omnipresent colonial touch. To tell you the truth, when you go there, you might have the impression of living in the past as the houses look like relics that brilliantly survived the earthquake. They were beautifully restored, of course.. Mis queridos amigos, a primera vista, podrán pensar que estuve nuevamente ... read more
...or here
lovely strolls
Un chismecito

South America » Colombia » Popayan January 12th 2014

Two Days in Popayan, Colombia 10 January 2014 – Friday – Cali to Popayan, Colombia We rose before the rooster began his morning ritual crowing and took a taxi to the bus station. The previous day the bus company had advised us that a ‘Grande’ bus ( a 34 seat modern coach) was plying the 7:30 am route to Popayan ... but when we got there at about 6 am to purchase the tickets we were informed that there we no ‘grande’ buses but only ‘poco’ buses (a 20 seat bus). The other companies driving the route were all the same: no ‘grande’ buses. So we took a ‘poco’ bus at 6:30 am and it wasn’t so bad. The road, another part of the Pan-American Highway, wasn’t as winding or as mountainous on this route. The ... read more
Popayan Day 2 010
Popayan Day 2 018
Popayan Day 2 021

South America » Colombia » Popayan » Calarca October 26th 2013

South America » Colombia » Popayan » Calarca September 24th 2012

Cali We set off for Cali on the mid-day minibus and once again were treated to the driving antics of a former Wacky Racer! Arrived in Cali at tea-time and jumped in a taxi to our Hotel Americana. our taxi driver was a friendly chatty chap who told us in more or less these words that the city was too hot and crap and so was the coffee! We thought we'd save judgment til the following day...he was right about the coffee! Our Hotel was lovely clean and modern and defo had the best shower to date ( we say that in every hostel/hotel/hammock/camp we stay in but this one defo was the best!) The city itself felt fairly safe to us, there is no tourist infrastructure as such so what you see is what you ... read more
Depor v America

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