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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Paraty January 16th 2015

Next up on the itinerary was the beautifully restored colonial town of Paraty on the southern coastline of Rio de Janerio state, with several islands just off shore it’s a highlight for Brazilians and international travellers alike. Our small but comfortable B&B was only a short walk from the bus station, the center of town and the water’s edge. In the afternoon we took in the sights of the town, including their three churches that we learnt were each built by and for the three races of the town (black slaves, freed mixed-race ‘mulattos’, and elitist whites). Having booked a boat tour for the following day we relaxed in town, shopping and listening to local samba drum groups practice from upcoming Carnaval. The day tour was on a large boat for approximately 100 people that would ... read more
Loving being back in the ocean, with fancy sail boat

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo January 15th 2015

An overnight bus saw us arrive in Curitiba very early morning for one day. We were feeling pretty tired after two big, long, hot ‘aggressive tourism’ days at Iguaçu and the bus so we took it easy. We heard Curitiba was a university town with many parks throughout but we thought there was the feeling that it was a public holiday and nothing much was happening downtown. We took ourselves on a walk of the city center viewing many colonial buildings, churches and interesting street art before relaxing for a few hours with an English screening of The Hobbit. The following morning we were on a bus again to the biggest city in South America, São Paulo for two days. After escaping from customs officials without too much hassle (Courtney was randomly selected while walking on ... read more
The site where São Paulo was founded in 1544
Inside the beautiful São Bento monastry with Gregorian chanting

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre January 15th 2015

Well, it is pretty hard to get this blog updated all the time when travelling to all these wonderful places. And Carla is keeping me busy as hell with her planed approach to sightseeing. It looks like I need a holiday from the backpacking soon. And Porto Alegre was not different with the added bonus that Carla was born and has lived in POA for a long time, so she knew the place pretty well and I was dragged around every place there was to see. Not that I complain as I got a superb tour of the city, but an old man like me needs its rest from time to time. But let’s see what happened in POA. São Paulo was our starting point to get to Porto Alegre and in true backpacking style we, ... read more
Another Cultural Center -  Porto Alegre
Astronomic Observatory of local University -  Porto Alegre
Astronomic Observatory -  Porto Alegre

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife January 14th 2015

La plage de Boa Viagem (''Bon voyage'') qui s'étend sur la zone Sud de Recife est digne de n'importe quelle série télévisée (Sunset Beach, Melrose Place, Beverly Hill's) mais il est interdit de s'y baigner. Les panneaux 'DANGER : attaque de requin' plantés tous les 50 mètres dissuade les touristes dans un premier temps, mais ils imitent très vite les locaux qui osent se mouiller jusqu'aux genoux sans trop prendre de risque. L'eau est trouble et les requins sont vraiment partout donc il vaut mieux éviter de faire un vrai plouf malgré la chaleur. Les SPÉCIALISTES qui veulent expliquer l'augmentation d'attaques depuis 20 ans dénoncent la construction du port de Suape, dans le vieux Recife, dans la fin des années 80. Il semblerait que les requins, qui avaient choisi cet emplacement comme habitat n'ont pas eu ... read more

South America » Brazil January 12th 2015

Hi everyone Happy new year! We were fortunate to be on Copacabana beach in Rio, with 2.5 million other people, watching the fireworks. It was great fun; everyone was in good spirits, wishing each other, spraying champagne around around and wading under the waves. The next day we departed on our next tour,which takes us across Brazil, through the Amazon and to Cusco. Our first stop was Ouro Preto, once the gold mining region of Brazil. On our way there, we stopped on to see Aleijandinhos prophets, at the Basilica do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos. Aleijandinho, also known as Antonio Lisboa, was a famous sculptor from the region, not only because he created beautiful pieces, but also because he had a progressive debilitating disease, resulting in him losing use of his hands. As such, he created ... read more

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Iguaçu Falls January 12th 2015

Despite the arduous overnight bus to get there (a collapsed bridge meant we had to catch 4 buses over 20 hours), it was with great excitement and anticipation that we arrived in Iguaçu Falls. Having heard from many people that it was one of their highlights in the world, we were eager to get a glimpse of the enormous falls that straddle the border of Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay. Before we left Australia, we’d researched a lot and having read up on Brasil decided it might be easier to chose a (relatively) small part of it to focus on in the month we allocated. For that reason and because we would have been on the road for a long time, we booked an organised tour with Tucan Travel. The “Falls to Rio” tour was 10 days ... read more
Viewing the Argetine side of Iguacu Falls from the boat was an incredible experience
The power of the falls was unbelievable
Finally captured a coati on film without it moving too much

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo January 11th 2015

Have you ever been to a city with 22 million inhabitants? No? Me neither. And I can tell you it is a pretty amazing feeling and experience to have been there. Its amazing seize, mixed with the multicultural appearance, the vibe of the city and the people makes this place a pretty awesome destination. But let’s start where I left of with my last updates . So Rio de Janeiro and the day trip to Petropolis were pretty cool to visit and after a 6 hour bus ride to Sao Paulo we arrived safe and well. The amazing thing of the bus trip was that after we entered the city limit of SP we were still travelling about for 2 hours until we reached the bus station. One immediately gets the feeling on just how big ... read more
Skyline of Sao Paulo
Skyline of Sao Paulo
In the biggest city of Americas and one of the biggest in the world

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Tefé January 11th 2015

Martedi´6: Itapuranga III e´ ormai da cinque giorni ad aspettarmi al porto brasiliano di Tabatinga, ma questa volta me la prendo comoda e salgo a bordo solo un´ ora prima della partenza, fissata per mezzogiorno. Salpiamo e ci viene subito servito un delizioso stufato di carne: niente male come inizio navigazione, del resto siamo ormai su di una vera e propria nave e non piu´ su delle grandi bananiere come in Peru´; le fermate pero´ susseguono e le amache cozzano ormai le une contro le altre. Per fortuna abbiamo un terzo ponte sul tetto dove ci si puo´ liberamente svagare con un piccolo bar, delle sedie e la TV. Ore 15.45, suona la campana che chiama per la cena; ci deve essere un errore, o forse sono rimasto indietro di un paio di fusi orari, ma ... read more
Sul Rio calano le tenebre
Il fiume Tefe´ visto dalla Missione
Nave amazzonica

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife January 11th 2015

La course à la paperasse administrative a commencé : visa, CPF (numéro d'identification auprès des impôts sans lequel on ne peut quasiment rien faire), carte de travail (livret du travailleur qui doit être signé par l'employeur sous peine d'être considéré comme du travail dissimulé), compte bancaire, permise de conduire. Avec de la patience, l'aide de Carlos et de l'argent, le tout est bouclé en 20 jours. Mais nous en avons aussi profité pour explorer la ville sous tous ses angles....... read more
marco zero2

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul January 9th 2015

Bonito is a small town that has exploded with tourism companies offering excursions along the various rivers that flow nearby. Bonito means beautiful and it is a place that truly lives up to its name. We’d only had this destination recommended to us while we were in Bolivia and upon reading about it, decided it’d be the perfect pit stop to break up the 700km journey from the Pantanal to Iguaçu falls. The draw card of Bonito is the river system that has created a natural phenomenon with incredible visibility due to calcium in the rocks reacting with contaminants and creating sediment rather than floating debris. This results in the rivers having almost perfect visibility (>30m) even in fast flowing rivers that are only 1 or 2 meters deep. Staying in the HI Bonito we managed ... read more
Amazingly clear water that we snorkelled in
Amazingly clear water that we snorkelled in

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