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South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 20th 2015

Sabe aqueles dias que você está pra baixo, meio com vontade de chorar, sem saber bem o motivo (aliás, eu sei bem o motivo do meu borocoxismo mas vamos deixa-lo pra la)? Pois é, tô assim. Aí decidi fazer uma lista do que eu quero fazer quando for a Londres e Liverpool. Ah e um ítem de Dublin -- eu ainda não pensei muito no que fazer por lá haha! Em Dublin ir a Whitefriar Street Church. Restos mortais do São Valentim, padroeiro do amor e afins, estão enterrados lá, e já que tô precisando de uma ajudinha, não custa, né?! hahaha Em Londres, quero andar de ferry no Tâmisa, ver Londres por uma outra perspectiva. Também quero entrar na Abadia de Westminster e Catedral de São Paulo. Da primeira vez que estive em Londres, não ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Campinas February 20th 2015

Dear all, A day after my first story I got a stomach virus and was in lots of pain for a week. Stayed in the house for 4 days and started feeling better. Decided to leave Paraty and go to Trinidad for a few nights before leaving for the farm. Trinidad is a very small town just a bit more south from Paraty. It has lots of amazing beaches and the town mainly consist of tourists. There is one main street and after two days you recognize people that you have seen on the beaches, in the restaurants and on the street. Its quiet cozy and I was lucky to find a hostel opposite a cafe that had live music. So on my arrival day, I heard live reggae being played from my balcony. It was ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Santos February 18th 2015

Santos, Brazil: Pele, Coffee & Carnival WOW another 2 days at sea and we sailed into the largest port in South America, Santos, Brazil, just as daylight was coming. This is a very busy port with 85% of the goods arriving and leaving Brazil coming through here. There are 8 miles of ports. One of the reasons for this is the proximity to Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, which is about 45 minutes away, normally. However, it is still Carnival time so with all the extra people, it can take up to 3 hours for the trip. Our Cruise Director has announced many times that it is not prudent to try to go to Sao Paulo in one day and still make the re-boarding time at 4;30. We’ll see if anyone went anyway ;-) ... read more
Colorful sidewalks
Pele's home field- Santos
Governor's home

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 18th 2015

Rio de Janeiro- Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf and Carnaval We are still in the tropics. 22 degrees south of the equator. Hot, hot, hot 90 degrees and almost 100% humidity. Today is Fat Tuesday, the last day of Carnaval (Carneval, Carnival, Carnivaal…take your pick of spelling depending on the country ;-). The streets are filled with people in amazing costumes heading off to the beaches and parks where the Samba Bands from the various schools will be playing tonight. We are people with a purpose today. With only 2 days in Rio, we want to see the most iconic places; Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, the beaches and of course eat some great food! Rio is a city of contrasts. There are beautiful new skyscrapers and terrible slum areas snaking up into the mountains. There are amazingly ... read more
Aquaduct through Rio
Sugarloaf 1
View from Sugarloaf

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ubatuba February 18th 2015

11 février 2014 - Jour 117 Nous embarquons ce matin pour notre dernier long trajet en bus, environ 7h pour rejoindre Ubatuba, une station balnéaire située sur la côte, entre Rio et Sao Paulo. Pour nos derniers jours de voyage, on recherchait une belle plage où l'on pourrait passer nos journée à flâner sur des transats. Il y avait pas mal de choix sur la côte brésilienne, notamment plusieurs îles, mais dont les prix en période de carnaval étaient beaucoup trop élevés. Il y avait aussi plusieurs autres villages qui sont surtout réputés pour leur aspect colonial mais, c'est terrible à dire, on n'a plus rien envie de visiter, on veut juste se poser à rien faire sur une plage ! Notre choix s'est donc porté sur Ubatuba, réputée pour ses plages et ses vagues qui ... read more
Praia Grande
Des fesses
Notre plage

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 18th 2015

Comme chez les Beaumel on adore la "bonne bouuuufe" et on ne s'en cache pas, après les avoir gavées de viande dans un des restaurants de viandes les plus connus du Brésil (Fogo de Chão), voilà un merveilleux endroits pour déguster toutes sortes de salgados achetés dans l'épicerie du coin. Les salgados sont des en cas (perso cela me fait un repas entier, mais nous sommes au Brésil), auxquels je défie quiconque d'échapper lors d'un voyage au Brésil. Ce sont très souvent des beignets, friands, roulés, croquants, chaussons bref des trucs plein de graisse, farcis à tout (poulet, viande, légumes , formage, crevettes, morues...). Ahhhh cela faisait longtemps que nous n'avions pas parlé de nourriture.... Mais le point principal de ce post est tout de même le Jardin Botanique qui a été créé pour la culture ... read more
jardim botan
jardim bo
Dans la maison des orchidées

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal February 17th 2015

Esco finalmente dalla regione amazzonica passando da quella che per secoli è stata la sua principale porta d'accesso, la decadente metropoli di Belém do Parà: l'ultimo saluto al grande fiume avviene al termine di un malinconico pomeriggio di pioggia trascorso sorseggiando birra "Amazonas" al tavolo di uno dei bar della zona del porto, da poco tutta accuratamente ristrutturata. Il sentimento di tristezza è dovuto principalmente al fatto di dover dire addio alla navigazione fluviale, per passare ora definitivamente a scomodi mezzi di trasporto su ruota; seguirò da qui in poi la linea della costa ed un sentiero tracciato da una serie infinita di dune di sabbia, che spero sapranno emozionarmi al pari della monotona distesa di vegetazione che per lunghe settimane ha accompagnato questo mio viaggio.... Tappa d'obbligo lungo il percorso è la città di Sao ... read more
Le lenzuola del Maranhao
L'approdo a Belem
Dune sulla spiaggia (Jericoacoara)

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Paraty February 17th 2015

Leaving behind the endless party of Rio, we arrived in the historic beachside town of Paraty for some welcome respite. With it's cobble stone streets, European lamp posts and slightly cooler climate, we quickly made ourselves at home. Our hostel was located literally on the beach, and provided us with quite possibly the best breakfast views and worst wifi connection in Brazil. Said hostel would also introduce us to a new travel nemesis; The Triple Decker Bunkbed. With it's bottom level so low you'd be forgiven for thinking you were actually sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and top level 'suicide bunk' providing options of death by fall-from-great-height or death by ceiling fan, it would be the first of many encounters. With our first rain of the trip occurring here, Paraty would also give rise ... read more
Cobbled streets
Cute boats in the canal

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Santos February 16th 2015

What a sight coming into Santos at 6.30 this morning, highrise as long as the eye could see! It took an hour and a half to come in the river, there is 50miles of port, the largest port in South America. Walked from the port to the old town about 4kms - very dodgy - seedy areas, unsmiling faces and falling down buildings etc etc probably the most apprehensive we have felt but walked into the old town with 6 others - so felt a little safer with numbers! The grand old buildings of the past are just gorgeous, the coffee museum, just beautiful - and boy was the coffee good too! Coffee and oranges are the largest exports from here, but Brazil is the largest beef exporter in the world. Pele (the soccer player) is ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana February 16th 2015

Beautiful sunrise as we entered the harbour of Rio, Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer hit you in the face, a spectacular site from the water, Christ the Redeemer just sitting above the cloud, like it is floating! Breaky early and head out into the thousands for the last day of carnivale, 3 street parties to go to!! First one on Ipanema Beachfront, fantastic costumes and music and dancing, then onto a more suburban one, could hardy move! Last one was the best - Brazilians sure know how to party - doesn't matter how big! - those bodies just shake and dance! Millions of litres of beer consumed in Rio today!! Then headed out to Copacabana beach for dinner at a Churasscaria restaurant, absolutely stuffed full of lovely meats bought to our table and carved in ... read more

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