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South America » Brazil » Amazonas January 11th 2015

Martedi´6: Itapuranga III e´ ormai da cinque giorni ad aspettarmi al porto brasiliano di Tabatinga, ma questa volta me la prendo comoda e salgo a bordo solo un´ ora prima della partenza, fissata per mezzogiorno. Salpiamo e ci viene subito servito un delizioso stufato di carne: niente male come inizio navigazione, del resto siamo ormai su di una vera e propria nave e non piu´ su delle grandi bananiere come in Peru´; le fermate pero´ susseguono e le amache cozzano ormai le une contro le altre. Per fortuna abbiamo un terzo ponte sul tetto dove ci si puo´ liberamente svagare con un piccolo bar, delle sedie e la TV. Ore 15.45, suona la campana che chiama per la cena; ci deve essere un errore, o forse sono rimasto indietro di un paio di fusi orari, ma ... read more
Sul Rio calano le tenebre
Il fiume Tefe´ visto dalla Missione
Nave amazzonica

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife January 11th 2015

La course à la paperasse administrative a commencé : visa, CPF (numéro d'identification auprès des impôts sans lequel on ne peut quasiment rien faire), carte de travail (livret du travailleur qui doit être signé par l'employeur sous peine d'être considéré comme du travail dissimulé), compte bancaire, permise de conduire. Avec de la patience, l'aide de Carlos et de l'argent, le tout est bouclé en 20 jours. Mais nous en avons aussi profité pour explorer la ville sous tous ses angles....... read more
marco zero2

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul January 9th 2015

Bonito is a small town that has exploded with tourism companies offering excursions along the various rivers that flow nearby. Bonito means beautiful and it is a place that truly lives up to its name. We’d only had this destination recommended to us while we were in Bolivia and upon reading about it, decided it’d be the perfect pit stop to break up the 700km journey from the Pantanal to Iguaçu falls. The draw card of Bonito is the river system that has created a natural phenomenon with incredible visibility due to calcium in the rocks reacting with contaminants and creating sediment rather than floating debris. This results in the rivers having almost perfect visibility (>30m) even in fast flowing rivers that are only 1 or 2 meters deep. Staying in the HI Bonito we managed ... read more
Amazingly clear water that we snorkelled in
Amazingly clear water that we snorkelled in

South America » Brazil » Bahia January 8th 2015

Serinhaem is a remote fishing village on the mouth of the Santarem river. The main way to get there is getting to Itubera and then by boat (two to three hours) or by « lancha », a speedboat (45 minutes). The community is also served by an « ambulancha » (a river ambulance) in case of emergencies . The hospital in Itubera is about 800 metres from the quai, making it easily accessible by the riverain communities. Another way to get to Serinhaem is leaving Itubera by car, going to the Pratigi beach (an amazing beach for swimmers and surfers, the favourite of the locals) and wait for the low tide and drive along the beach the 18 km that separate Pratigi from Serinhaem. There is a river to cross and this access depends also on ... read more
02 Our Pousada
2 our Pousada
3 Our Room

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro January 8th 2015

An “Imperial City”, which motto is “always seeking higher things”. That is Petropolis, a city about 1 hour distance from Rio and easily reached by bus. And the contrast between Rio and Petropolis is just chalk and cheese. Petropolis is a city that is calm, well design where one thinks that is in a traditional German town. The buildings are just amazing and so well preserved that you think that they were built just a few years ago. Walking through the town was just like a time warp……… So just for you to understand a bit of this history of Brazil here a bit of a background… The Royal Portuguese family came to live in Brazil in 1808 running away from Napoleon Bonaparte and the headquarters of the Portuguese Empire was transferred to Rio de Janeiro. ... read more

South America » Brazil January 8th 2015

The airplane ride seemed like a life time, I was so excited to land and see Rio. I heard their beaches were beautiful and was eager to see it in person. After arriving and checking into out hotel (conveniently close to the beach) my family and I raced to the beach with out beach umbrellas towel. We managed to get a good spot. Our first day started out great and would only continue from there though it was a short trip we managed to tour the local shops and restaurants and local attractions as well. It was an amazing trip that I wouldn't forget.... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso » Pantanal January 7th 2015

After finally making our way through Bolivian customs we headed to the Brazilian border town of Corumba, the gateway to the Southern Pantanal. The Pantanal is the world’s largest flooding plain (20 times the size of the Everglades) with hundreds of species of birds, insects, ranches of Brahma cattle and the world’s largest population of jaguars. Our hostel welcomed us with a dorm all to ourselves and a pool to relax in after the brutal heat of the border crossing. Since it was low season, there weren’t many tour operators in the area (most use Campo Grande as their base) so we took the advice of our host who also had connections in tour companies and ranches in the Pantanal. With a 3-day tour decided upon, we wandered into town for dinner and found an excellent ... read more
A sneaky caiman pretending not to watch us watching it
Beautiful hyacinth macaws on our ranch, they are almost always seen in pairs as they mate for life
Piranha fishing with some success! (C:4, P:2)

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro January 3rd 2015

New Years Day We got up later especially since the party outside our window last night had been rather loud and long. We thought we had massages at noon at 1. We headed over to the beach where Joey the massage guy was. On the way over we stopped at the Thai restaurant to pay. The cleaner knew we would be coming but still couldn’t get the credit card machine to work. We said we would stop back by on the way back from the massages. So over the hill (the one Shelly got lost on) and to the massage. Hum he had not gotten our message but he could fit us in around 1 and 2. Shelly asked the Paraty Explorer people if she could use the guides wave ski (very long kayak looking thing ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Paraty January 3rd 2015

We got up around 7:30 to pack for the day and head down for breakfast early. Today we are heading for a hike. Well Shelly will hike while I sit at the restaurant waiting for them. My knee just could not take this hike (very step and unsteady). Our guide meets us and we walk to the bus station where we board a local bus to head to Paraty Mirim. Once we get there we take a boat (30 minutes) to the base of the mountain. Shelly and the rest of the group head off for the mountain, I sit at well, not sure I would call it a restaurant but it has tables and benches and a couple chairs. Luckily, I got one of the chairs. I read and worked on writing the blog entries ... read more

A peine posés sur le sol brésilien, nous partons en voiture à Praia da Pipa au nord de Recife pour rejoindre '' la bande à Carlos'' dans des maisons louées près de la mer. Au programme : - Far niente / bronzette / piscine / bord de mer avec jus de citron glacé / baignade en eau salée avec contemplation de dauphins - Triple concert lors du réveillon du nouvel an (dont le groupe préféré de Carlos, Natiruts, pour ceux qui souhaitent découvrir je vous conseille ''Sourri, sou rei'' ou ''Quero ser feliz tambem'') - Barbecue / balade en bateau / soirée guitare, voix et bougies / slackline dans le jardin (pour les moins jeunes, tapez slackline sur Google) Une bulle de tranquillité dont nous avons bien profité avant de retourner à Recife...... read more

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