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Ok so, our first day kicked off with a 5am start at Newcastle Airport (UK) with a flight down to London Heathrow which went off pretty smoothly! A 5 hour wait between connecting flights however meant we knew our day was going to be long one! The flight from London to Rio wasn't bad at all, around 11 and a half hours and again it was a pretty smooth which kept us happy! (the unlimited free alcohol supplied by British Airways was always going to help) When we landed getting through the airport was fine, no problems with immigration which was pretty fast and collecting our luggage posed no problems! The transfer to our hotel was quite quick although pretty expensive as it seems taxi services at the airport have set fares rather than having meter ... read more

Went down for breakfast around 8.00 am and took a local bus to Sugar Loaf Mountain. The bus drivers drive like there is no tomorrow and even if there is a tomorrow, it doesn't feel like they want to see it - so fast, they practically turn each corner on two wheels and narrowly avoid anything else in their paths and in the other lanes!! We joined the queues for the cable car - 65 people maximum in each car - and went to the top. The first cable car stopped at the first station and we got out, walked around the viewpoint, bought a yoghurt smoothie drink, sat for a while and took the cable car to the second station at the top of Sugar Loaf. Took a couple of pictures, walked around a bit ... read more
Ipanema 'Hippy market'

Wonderful breakfast at the hotel - a real treat with granola, yoghurts, all sorts of rolls, eggs, etc., etc. and plenty of coffee. We sat around for quite a while saying our goodbyes to everyone on the group with the promise of a bed for a couple of nights for a few of them. Check out was at 12.00pm so we took a walk to the local beach. Very pleasant area but this could have been any city (with a beach) anywhere in the world. At 11.45, we shared a taxi with Jill who was going to a hotel near to our new destination (the hotel we booked for 3 nights a few months before we travelled). Our new hotel was possibly not quite as nice as the one the night before but the location was ... read more

The hostel kindly arranged an early breakfast for everyone and we were pouring our coffee at 7.00 am. Those camping were due to arrive in Amber at 8.00 am to pick those of us sleeping in comfort (the majority of the group) for the five-hour drive to Rio. 8.00 am came and went as did 9.00 am and no sight nor sound of Amber. I suppose we could both have walked the five minutes to the camp site down the road but with our luggage awaiting collection, we were happy to use the hostel WIF, sit in the sun reading our kindles and see what would transpire. Two girls disappeared off down the road and didn't return Josef followed and didn't return so Jo decided to go and investigate. Ivan and Dave were totally unable to ... read more
Rio de Janeiro

Ok now, please stop shaking your heads. There are 2 very good reasons for today's blog title. 1. If you know me, you know what a dork I can be and 2. After walking the entire length of Copacabana Beach, I feel it is my duty to get you singing that song. I know it was running through my head way way too much on my walk. But, I digress, so let's start at the very beginning shall we? (Oh help me, now I have Julie Andrews singing the intro to Do Re Mi in my head. That certainly wasn't intentional, sigh.) After a nice breakfast in the hotel, I headed back to the subway and took it to the proper station. After yesterday's dilemma of not know what train to take, I made a point ... read more
Train to Corcovado
Train to Corcovado

It is Tuesday night in Rio and I am about ready to call it a day. I left the house yesterday at 7 AM and spent the next 26 hours traveling. It was a very nice trip, so I can't complain, although I did have a couple moments that were more "Uh oh" than "Ah ha." Having learned from my money woes in Spain, I tucked some extra cash and a credit card in a book in my carry on. As I was finishing my packing, I moved the Brazil guidebook to my check through. On the way to the airport, I realized that I had tucked money in it, so went frantically searching for it when the van stopped to pick up another passenger. The book was there, but no money. Naturally I thought that ... read more
Copacabana 2

Rio de Janeiro.I love this city:) A visit in Rio cannot be completed without a visit to the top attractions in Rio. The Christ,the Sugarloaf,the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Sellaron Steps,and lets not forget the Santa Teresa neighborhood. I need to say this, before i start writing about the sights. We had a camera,joanna fell of the horse-result the camera is malfunctioning, bought a new smaller one, charged it but forgot toput amemory card in. Great start to the Tour, we realised that on the way to the Christ,but thank god to some really nice Irish girls:) So we picked up all of the passengers which were mostly Irish and Scottish, we had 2 Argentinians one New Yorker and one native Brazilian grl.Wemade our way to Corcovado which is where the Christ is, a sculpture made ... read more

Just the name evokes so many images. From Sugarloaf Mountain, to the huge statue on Corcovado, the sexy Samba, wild Carnaval parades and of course, the Girl from Ipanema. Rio will bewitch all newcomers. Its nickname is Cidade Maravilhosa and for good reason. The cruise into this Marvelous City lives up to all the hype as one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. We got up just as the sun was peeking over the horizon to make sure we didn’t miss any part of the sail-in. We were certainly lucky with the weather as it was a clear, balmy day. The next morning the ships were not as fortunate as they had to sit outside the port for four hours due to dense fog. Happily we went on a Cruise Specialists private van tour ... read more

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First let me tell you that both stef and me totally fell for Rio at first sight. We arrived at 22:00 hrs but even in the dark, peeking from a taxi window the city of Rio de Janeiro looks fabulous. After spending some time here we decided we want to move to Rio the soonest possible... Carnaval -Sambodromo Monday morning, we decided that our visit in Rio would be incomplete without going to the sambodromo, so we made our way to El Misti Botafogo to get our tickets, the two last ones our hostel had. On Monday it wasn´t Group A Sampa schools but it was the Special Group that counts as similar level. The parade started at 21:25. We made our way there first taking the metro and then we walked. The good thing about ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana February 25th 2012

Day 133 Tuesday 21st February Sorry nothing much to report today it was a very lazy day just looked around the shops. In the afternoon we went to beach kiosk for a few drinks and then onto a café for dinner. Day 134 Wednesday 22nd February We got up at a decent time today had brekkie and out the door to catch the metro to Largo do Machado. Our Portuguese is getting a lot better these days as we can now say “Bong dia, dois Unitario por favour” (Hello 2 singles tickets please) and the ticket attendant understands us. Of course this is about the limit of our abilities and we are sort of looking forward to getting back to a Spanish speaking country soon. From the Metro station we sort of ... read more

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