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South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa August 1st 2009

Hi all! So here we are in Pipa still, we have decided that we like it so much we will do less travelling around and stick here for a while enjoying this gorgous town. On our second day here we re-visited the same dolphin beach, this time armed with a camera to get some shots! however, as sods law would have it, we couldnt get any pictures and ended up with a couple of videos... im sure we will try again before we leave! We went out that night for tapas, at a cute little spanish restuarant, which was up a small dirt track off the main road. because of the location, not many tourists seemed to find the little gem.... in fact.. we were the only ones there. suspicious that this might not just be ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa July 28th 2009

After an 8 hour journey we arrived in a charming little seaside town that upon first inspection looked a lot more geared toward tourists than anywhere we had been so far. There is a main street that is the heart of Pipa and is approximately 2km long, we had read a good recommendation from our guide book that Pousada Xame (Pousadas are little hotel type places run by family´s) was a good place to stay. The pousada is a little off the beaten track, situated at the very top of the main street, and is therefore a bit cheaper. The place itself is very charming, it has a pool, breakfast area (all breakfasts are included), pool table, DVD area and hammocks in every free space available. Our room is very clean, has a gargantuous bed, air ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa May 8th 2009

I have now moved on! Time was ticking on, and I felt like I wanted to know more more of Brazil before I returned to Europe. I left Lençóis with regret, however, and will keep a wonderful memory of it and its people in my mind. I took a 7 hour bus ride to Salvador, and left almost straight away for Natal, much further up North, on a 21 hour bus ride, and from there another 3 hours to Praia da Pipa. I will talk about it in my next entry. This one, as the photos testify, is dedicated to my last Chapada tour to the Cahoeira da Fumaça. I really wanted to visit the Fumaça, the most famous waterfall in the Chapada Diamantina. Until recently, it was advertised as the highest in Brazil, but I ... read more
When the waterfall is weak, the wind blows it upwards
Pretty high
Not nervous at all...

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa March 7th 2009

It wasn´t that much of a mission getting here. We got a bus from Recife to Natal and just before Natal we got off at Goininha and got another little mini van for 3 Reals to Pipa. We checked into the HI hostel (Pipa Hostel), which is probably the best one there I reckon. It had a swimming pool and we met loads of cool people. Boucs and I managed to find an all you can eat Parrilla for 27 Reals which even included free drink and dessert, so it was game over for us on day one! Pipa was a cute little place, they pretty much had 2 bars in town, Tribus Bar and Oz Bar which was opposite. There were some cool little beaches we explored, of which one of them was the dolphin ... read more
Pipa beach

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa February 6th 2009

I´m sure that you will all be glad to know that we managed to get our parasending done and both survived, with an awesome experience to keep with us! After a lazy day on the beach we left Canoa on the night bus to Natal and got a bus to Praia da Pipa, a small but rather touristy beach village. It is touristy for very good reasons however. Our first day here, after very little sleep on the bus, was unfortunately quite rainy and so we ventured to a nearby beach before giving up and going back, drenched and quite cold from the rain. The next morning it decided to chuck it down again and so we were holed up again in our hostel until the weather cleared in the early afternoon. We had heard about ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa December 19th 2008

Camarão Gratinado - Mutz - Clube - Cavalo Marinho - Baía de Golfinhos - Churrascaria - Mutz - Clube - Cavalo Marinho - Baía... Drei Naechte lang, Sodbrennen und Uebernaechtigung garantiert.... read more
dieses Mal mit Foto von Tibau aus
Da kann sich Pipa aber auf etwas gefasst machen
Home Sweet Home

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa September 27th 2008

Hi Guys Thanks for your comments. Hopefully you will continue to react. About the comments, do not worry if you can not see them immediately as we need to accept them first so they can then appear on the blog. It has now been 10 days since we left. A short summary of our experience since our last article. End of Salvador, Bahia: We attended the religious candomble ceremony which is a local mix of Christian and African traditions (from Angola and Nigeria). This ceremony is held in honor of divinities called Orushas. The attendees walk, dance and sing in circle for 2 hours trying to reach the "trance" state. The music is performed with percussions only and its rythm increases throughout the ceremony. Of course, we had to go through an unforgettable (and unexpectable indeed) ... read more
Cafe in Salvador
Capoeira do it yourself style (3/5)
A break during a rehearsal (Salvador)

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa September 18th 2008

Sonntag Abend erreichen wir Pipa, einem kleinen Aussteigerort etwas suedlich von Natal, mit einer Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Straenden und Caipi Bars - eben alles, was man fuer 5 Tage Ausspannen so braucht. Auch mit unserem Hostel haben wir mal wieder so richtig Glueck: nachdem wir es nach einigem Herumirren gefunden haben, wartet ein gemuetliches Zimmer mit Balkon und Haengematte und ein grosser Garten mit Pool auf uns - so haben wir uns das vorgestellt! Gleich am ersten Tag entdecken wir unseren neuen Lieblingsstrand, der uns auch die naechsten Tage wie magisch anziehen wird. Steilkueste im Hintergrund, weisser Sand (der unter den Fuessen quietscht!) und tolle Wellen sind nicht alles was dieser Strand zu bieten hat, denn er heisst nicht umsonst Baía dos Golfinhos: Bereits als wir ankommen entdecken wir die ersten Delfine und sind schon total ... read more
nur bei Ebbe koennen wir an den Strand
In der Bucht der Delfine
Jones schwimmt mit den Delfinen...

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa February 21st 2008

Hi all, I have managed to upload some pictures from the places I wrote about last time, so enjoy. Cheers David... read more
Driving across the salt flats
Hotel made of salt

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa October 25th 2007

After yet more travel combinations, bus, metro, bus, mini bus, we’d arrived in a little beach town called Praia da Pipa. A few people had recommended this place to us so we were looking forward to it. We eventually found our little pousada which we had pre booked on the internet for 12 pound a night, which was cheap as it had a/c, t.v and breakfast included so were glad to get decent value for money for a change. The town is a strange place, the main street is lined with posh boutiques, with some very expensive items even for U.K prices! Lots of nice restaurants and a decent nightlife, but under all that glitz is a nice laid back feel. We ate well every night, lots of seafood unsurprisingly and the best pizza place in ... read more
I just love chillin!
Tidal pools
One of the many Dolphins in Dolphin Bay!

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