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South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa March 15th 2007

As the title suggests, I find myself saying this sentance a lot, "Do you have extra large?", as my fat ass does not fit into tiny brazilian bikini bottoms. Maybe its also a hint that I shouldn't be wearing them at all, but I love being stubborn and i finally found a pair of bikini bottoms that fit me, Hooray!! (Please rejoice with me). Ummm... i just realised that I failed to recover this whole blog when the crash happened... oopps 2/10/2007... read more
Igreja do Carmo
Frevo Dancers
Olinda´s Graffiti

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa March 14th 2007

Hello all Pria de Pipa is yet another beach town on the northeast coast of Brazil, as like all the others it is amazing. In the old Lonely Planet it is described as a bit more upmarket Jeri. I wouldnt say that it is more up market just a bit more modernised. The weather here has been so much beter than Jeri so I have enjoyed it in that way more. After leaving Jeri we got an eight hour bus from Fortaleza to a city called Natal, from which we got a bus to here. After we got off the bus we started to walk down towards the high street when a guy called Ray showed us to a pousada, we thought that it was fine and so decided to stay there. Since then though we ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa March 8th 2007

Beautiful Beaches South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa By Liz and CristianoMarch 8th 2007Liz Reid-Baumel Next Stop Natal and the surrounding beaches. Dunes, Red Sand, tropical beaches, and aqua waters. We wouldn't recommend Natal for more than a stop off to get you to the beautiful beaches in the South of Natal. We ended up using Praia de Pipa as our home base because we fell in love with the area. The town is an international hot spot of mostly Europeans and there are many amazing beaches to explore all around P... read more
Breakfest with Macacos
Red Sand

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa December 4th 2006

28th November- 4th December Natal (meaning christmas in Portugese) is called the sun city for its golden beaches and sun. However like many brazilian beach cities, it has caved in to the populace need and erected edifices of tourism all along its shores. That said..i had a wicked time in Natal...mainly also because i partied my ass off in CARNATAL ( carnival in Natal) which just happened to coincide with my 27th BIRTHDAY!!! yeah...i was meant to be married and on my way to having kids by now! and being the only one of my siblings not married by the age of 26 (believe regrets!), i found solice in celebrating my birthday with great bunch of backpackers from all around the world. Staying at a hostel built as a castle (even the staff have to ... read more
the beautiful Yvete Singali
praia do pipa
praia do Pipa- praiai central

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa November 5th 2006

Last week I made my way down the Northeastern coast of Brazil from Natal to Recife. Traveling has occasionally been tricky, due to some bad luck with scheduling tours and my inability to speak portuguese. Tudo Bom(its all good), although Ive not seen everything I planned. There were 2 dune buggy tours that I was supposed to take to look around the 2 dozen or so beached near Natal, but unfortunately my driver never showed up for either scheduled tour. Oh well, that just left more time at the other beaches. Heres where I have been: Natal - Ponta Negra Beach. This is pretty, urban beach that has been overrun with tourist targeted commercialism (a theme common with most of my stops in the northeast). It seems this is a major area for European tourism, and ... read more
The cliffs near Pipa Beach
Ponta Negra Beach, Natal
Pipa Beach

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa August 22nd 2006

Leaving behind the modern city of Maceió I planned to catch a bus to Praia da Pipa, a hip beach town boasted as one of the coolest in the country. Again, the bus had other plans. On my Maceió-Natal bus, I had to get off at a small town an hour or so from Natal and grab a taxi to the coast. (Busses have a main route, but stop at many cities in between, or whever you ask them to drop you off on the road.) Unfortunately, we passed my stop quite early in the morning, aaaand, I slept right through it. No worries, I got to Natal and figured I´d the city before backtracking to Pipa. (It was actually cheaper this way anyway.) Natal (meaning ´Christmas´) was supposed to be a fun city with good ... read more
Hostel da Lua Cheia

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa July 22nd 2006

After a couple of days in Natal were i did a dune buggy tour and visited a fort (it sucked) i have been in Pipa another beach town which is really cool, pulled an alnighter the other night as the nightlife doesn´t erealy get going until 11.30 onwards. Am still spending way to much money and my clothes smell but waht the hell. have decided to skip Olinda due to both money restraints and the fact that i want to see hafa pretty soon, thismeans taking a 12 hour bus ride (boo). Have been habging out with some really cool people resontly two american dudes first in natal called eric and another guy in pipa called Tommy. Also met a glaswiegen girlcalled katrina who is realy nice. Bye for now dan ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa July 2nd 2006

sodeli, via en naechtliche zwueschehalt und em usscheide vo brasil, wommer hend doerfe in recife mitverfolge, simmer etz huet in pipa acho. wiedermol hemmer uf uesere fahrt dohi die tuuere prise vo de brasilianische busbetrieb doerfe gspuehre. obwohlmer noed uf natal gfahre sind und oeppe e stund fruehner usem bus sind, hemmer muesse de ganzi priis uf natal zahle. aber jo. chammer leider nuet degege mache. pipa isch e herrlichs chlises tourischte oertli, mit jeeenes vilne reschtis und pousadas. alles sehr modern und halt so wuerkli noed brasilianisch. sogar dschulechinde sind agleit wie mir europaer. isch krass. aber schoen isches do wuerkli und dstraend wos do ide umgebig het sind eifach de hammer. so hemmer do au vorallem sstrandlebe uskoschtet und sind jede tag chli go bade. spezielle am ganze sind delfin gsi, wommer i sichtiwiiti ... read more
posiere chaemmer scho guet...
und numol eis...

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa June 19th 2006

We didnt leave Jeri for another 2 days, after missing the bus we then found out that the reason people stay so long isnt purely the beauty of the place but the lack of actual buses out. So we stayed and enjoyed another few days of beach, watching the Brazil world cup game and having a lovely time. After a bus journey along the beach then a couple of buses down the coast we reach Natal, from which Pipa is a fews hours. It was a hassle free journey and before we knew it it was 10am and we were sitting on the beach awaiting the England game at 4pm. Pipa shares alot of similarities with Jeri, apart from the streets of sand are now cobbles and Pipa attracts a higher class of tourist especially in ... read more
Thomas Hasselhoff braves the waves

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa April 21st 2006

We have made it Praia de Pipa, just south of Natal and when we were told that people come here for 2 days and stay for 2 months we scoffed a little.. we intended to only stay 2 nights.. we stayed for a week!.. ! .. it would have been longer if we didnt have a time limit to get to peru!.. Pipa is a beautiful place and after wandering the main street which is a tourist mecca and our first night making buddies with the guys that run the 'Blue bar' - a cool little bar on the main strip we settled in pretty well.. the main beach in town (that can be seen from the high street above) has a great reef break that when at high tide the locals take advantage of and ... read more
Main beach in town
cool building
waiting for the bus

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