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Glen and Jo

Glen And Jo

We're going to BRAZIL!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » North Shore July 13th 2010

Hi everyone! just thought I would let you know how the fist week has gone! I was pretty shattered first few days in Auckland but glad to be around family, jenny nigel and the boys took really good care of me and i had a really nice few days with them. spent some time visiting the local beaches which are just beautiful, visited auckland, went up the sky tower, which is a massive land mark in the city, its a big tower which you can go up, it has a restaurant at the top and glass view points all the way around which look out over the city. on the way up the elevator has a glass front, which was pretty cool, but I dont mind heights and it even made my head spin a bit! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mascot July 6th 2010

Hi guys! thought one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with everyone was just to continue the blog that glen and i usually do so here i am! just to let you know i have arrived safely in sydney, very long journey, lots of travel sickness, not much sleep and my eyes are bright red now so i look like a drug abuser. dont think i travel particularly well. sydney is cold and wet and I am only five mins from the airport as i have to go back in the morning for my flights to auckland so i really dont have much to report at this stage other than that i completed the first leg successfully. missing everybody lots, i am getting a bit sick of my own company at the moment so ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa August 1st 2009

Hi all! So here we are in Pipa still, we have decided that we like it so much we will do less travelling around and stick here for a while enjoying this gorgous town. On our second day here we re-visited the same dolphin beach, this time armed with a camera to get some shots! however, as sods law would have it, we couldnt get any pictures and ended up with a couple of videos... im sure we will try again before we leave! We went out that night for tapas, at a cute little spanish restuarant, which was up a small dirt track off the main road. because of the location, not many tourists seemed to find the little gem.... in fact.. we were the only ones there. suspicious that this might not just be ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa July 28th 2009

After an 8 hour journey we arrived in a charming little seaside town that upon first inspection looked a lot more geared toward tourists than anywhere we had been so far. There is a main street that is the heart of Pipa and is approximately 2km long, we had read a good recommendation from our guide book that Pousada Xame (Pousadas are little hotel type places run by family´s) was a good place to stay. The pousada is a little off the beaten track, situated at the very top of the main street, and is therefore a bit cheaper. The place itself is very charming, it has a pool, breakfast area (all breakfasts are included), pool table, DVD area and hammocks in every free space available. Our room is very clean, has a gargantuous bed, air ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Olinda July 28th 2009

Hey all, sorry for the lack of communication but we were in a little sleepy town just outside of Recife that had no internet, no comuters and we had to walk for 25 minutes to get to the ATM! Apart from the above stated Olinda was a really pretty little town that was full of locals, seafood restaurants and typical Brazilian architecture. On our first night we were so relieved that our cards allowed us to withdraw money to pay for the overpriced taxi we had just got from the airport and once in our overpriced hostel we were tired, starving and overall hot! The latter was thoroughly welcomed and we stripped from our hoodies and jackets. After a quick refreshing wash we headed out to the seafront which was literally over the road and checked ... read more

South America July 25th 2009

HI everyone!! Sorry it has taken us so long to write the first blog, we have been very busy sightseeing and have had a few problems with hsbc.... a long story which gets my blood pressure dangerously high so i am not going to go into details. SO! we are currently in argentina where we have been staying for the past few days for the tour of iguassu. Argentina is not quite what we expected... it´s actually freeeeezing cold here. at night it gets to minus four and during the day it doesnt feel much warmer!! We are horrible tramps and have been wearing the same clothes (the only warm ones we brought) for the past week. I have actually had to layer my legging under my trousers and have been wearing an average of 4 ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan July 22nd 2008

Hi everyone, been a long while since we have blogged, but we have been busy bunnies island hopping! We last wrote when we were leaving koh tao and were going to koh pha ngan for the full moon party. The Island is really nice, a really good party atmosphere. Gorgeous beach lined with bars playing really good and really loud music. Our beach'bungalow' was more of a shed on the beach, no hot water, holes in the floor and generally not the best. Still though, it had great views and a good balcony complete with hammock. We were a 15 min jungle treck from the centre which wasnt pleasant in the dark, but otherwise we loved koh pha ngan. We beached it up first few days then decided we would get a big quad to tour ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao July 16th 2008

Hey all just a quick one to describe how much fun my dives were! It was really good that claire was here because i would have been a bit lonely with jo doing a four day course, doing 10 hours a day! She had done her open water a few years ago but never done a fun dive so it was perfect really and we buddied up. Claire had to do a refresher course which to be fair helped me get back in to things as well because she had to do some practice questions before hand. Anyway, we did our first dive at south west pinnacle which was pretty cool, it was a large rock with three pinnacles reaching heights of 20m. The visibility was really good at about 25m, there were quite a few ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao July 16th 2008

Hi Guys! Loads to catch up on from Koh tao, we've had a really busy four days, but they've been amazing! The journey to Koh Tao was god-awful. After boarding our first ferry we arrived very hot and sweaty in Krabi, where we took a small truck and then a ''vip'' bus to the ferry port. This too a good 5 hours in total, but our second bus journey passed quickly as we watched a film in a little room on the bottom floor of the coach which can only be describe as a''boudoire'' . four white leather plush sofas connected in a square around a table filled the tiny room, with TV sets mounted into the walls and swishy pink drapes around the windows. Very strange, but a pleasant change from the hard plastic seats ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don July 11th 2008

Hey guys been really busy doing nothing in phiphi. This island is so beautiful, there are no cars on the island at all and everyone is really friendly. We have absolutely loved our hotel here it is really nice. We haven't really done a lot just chilled on the beautiful beaches here, white sands, clear blue waters and it has been 30 C+ everyday. We have had a bit of rain in the evenings but still really hot. Found some really nice restaurants on the beach that do good food so we got over the disaster of the first nights 'steak' incidence. On Wednesday night we went to see some thai boxing which was definately an experience. There were 7 scheduled fights at a local bar which had a full size ring in it, it was ... read more

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