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July 25th 2009
Published: July 25th 2009
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HI everyone!!
Sorry it has taken us so long to write the first blog, we have been very busy sightseeing and have had a few problems with hsbc.... a long story which gets my blood pressure dangerously high so i am not going to go into details.
SO! we are currently in argentina where we have been staying for the past few days for the tour of iguassu. Argentina is not quite what we expected... it´s actually freeeeezing cold here. at night it gets to minus four and during the day it doesnt feel much warmer!! We are horrible tramps and have been wearing the same clothes (the only warm ones we brought) for the past week. I have actually had to layer my legging under my trousers and have been wearing an average of 4 tops a day in a bid to stay warm....
note to self.. read the forecast before packing one warm top and 6 bikinis.

The cold, however, has not detracted from what has to have been 3 of the most amazing days we have ever had! the iguassu falls are literally mind blowing... even the pictures dont do justice to them. Its hard to describe the sheer size and power of them... they are the largest in the world, spanning over 2 km, and make you feel so insignificant when you get close to them. They are situated between argentina and brazil (hence our stay in argentina). The first day we went to the brazillian side, where you have a panoramic view of the falls. They are breath taking- so huge and the scenery around them is so beautiful. as you get closer you get literally drenched by the spray from them- we got some amazing views standing just beneath them! we also visited a bird park where you can actually enter the aviary and walk in amongst the birds like a jungle. We sat right next to toucans (one actually got a little brave and started putting our feet in its beak and eating my trousers!!), got dive bombed by parrots, and went into an enclosure FULL of humming burds buzzing around our heads and in front of our faces!! (caggie you would have absolutely hated it!) it was absolutely amazing, such a surreal experience!! We were pretty tired after this so went back to the hotel for a nap before heading out in the evening.

We stupidly decided that, despite being so cold we spent the entire day shivering in our linen trousers, we should definitely go out in our shorts and a dress with leggings. I decided that seeing as my rain coat didnt match my outfit- I wouldnt wear it. Bad move. It was like walking around in a ski resort. We did find a gorgeous restaurant and had a traditional argentinian bbq for two, which they bring out on a sizzling hot plate. We recognised some of the meat, but tried it all... enevitably spitting out what we thought was either kidney or liver. We had a huge pizza on the side and a bottle of lovely argentinian red wine, which, despite both of us not being keen on red wine, we both thought was absolutely delicious, and had another bottle the night after!! we ate like absolute kings for about 20 pounds, which definitely put a smile on our faces!! (until hsbc cancelled our cards again and we had to make the remaining 20 last the rest of the trip!!)
on the second day we visited the argentinian side of the falls, which i have to say i think were my favourite. The park is lovely, and you can walk through the jungle on your way to the falls. THe first part of the waterfall we visited was called ´the devil´s throat´. This amazingly flat river suddenly, abruptly ends in a huge hole, which does literally look like the hole to hell (hence the name)! when you get closer you can see the water bubble as though its boiling, as the contents of the river spill over the cliff, some 100m down. the spray comes right back up the cliff into your face. We went right up to the edge and looked over. the feeling in your stomach is so strange. As you can´t see the river underneath it feels like you are looking into a vortex!! it sounds weird but you have to see if to believe it!!
We walked around other parts of the falls, going to the top and bottoms of some of the other waterfalls, before embarking on a river boat trip. THis took us up the river to the bottom of the falls where we were literally drenched. We then went on a tour up the river in the speed boat , before getting on a huge 4x4 open top safari car for a trip through the jungle. This was such an amazing experience, and one that we will never forget!!
All in all then an amazing few days despite the problems and near frost-bite. 😊
hope everyone is well. we are moving on this evening to the north, where we will hopefully thaw a little!! sending lots of love to everyone, would love to hear any news!
lots of love from both of us, we will let you know what we are up to in a few days, as the next place we travel to is so old fashioned it doesnt even have a bank. (probably just as well)


26th July 2009

Hi, don't worry about getting cold, you can warm up by attacking the gardening you didn't do before you left....If there is any way I can help with HSBC, then let me know. Rosie sounds to be enjoying herself in Malawi with the usual but occasional D and V notwithstanding. Not much to report, busy as usual, got too much stuff to do in too little time, but keeps me occupied. Went to a free Opera in the park at Temple Newsam last night, absolutely amazing, 50k people there. We turned up a bit late but heard some great stuff with all sorts and types of people in the audience. We downed a bottle between us and had a wonderful drive back in the Porsche with the roof down! Sadly its raining today and our long bike ride has been delayed in favoutr(!) of paperwork and accounts. I have told Josie to change or else! I do need this years accts file if you can tell me where to look, if not then will wait till you get back. Hope you manage to warm up soon Love Dad
26th July 2009

Missing you!!!
Hey back packers! Glendos how can you say you are jealous of mine and pete's pathetic attempt of a safari in a spanish zoo when you've done the real thing?! So much for HSBC the worlds most helpful bank! Let us know if we can do anything to help you. Tried ringing you on all 3 phones but no luck so let us know how you're getting on...i really need that activation pin that should have been sent to you otherwise i cant credit you! Apart from that sounds like you're having an awesome time! Hope to hear from you soon! Lots of love emzy and mudge! Missing you both lots! Mwah! x x x x x

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