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26th July 2009

Missing you!!!
Hey back packers! Glendos how can you say you are jealous of mine and pete's pathetic attempt of a safari in a spanish zoo when you've done the real thing?! So much for HSBC the worlds most helpful bank! Let us know if we can do anything to help you. Tried ringing you on all 3 phones but no luck so let us know how you're getting on...i really need that activation pin that should have been sent to you otherwise i cant credit you! Apart from that sounds like you're having an awesome time! Hope to hear from you soon! Lots of love emzy and mudge! Missing you both lots! Mwah! x x x x x
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26th July 2009

Hi, don't worry about getting cold, you can warm up by attacking the gardening you didn't do before you left....If there is any way I can help with HSBC, then let me know. Rosie sounds to be enjoying herself in Malawi with the usual but occasional D and V notwithstanding. Not much to report, busy as usual, got too much stuff to do in too little time, but keeps me occupied. Went to a free Opera in the park at Temple Newsam last night, absolutely amazing, 50k people there. We turned up a bit late but heard some great stuff with all sorts and types of people in the audience. We downed a bottle between us and had a wonderful drive back in the Porsche with the roof down! Sadly its raining today and our long bike ride has been delayed in favoutr(!) of paperwork and accounts. I have told Josie to change or else! I do need this years accts file if you can tell me where to look, if not then will wait till you get back. Hope you manage to warm up soon Love Dad
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9th July 2008

Hey hey again!
Hey you two! No latest chapter to the book today hey? That's ok, hopefully its cos you've been too busy chilling and site seeing :-D. And altho im not too sure about the fried mars bar i'd definately give it a try (you know me...anything with chocolate in it! Haha) Ok i'll keep it short...Love ya's! Bye for now, emzy x x x
6th July 2008

Hey you guys!!
Hey you two!!! Sounds like you're having quite an adventure! You'll have to do it all again next year with me and weet! Haha. But we really do hope you're enjoying yourselves and making the most of it. Missing ya's and looking forward to your next blog entry :-) love em and pete x x x p.s. Just incase you didn't know...IM SOOOO JEALOUS YOU'VE RIDDEN AN ELEPHANT!!! x x x
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