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Being a travel completist became the nature of the whole exercise in the wake of a truly comprehensive travel history, and a recent world tour, and the lure of South America proved to be too strong to be able to resist, so resist I didn't, and was heading for Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, the first point on the 2-nation South American itinerary. Santa Cruz came across as a substantial urban zone with a scattering of features which would really make it seem like an unacknowledged place on an offbeat traveller's world itinerary. The hub of all activity is more than likely 24th of September square, where the cathedral is located, along with a few urban features of note, from which you may gain your bearings, and head off further into the urban zone ... read more
Amboro National Park
The Salt Flats of Uyuni
La Paz

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz October 26th 2022

While Bolivia is much closer than Uganda it has been a challenge to actually get there. There is only one airline: Bolivian Air that regularly flies into the country. I would best describe them as Spirit Airlines of South America. My flight left out of Miami, but from a tired old terminal I had never been to before. i had an overnight flight to Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia at 3.3M residents. I arrived at 5:00am and proceeded to get a Visa ($160 USD for Americans) and clear customs. I then had a 12 hour layover until the next flight. My original plan was to get the luggage checked back in and head into town to see the sites. But, there are currently protests going on in Santa Cruz making it very difficult to ... read more
Road Blocks
Road Blocks
Road Blocks

Suzanne here... Back in Santa Cruz, it was a relatively short walk to our hotel, the Backpacker Apart and Suites. It was fine. Clean and bright with very friendly staff. The only drawback was a pitiful shower. We went staight out to grab some lunch, keen to try Alexander's where we'd had coffee and cake at other branches before. This one proved to be miles out of town, and the food wasn't even that great tbh. Still, it was ok and did the job of giving us the energy to explore the town. I'll admit this didn't take long, but it is quite nice. After a wander, and freshening up at the hotel, came the most important decision of our day, where to have dinner. We were not bowled over by our choices so decided to ... read more
The main Plaza
Around the main Plaza
Around the main Plaza - Cathedral

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz September 16th 2016

Fünfter Rundbrief: Zweite Etappe Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia Nachdem ich aus Brasilien zurück nach Santa Cruz gekommen bin, erwartete mich eine neue Etappe mit der Kirche meiner Freunde, die ich im November schon besucht hatte. Ein Projekt, das ihre Kirche hat heisst Radical Bolivia und dient dazu dass sich Menschen für die Evangelisation begeistern und in ihren Kirchen sich einbringen können. Deshalb organisieren meine Freunde einmal im Jahr – im März – ein Wochenende, wo sie Begeisterte auf spielerische Art schulen in Evangelisation, Teamarbeit und vieles mehr. Denn ganzen März durch gingen wir als Team in verschiedenen Kirchen dieses Projekt vorzustellen, um neue Menschen dafür zu begeistern. An unserem Ausbildungswochenende hatten wir zum Abschluss einen Evangelisationsanlass geplant, um das Praktische anzuwenden. Diese Anlasse geschahen immer am 3... read more
Radicales 2016
Kinder unterrichten
Englischunterricht in "Las Pampitas"

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz December 14th 2015

Dritter Reisebericht aus Bolivien Durch ihn hat Gott alles erschaffen, was im Himmel und auf der Erde ist. Er machte alles, was wir sehen, und das, was wir nicht sehen koennen, ob Koenige, Reiche, Herrscher oder Gewalten. Alles ist durch ihn und fuer ihn erschaffen. Kolosser 1,16 Schon wieder sind knappe zwei Monate vergangen und ich durfte viele schoene Erlebnisse sammeln, die ich mit euch teilen moechte. Als Erstes bedanke ich mich von Herzen fuer alle eure Gebete. Meine Dankbarkeit laesst sich nicht in Worte fassen. Moege Gott euch dafuer segnen und beschenken. Ende Oktober war ich fuer eine Woche in Arequipa. Es war eine emotional schwierige Zeit. Viele Von euch wissen, dass ich dort fuer ein Jahr gelebt hatte. Danach kehrte ich drei Mal zurueck. Hatte auch einen peruanischen Freund an diesem Ort. Oft dachte ... read more
Freunde in Arequipa

So, here I am now in Santa Cruz in Bolivia since 7 days and all I have done is rest. I can honestly say that the last two weeks were very interesting as I nearly met the Grim Reaper in person. You might think that this is an exaggeration, but believe me it is not! More to that later and lets continue where I finished off on the last update. After visiting the Jesuits ruins in Encarnacion and my arrival in Asunción there was really not much to do. I only spent another day in Asunción as it was my third time there and, while it is a pleasant city, there is really not much to do. So I just sat back and made my plans for the next 4 weeks. My plan was to go ... read more
On the way to Filadelfia
Cantina on the way to Filadelfia
Bus to Filadelfia

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz December 6th 2014

There is one word to describe the Bolivian train network - bloody fantastic. Ok that's two words annnnnd that's based purely on our experience which was different judging by various reviews and blogs we read. We have traveled on both lines first from Uyuni to the Argentinian border in May 2014 and then in September 2014 we traveled from Santa Cruz to the Brazilian border. We'd read a number of notices and blogs describing the service as poor, delayed, unrealisable, prone to last minute cancellations and it has the rather unattractive name of The Death Train. We, however, had a very different experience on both lines and really couldn't recommend the services enough. In this blog I will be writing about our trip on the train between Santa Cruz and Corumba, Brazil. We were in Santa ... read more
Expreso Oriental

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz October 28th 2014

24. Oktober, Cochabamba - Buena Vista - Santa Cruz Morgens um 5:30 Uhr hat uns Mazedonia, unser Guide in Toro Toro, im Hostel abgeholt. Er, sein Bruder und die beiden Freundinnen mussten an eine Hochzeit nach Santa Cruz, weshalb er angeboten hat, uns nach Santa Cruz mitzunehmen. Auf dem 450 km langen Weg haben wir diverse Stopps gemacht: Morgenessen am Strassenrand, Besuch in einem Eco-Park in der Nähe von Villa Tunari, Mittagessen in einem Fischrestaurant entlang der Strasse nach Santa Cruz, Zvieri in einem Städtchen unterwegs, Besuch und Degustation in der schweizer Käserei in Bueno Vista. Die bolivianischen Mitreisenden fanden die Käserei und den Käse faszinierend, denn sie kennen den gelagerten Käse gar nicht. Wir sind spät Abends nach ca. 11 h reiner Fahrzeit im Hostel Loro Loco ohne Reservation angekommen. Wenigstens hatten sie ein Bett ... read more
Jesuiten Missionen 2
Jesuiten Missionen 3
Jesuiten Missionen 4

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz September 3rd 2014

Our Arrival We arrived at the new terminal in Santa Cruz at 7:40am from Sucre. The new terminal is next to the train station on Avenue Brasil and Avenue Intermodal. We walked into the centre of town which took 35 mins to get to the square. Where We Stayed Alojamiento Santa Barbara - Bs. 70 for a double room with shared bathroom. There were hot showers even though they aren't necessary in the heat and wifi in the reception area. Rooms were set around a courtyard. On Santa Barbara street in between Junin and Florida. What We Did Went up the Cathedral tower in the main square - Bs. 3 each. The tower isn't that high but you can see the mechanism that rings the bells. VISITED LOMAS DE ARENA Some sand dunes near the town. ... read more
The sand dunes
On top of the dunes
Sunrise from the bus to La Paz

South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz November 22nd 2013

Geo: -17.7888, -63.1974...I remember, a coup;e years back...Santa Cruz had been labeled "the cheapest cost-of-living-city on earth"...Interesting indeed, I had planned to arrive here in 2008...I didn't make it, why? Not sure...Back than I was planning to move to Latin America on a more permanent basis and was looking for a place to open up my tent...Anyway...I made it now...What can I say...A few words...A friendly indeed...Comfy place to stay...Wonderful food, not the typical cuisine you may be used to in the Andes...We are not in the Andes...we are in the tropical rain forest and everything good and bad that comes with it...Short and precise to the point...I did like my stay here...This time I was on a mission...Getting to Santiago de Chile... Buy a nice motorcycle... ... read more
Taca landing from Lima, flight was empty...
Once gain the garden of that comfortable home
The street scene in front of my home

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