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Where Llamas are the Kings of Rock & Roll. It is dusk when we arrive. Takya Hotel de Piedra aka The Hotel of Rock. Mountain peak overlooking us...village next to the Salar below. Sometimes ya gotta play the right music...before you get your socks off. A teenage girl lets us in...massive bedroom...the silence of corridors in the middle of nowhere. No other tourists. We are yet again the only guests. In high season this place would be pumping. For over three days now we haven't seen another tourist...not one!!! I wander among the rock ruins of the burnt village behind...a stone tower...the bleet of sheep in a deep rocky pen...llamas settling for the night further up...sunset descending in orange and red. We are near the Chilean border. When Chile invaded last time, they burnt the village. ... read more
Llamas are the Kings of Rock & Roll
Llamas are the Kings of Rock & Roll
Llamas are the Kings of Rock & Roll

Following the Dakar Rally Part 4...Coral Castles in the Sky. The most vivid colours I have ever seen were in St Crispin's Reef...part of the outer reef of the Great Barrier Reef...about 24 miles off the coast of northern Queensland. Snorkeling while hovering over a giant clam...flashes of the brightest richest purple fringed with red as it concertinaed it's serrated shell while blowing bursts of bubbles at me...corals in vivid oranges, reds, whites and yellows...seaweed in flashing spectrums darting in and about. That was at sea level...or a tad below. Some years later we are driving through the Altiplano of Bolivia ...about 3,600 or more metres above sea level...about to climb a coral castle in the sky. We were in a fossilized coral reef...uplifted by the Andes mountains...coral everywhere. Blew my mind I gotta say. ... read more
Coral Castles in the Sky
Dakar Rally Llica 2015
Flying Saucers over the Salar

Following the Dakar Rally Part 3: Walking on water...Sunset over the Salar. In the legend Volcan Thunupa began to cry white milky tears that flooded the plain and formed the Uyuni salt flats when they dried. That was eons ago. Thunupa was laughing as we awoke at 7 a.m...laughing so hard its tears were falling as rain...lightning flashing around us...our ascent of Thunupa looking particularly bleak. Then as we climbed, the volcano emerges through the clouds...the Salar glistening as a mirror...angry grey clouds having dumped their own tears as rain...filling the Salar like a Venus fly trap enticing flies. Like flies we were drawn to it as dusk fell...a light show like no other...four sunsets and lightning exploding simultaneously over the flooded Salar. If there is anything that would draw us back to Bolivia...gotta be that. ... read more
Oh my!
Sunset over the Salar
Sunset over the Salar

Following the Dakar Rally Part 2...The Mummies of Volcan Thunupa. We are traveling the highest altitude plateau areas on Earth other than Tibet. Like Tibet the people here are tough...wild dark eyes...smiles of an inner knowledge...landscapes with a wow factor like an oil painting punctured with mountain peaks. While in Tibet the mountains can be sharp and lance the Bolivia there are volcanoes...and we are going to climb one. Its name is Thunupa...the Amaya god of lightning and volcanoes. I dream of Anak Krakatoa, the island volcano in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra that we reached in monstrous seas and torrential rain...the sun opening the clouds as we approached ...smoke from the cone puffing a welcome or was it a warning? My boots sinking in deep cinder sand every step as we climbed ... read more
Volcan Thunupa
Chullpa's Mummy
Millions of rocks

Du 2 au 5 avril 2016 - On s'excuse pour ce post un peu long...mais c'est à la mesure de ce que nous avons vu ! Un moment fort du voyage ! Marie Des paysages de lacs, de déserts et de volcans plein de contrastes, des milliers de flamands roses, de lamas et de vigognes, des sites de l'ordre du fantastique à nos yeux d'Européens ... Voilà pourquoi la région du sud-est de la Bolivie est parcourue chaque jour par des centaines de 4×4, seul moyen d'y accéder par des pistes en terre. Afin d'éviter de rencontrer trop de monde, nous décidons de commencer notre excursion de Tupiza et non de Uyuni comme il est plus classique. C'est donc vraiment impatients que nous montons à bord d'un 4x4 plus très jeune mais qui paraît heureusement robuste ... read more

Le désert le plus Aride du monde.. où la pluie nous attends à l’arrivée! Tempête de sable à l’horizon, on ne campera pas! Vallée de Mars, Vallée de la lune… des paysages qui portent bien leurs noms dans une région plébiscitée par la NASA pour ses essais. Mais on n’a encore rien vu. 2 jours plus tard, après avoir bien profité de San Pedro d’Atacama, ses Cabalgatas et ses Paysages de western d’une autre Galaxie, on embarque pour un tour de Quatre jours à Uyuni en 4x4 (Salar et Sur Lipez): Geyser à 5000m, Lagunes aux milles couleurs, Flamant Roses, llamas, lever de soleil sur le salar; c’est un des plus beaux endroits que l’on a jamais vu O_o Pas de mots pour décrire cette beauté… Les photos en diront plus, bien qu’elles ne peuvent pas ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 16th 2016

Bolivia 4x4 Adventure: Going to Bolivia for an American is not exactly easy. For some reason the American government doesn’t like the Bolivian government and they make it difficult for Bolivians to come to America. Thus, the Bolivians make it hard for us to come to Bolivia. You can, you just have to pay $160 USD, provide 2 passport photos, a yellow fever card, proof of hotel reservations and full itinerary. Yeah, a bit different than going to Europe, huh? I wasn’t about to let this scare me away though. I did a lot of research and I was a bit worried that I didn’t have my yellow fever card with me, but I had the money and the photos so I wasn’t too concerned. Bolivia was not on our original honeymoon itinerary. This came up ... read more

One more day till Buenos Aires, yay! Well…hopefully. I made a semi-stupid mistake. Just lack of planning, really. I assumed that there would be a boat load of flights from huge international airport, La Paz and huge international airport, Buenos Aires. This just in: there isn’t. Not past 8am at least. I should’ve done Death Road and Salar de Uyuni back to back as soon as I arrived in La Paz like I originally planned. But no, I got suckered into exploring the “beautiful” city, La Paz, for a day with the girls. Now, the only relatively short flight (seven hours total) leaves at 8am. This would normally be fine, but I supposedly get back from my Salar de Uyuni tour at 7am. This leaves me exactly one hour to get to the airport before the ... read more
Abandoned Train
Salt Life

Fuck Bolivia. Fuck Bolivia. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I’ve had it with this country! The bus that was to leave at 7pm still hasn’t left. It is approaching 9pm! I am going to miss my flight because of boulders!! But more on that later... Getting here was a nightmare too. Red Planet’s plan was to drop me off “where the bus will be stationed” at 6:30pm. Great. Nope — I’m in Bolivia. We get there and there is no bus stop. Not even a bench, hell — not even a paved section! Their plan was to literally drop me off, by myself, on the side of the highway. Drop me with the instructions of, “Don’t worry, the bus will be here.” I turn red. “Are you joking me?! You’re going to leave me here, stranded, on the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni November 30th 2015

Other worldly is how we would describe our tour through Salar de Uyuni, the salt flats of Southern Bolivia. We ended our stay in Bolivia with an amazing three day trip through some of the most spectacular terrain either of us has ever scene. From the white vistas on the salt flats to the blues, greens and reds of the lagoons, we were on a sensory overdose that kept us high throughout our final days in Bolivia. From there we would cross over the sandy boarder into chile for the next part of our Journey. Like we've done so many times before, we hopped on an overnight bus to Uyuni which is the starting point of all the salt tours going from north to south. When our bus finally stopped it was 4 am and our ... read more
Our Bolivia mommy

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