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Muy buenos dias, After making it to Tupiza in Bolivia it only took us the afternoon to book our trip to Uyuni, the biggest salt lake on the planet, in a 4x4 Jeep. Our friends for the trip would be Alpe and Lisana from Turkey and Holland with whom we would share the 4 available seats. The pictures will speak for themselves better than I can describe our adventure throughout dry deserts, amazing rock formations, colored lakes, Geisers and finally the out of this world white salt desert of Uyuni. Enjoy the pics read more
Tupiza rock formations
Quebrada de Palala
Quebrada de Palala

12/03 to 18/03/13 - Tupiza - Salar de Uyuni We started our tour for Salar de Uyuni: 4 days trip / 3 nights with Alessandro Adventure Travel. We paid a bit more than through other agencies but the difference was in the fact that we weren't following other fellow travelers or at the same place than other jeeps. The places we went to were incredible and the landscape was always changing. 1st day: We started a 8.00am. We were 2 couples in the Jeep, our guide and driver Zolando and our great cook Noemie. We pass through the Valley El Sillar with natural red rock formation, San Antonio Ruins which is a nice place made of stone and used to be a miners villages, we saw the Morejon lake at 4850m about see level and spend ... read more
Park Avaroa
Park Avaroa
Park Avaroa

This is a reproduction of a blog entry I deleted by mistake. The next morning we were picked up from the hostels for our pre arranged tour. The vehicle was a Toyota Luxus 4x4. After doing a rond of Uyuni we headed of to the cemetery of trains. This appears to be one of the standard destinations of the tour. There were a lot of train engines, most of them corroding away, not surprising that slat flats were not far away. If you are interested in trains it will be an interesting place to visit but for me it was an indication of the state of railways in Bolivia. As in most of South and Central America the age of trains seems to have passed. Most routes have been taken over by buses or more recently ... read more
Salar de Uyuni1
Salar de Uy uni2
Salar de Uyuni3

Highs: Sunset over the valley of the moon. Perfectly mirrored lakes. Moonset over the Salar de Uyuni Lows: Our tour group changing plans in Spanish and not telling us (despite speaking perfect English). Mild altitude sickness. Having to spend 2 nights in Uyuni. Food: 2x steak, chips, salad and rice with 2L of coke for less than 4 quid. EMPANADA WATCH: Probably the best empanadas of the trip so far were from San Pedro, with rich cheese, fresh tomato and Basil - num! Blog: Our journey to San Pedro de Atacama was perhaps our most epic. The first bus to Santiago, crossing the Chilean border was a mere 6 hours. Probably the most scenic bus journey we slept through! We managed to then get an onward bus from Santiago to San Pedro that same day, a ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 19th 2013

Naktį kas valandą bėgioju į tualetą, bet ryte atsikėlęs jaučiuosi kurkas geraiu nei vakar ir ištiesų jaučiuosi pailsėjęs. Papusryčiavę laukiam dar porą valandų kol tvarkomas mūsų džipas kuris man nuo pirmų valandų nekelia didelio pasitikėjimo. Bet gamta graži, tad nieko prieš palaukti nedideliame kaimelyje. Džipas pataisomas iki patenkinamos būklės ir važiuojam iki pirmosios lagunos kur pirmą kartą pamatau laisvėje gyvenančius flamingus. Pabandom arčiau prie jų prieiti, bet jie nuskrenda. Vaizdai aplink fantastiški, aplink kalnai, augmenija labai nyki nes aukštis visur apie 4km. Aplankom dar kelias lagunas, bei mėgaujamės vaizdais pro džipo langą. Privažiuojam nacionalinio parko teritoriją, čia papildomai dar reik susimokėti apie 70 litų. Įvažiuojam į parką, ir visai čia pat apsistojam iki vakaro. Papietaujam, bet iki saulėlydžio dar ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni February 19th 2013

Keliamės dar prieš patekant saulei, papusryčiaujam, pasitinkam saulę ir važiuojam tolyn. Pakylam dar šiek tiek aukščiau, aplink pasirodo sniegas. Netrukus privažiuojam geizerius. Nieko panašaus savo akim nesu matęs, iš žemės veržiasi karšti garų kamuoliai. Priėjus arčiau galima matyti kaip žemėje kunkuliuoja vanduo. Aplink matosi daugybė vulkanų su apsnigtomis viršūnėmis. Pasigrožim geizeriais apie pusvalandį ir važiuojam toliau. Sustojam prie karšto vandens srovių kur galima išsimaudyti. Sušokam į karštą vandenį, tuo tarpu vairuotojas vieną bendrakeleivį nuveža iki Čilės pasienio iš kur jis toliau keliaus į San Pedro de Atacama. Karšto dušo neturėjau beveik savautę laiko, tad šitas karšto vandens baseinas tikra atgaiva. Tai jau paskutinis mūsų ekskursijos etapas, iš čia ilga gelionė atgal į Uyuni. Aš su olandu juokingu vardu Freek... read more

I was told I couldn't get to Bolivia from San Pedro because the salar was completely flooded AND strikes and protests were blocking entrance. But when I got to SP I was told that that was yesterday and its all good now. The salt desert was under a foot of water but it was still gorgeous. I could say a lot, but some things are more amazing than words can describe.... read more
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni December 18th 2012

We've been back almost 3 weeks now - been putting off finishing the blogs. But the story must be told! So at last it is time for the second installment of our Tupiza-Uyuni tour, this covers day 3 and 4. First stop of day 3 was the "arbol de piedra" (tree of stone). I think you can see where it gets its name: The stone tree was off limits for climbing, but all the surrounding rocks had some nice bouldering opportunities. The cold and high altitude were an issue though, my fingers and lungs were hurting after scrambling up a few rocks. The next hour or so of driving was pretty barren, save for a few vicuñas and emu things (whatever they are called). It... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni December 16th 2012

Our 4 day, 3 night offroad tour was so epic it deserves two blogs. This is the first installment, covering days 1 and 2. The adventure started in Tupiza at 8am, where we met the other two travellers who would be sharing our vehicle for the next 4 days. It turned out they were a nice irish couple who were also on their honeymoon. The vehicle was a toyota landcruiser, and we later found out that every single tour agency all use landcruisers. They call them Jeeps though, so I will too. Our driver Mario spoke little english but he spoke very slow and simple Spanish that we were all able to understand. We were glad we saved the $20 each for the english speaking guide option. With the introductions made, we threw our big bags ... read more

The decision to go to Bolivia was pretty last minute. As in until 1 week ago, we were not going there! However after chatting to various people and researching further into what we were going to do in South America, we decided to go for it! As we mentioned before, there are mixed stories about people's experiences of the tours of the salt flats, so with everything crossed, we booked the best reviewed company we could find and hoped for the best! We were picked up in a bus in the morning with 12 people on board, this meant that because it was 6 to a jeep, we were looking at full jeeps for the rest of the ride. Because we were crossing desert and salt flats, four wheel drive is basically the only way to ... read more
more mineral mountains
last lagoon of the day
beautiful red lagoon

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