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Réveil au milieu de la nuit, dur ! Mais notre excitation nous aide à pallier notre manque de sommeil. La jeep nous emmène au pied du volcan Licancabur que nous commençons à grimper à 3h du matin sous un superbe ciel étoilé. Jusqu'au lever du soleil, la difficulté de l'ascension réside surtout dans le manque de lumière et les appuis hasardeux, sur une pente très caillouteuse. Au bout de 3h30 de montée, les choses sérieuses commencent, et le froid n'aide pas ! Heureusement, un magnifique lever du soleil rend les choses les choses plus faciles, et c'est finalement au bout de 5h que nous parvenons en haut du volcan, à plus de 5900m d'altitude : vue incroyable sur tous les sommets environnants, ainsi que sur les Lagunas Blanca et Verde, le tout à la lumière du ... read more
Lever du soleil depuis le volcan Licancabur

Remote, Touristy Uyuni Yikes--I had only five days left on my Bolivian visa! Time to leave La Paz, Bolivia's capital (the highest in the world) and head to remote Uyuni for a tour of one of the country's highlights--the Salar de Uyuni. Barring another Bolivian roadblock or problems with the tour jeep, I would be deposited at the Chilean border on August 15, the last day of my visa--ah, life on the edge. In La Paz, I boarded a sweltering bus full of locals to ugly Oruro where I had a long layover before boarding my freezing, budget compartment on the Wara Wara del Sur train that chugged me to Uyuni at 3 am. Fortunately, the hotel I wanted was a short walk away and had a duvet on my bed. At 3700 mts/12,000 ft, Uyuni ... read more
Rare James Flamingo, one of three types on the lakes
an artificial geyser, one of several used to generate energy
salt flat hexagons to the horizon

With sore muscles we never knew we had, from the horseriding, we jumped into a 4x4 jeep with two ozzies, a cook, and a guide and started our 4 day trip covering the south of Bolivia which on day 4 we end up at Salar de Uyuni. Day 1 The first day was spent mostly in the jeep covering as much distance as possible - we climbed and climbed and looked down the sheer drops of the rugged landscape which was more like dessert than what we imagined from Bolivia- which was rainforest...We all had our first of many "baños naturales" experiences (going to the toilet outside, without ANY cover), and saw lots of llamas, alpacas, deer and birds. We stayed in rooms in a remote village which was up high and met the rest our ... read more
View of the thermal bath
Thermal bath time
Volcan Licancabur which is at 5,916 metres

Ola a todos, Apres le VTT et notre dernier jour a la Paz, nous sommes partis le soir en bus en direction de Uyuni, ville de passage necessaire car on y passe pour aller au Salar d'Uyuni. Nous allions, sans le savoir, decouvrir l'un des plus beaux paysages que nous avions jamais vu.. A l'heure ou nous ecrivons ces lignes, nous venons de terminer notre visite du Salar d'Uyuni, endroit vraiment magique de par les paysages rencontres : couches et leves de soleil sur une mer de sel, je vous laisse imaginer. Nous avons vadrouille pendant 2 jours et une nuit sur ce lieu mythique. Pour decrire l'endroit, ce n'est pas facile, les photos parlent d'elles-memes. Emn gros, c'est 14000km2 de sel, donc totalement blanc, plat, cela pourrait ressembler a une mer blanche, completement immobile et ... read more

I arrived in Tupiza with Mariano and a couple of Italians we had met at the border. It was immediately apparent my money would go a lot further in Bolivia, as we managed to find a hostel with beds for 25 Bolivianos per night (around £2.50)! We went out for dinner as a group and it was clear my Spanish had a long way to go, as I could barely follow the conversation. Although my main reason for being in Tupiza was to book a tour to Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat, I found the town pleasant and friendly. I spent a good few hours exploring the Valle de los Machos, which was walkable from town, and saw the rock formations "Canyon del Inca" and "Puerta del Diablo". Tupiza was also a place ... read more
Salar de Uyuni tour - day 2
Salar de Uyuni tour - day 2
Salar de Uyuni tour - day 4

Update - Now with photos! _____________________________________ Readers, Tuesday and Wednesday we got into the swing of things. We saw active volcanoes, Chilean mountains, flamingoes, geysers, and washed off the grit from the long drive in natural hot springs. We gained a sense of comraderie with our Irish car mates as well as the Brits and Americans in the other car along for the trip. We drank cheap beer together, took hundreds of photos (or at least I did, and when the Euros tired, they played hackey sack). We ate friend chicken and tolerated Illacio's music when our ipods died. When the second night got as cold as -20c we hunkered down under seven layers of blankets, 6 twin beds in the room with only 3 occupied by the respective couples trying to beggar their significant other's ... read more
Our Attempt at Perspective Photos pt 1
Mike on a Beer Can...
Me pushing some beer cans...

Driving at dawn across the worlds largest salt pan known as Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia Before leaving Luton, we had never heard of this vast expanse of iconic salts, but during out time in Ecuador and Peru, it was clear that we had to listen to the whisperings from other travellers. The result was a 4-wheel drive adventure into the heart of the Bolivian high altitude plateaus, culminating in the dawn safari on Salar de Uyuni. Go if you love driving across remote tundra with the potential of meeting no other vehicles all day Go if you love the idea of running at dawn on the intense white crustacean that stretches into the distant horizon Go if you love the chance to find where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid supposedly m... read more

Greetings Readers, Jess here! I have been tasked with the daunting job of documenting our three day trip to the southwest corner of Bolivia - the magnificent salt flats, colored lagoons, erupting volcanoes, deep canyons made of metamorphic rock, flamingoes, llamas, christian easy listening, and drunk park wardens. The scenery I think is better conveyed through photos, but I will share a couple humourous anecdotes of our voyage. We took the "princess express" to Uyuni - as in, we flew. The other alternative was a 12 hour overnight bus in subzero temperatures. Cheaper, yes. But definitely a waste of time and definitely not safe. So we forked over the $150 and enjoyed a pleasant 45 minute flight into the ghost town of Uyuni. We visited 3 tour operators to decide which one to use. We ruled ... read more
Another attempt for a perspective shot
My favorite shot

Hi everyone ! Sorry for being so slack lately! So we did the Salt Flats through Bolivia which where amazing! We started the drive in Uyni, a small town which at the time of our stay had no electricity – which was interesting. Also when they said they hadn’t had electricity for three days, choosing what would be safe to eat at Bolivian restaurants was even more difficult than normal! The town is just one tour agency after another, and they all do the same thing. You go in a 4 wheel drive car, with generally 6 people max. First stop is the old train graveyard, with rusted trains just left there, and you get to climb all over them (safe im sure). Then you drive to the actual Salt Flats which ... read more

The last blog was a long one, so i will keep this one brief, and beef it up with photo's... We are granted a sleep in until 6.30 on day 3, but it is still bitterly cold when we leave the homestay. Shortly after leaving we arrive at the Arbol de Piedra, the petrified forest. It is not a petrified forest, but a cluster of large volcanic rocks in the middle of the desert that had been spewed out by a volcano millions of years ago. Soon after we reach Laguna Hondas and find that is completely frozen over, even though it is 100's of metres wide. There are still some brave (or stupid) flamingos walking on the ice hoping that it will melt and provide them with a feed. Next is another lagoon, Laguna Negra, ... read more
Natural Bano!
Arbol de Piedra
Flamingos on ice covered lagoon

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