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South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca December 22nd 2014

Après une soirée de "despedida" avec les collègues puis entre amis, arrosée de chicha, je pars pour l'Argentine. Direction Buenos Aires où je passe le week-end avec Clémence. Séjour tranquille et plutôt sympa mais j'avoue ne pas avoir été très emballée par la ville, très occidentalisée. Dépaysement zéro ! Mais ça m'a fait plaisir de voir Clémence, et c'était principalement pour ça que j'étais venue. Ensuite, je suis allée passer quelques jours avec Martin et Thibault que j'avais connu à Cochabamba, à Mar del Plata située en bord de mer. Au programme, plage, ballade, soirée, et tartiflette réalisée avec Thibault (un grand succès auprès du public argentin !). Puis, je prend le bus pour le Nord de l'Argentine, destination Jujuy. Trajet interminable, le bus déjà parti très en retard, a eu un accident avec une voiture. ... read more
cerro 7 colores
pucara 2

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca April 27th 2014

Hola para la ultima vez (para ahora). Viajamos para tres dias en dos paises ir a las montañas en el norte oeste de Argentina. Nuestras corazones fueron en nuestras gargantas! After three days of bussing, we found ourselves in the northwestern corner of Argentina, exploring the many beautiful rock formations of the Andean Mountains and the Atacama Desert. We also found ourselves at several thousand metres above sea level too, making the vistas that much more "breathtaking"! We spent the last week of this trip in the Quebrada de Humahuaca region and enjoyed the area very much. Many small villages line the valley and it was Semana Santa (Holy Week or Easter) so the whole area was abuzz with festivities! We stayed fairly low-key and opted to spend most of the time hiking in the mighty, ... read more
Shadows on the salt flats
Group shot on Las Salinas Grandes
The edge of the saltlake

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca February 9th 2013

Aujourd’hui, on continue d’explorer le nord et les villages de la Quebrada de Humahuaca qui mènent jusqu’en Bolivie. Beaucoup plus large que Quebrada de las Conchas, et avec des teintes de couleurs magnifiques sur les roches, mais il m’a moins impressionnée, peut-être parce qu’il est moins sauvage ? Ce ne sera pas une visite classique car aujourd’hui est le 2ème jour du carnaval et ça met une pagaille monstre sur la route et dans les villages tellement les gens se rassemblent pour célébrer dès le début d’après-midi jusque tôt le matin. Enfin, nous arrivons quand même à visiter l’église de Uquia, caractéristique pour ses peintures d’anges arquebusiers, ça fait bizarre. Puis nous traversons la ligne imaginaire du tropique du Capricorne (monument pyramidal moche comme tout). Puis nous faisons une longue halte à Humahuaca at 3800 mètres ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca September 21st 2012

We awoke this morning to a beautiful crisp day knowing that although we were once more packing and leaving at least we would only be in the car for some of the day. We had driven as high as we were going to go yesterday to get here, 4170 metres, and we were glad to be back where the air was thick and breathing was easy. We were also excited to see Permurmarca by day and to check out the local market. Purmamarca is reasonably close to the big city of Jujuy which makes it well frequented by tourists. The market caters to the tourists and is far from authentic. The main wares are blankets and clothes with traditional designs. The colour was a feast to the eyes after the grey of San Antonio and the ... read more
The hill of seven colours

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca October 25th 2010

Wir haben nur drei Stunden geschlafen, da um 05:30 Uhr schon unser Bus vom Terminal abfährt. Bis zum Abend wollen wir an der Grenze zu Bolivien sein. Auf dem Weg dorthin fahren wir durch die Quebrada de Humahuaca, einem Canyon in den Anden, dessen Gesteinsformationen im Sonnenlicht in den unterschiedlichsten Farben leuchten. Wir verlassen den Bus in Tilcara, einem alten Inkadorf, das archäologisch und touristisch sehr wertvoll sein soll. Ausserdem befindet sich dort auf einer Anhöhung ein Monument zu Ehren der Entdecker des Dorfes. Von dort oben hat man einen fantastischen 360 Grad Panoramablick auf den Canyon. Danach fahren wir weiter bis zum Ort Humahuaca, wo wir ebenfalls nochmal die herrliche Aussicht geniessen. Wir befinden uns bereits auf 2.500 m Seehöhe. Doch landschaftlich merkt man noch gar nichts von dieser Höhe, alles ist sehr flach, nur ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca August 7th 2010

After leaving the city of Salta, I caught a bus to Jujuy, 90km to the north and the capital of the most northwestern province in Argentina (also called Jujuy). The province, as well as having the most difficult name to pronounce in the country, borders Bolivia, to where I will shortly be crossing, as well as Chile. The main attractions in the province of Jujuy are located outside of the city of Jujuy (known as San Salvador de Jujuy to avoid confusion), so I only spent a couple of hours in the city before continuing on to my next proper stop of Tilcará. But I had time to have a quick look at the city - definitely not as nice as Salta, and definitely the poorest city in Argentina I’ve seen. The city centre was nice ... read more
The gorge in Tilcara
The gorge in Tilcara
The gorge in Tilcara

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca April 10th 2010

It takes seven colours Pink Purple Yellow Orange Red Brown Green to shape an astonishing landscape. At a height of 3000m in the North of Argentina you get a first impression on what Bolivia might be like. You can feel the influence of the Andean peoples, their culture and traditions. Thanks again to my friends Shirly and Yaniv for sharing their pictures with me!... read more
and incredible views
at 3000m height in Humahuaca
note: jumping at 3000m height makes you breathless

Our first stop in north west Argentina was the MAAM (Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana) museum in Salta that houses the mummified remains of 3 young children, who were sacrificed to the Inca gods. It was a fascinating exhibition which dealt with the uncomfortable issue of human sacrifice in a very delicate and informative way. From Salta we went 4 hours north to the small town of Tilcara. Tilcara is a quiet town surrounded by striped mountains and a few nice restaurants, so served as the idea base as we explored the surrounding area. The day after arriving in Tilcara we took a local bus to the village of Purmamarca and spent the day walking around the nearby hills to find the best view of the Cerro de los Siete Colores (hill of seven colours), ... read more
The hill of seven colours, Purmamarca
The road up and over the mountains to Salinas Grandes
Walking on the Salinas Grandes

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca March 18th 2009

The choice at Mendoza was to head south to Patagonia or head north to deserts and mountains. Having been to New Zealand and seen lots of beautiful lakes and mountains, I decided to take a chance on north and headed to Salta. The main draw for me were the salt flats, Salinas Grandes. Most people go to Solar de Uyuni in Bolivia, which is the largest salt flats in the world and the photos look amazing. I've met a lot of people who've been there and I'm very jealous, in fact I'm regretting not going to Bolivia, you can't go everywhere I suppose - next time. Anyway, I had settled on the inferior salt flat, which was still great, but I also stumbled upon some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. Salta itself is ... read more
Salinas Grandes
Me on top of a giant bottle
Cerro de Siete Colores

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Quebrada de Humahuaca February 20th 2009

Today we took a bus to a town high up in the mountains for the day...we ended up at around 11,000 feet in the village of Humahuaca. The bus ride took us up the Quebreda or canyon of Humahuaca for a couple hours. The whole canyon is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The colors and rock formations are beautiful...Some parts look like Sedona AZ and others a moonscape. This area has one of the few concentrations of indigenous people. There wasn´t a large population when the Spanish arrived and most of those were of course killed off. We got there after a 5 hour bus ride, and only had a few hours before we had to head back. We had hoped to take local busses back down, stopping at villages on the way, but the schedules ... read more
Lunch with Silvina and Enders
Kids in the river at San Lorenzo

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