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South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Jesús María February 9th 2019

This morning we plan to drive to Jesús María, an hour north of Córdoba. It’s a risk; since the Fritz y Franz pigeon poo lunch, things have been distinctly loose in the bottom department. But we set off (camera in one pocket, Imodium in the other). We reach Jesús María without incident and stop briefly in the main plaza. It has a train line running through the middle and a strange collection of naked orange statues with enormous feet. On to the Museo Jesuitico in a 17th century Jesuit estancia by the river. It’s a beautiful old building full of interesting religious artefacts. It’s fallen somewhat into disrepair which makes me wonder why they don’t charge an entrance fee. In the afternoon, one last wander round Córdoba. We have dinner at el Club de la Milanesa ... read more
Jesús María train passing through
Jesús María orange statues
Jesús María orange statues

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba February 8th 2019

The morning is spent doing admin; cancelling car hire and remote hotels, planning a route that can be done by public transport. The lovely Wilma sends us beer to cheer us up. In the afternoon we walk round historic Córdoba; the cathedral, several churches, the Jesuit quarter, the Cabildo and the Museo de la Memoria, housed in a former D2 intelligence detention centre, dedicated to those who ‘disappeared’ during the military regime of the 1970s. We return to the hotel for a swim. An Argentinian man lays claim to my sun lounger, which is covered with my stuff. I try to retrieve my stuff from under his stuff. He tries to put his stuff back on top of my stuff. It has been a stressful day and he bears the full brunt of my feelings on ... read more
El Paseo del Buen Pastor
Church of the Sacred Heart
Church of the Sacred Heart

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia February 7th 2019

Today we are going on a road trip with Wilma. First, breakfast. It’s very healthy – there’s more fruit on the breakfast buffet than I’ve seen in the whole of the past month. The benefit of sharing a hotel with professional sportsmen. We set off for Alta Gracia, a small town 24 miles southwest of Córdoba. It is the home of a 16th century Jesuit ranch (now a museum) and church. After a quick climb of the clock tower for a birds eye view of town, we visit the various Jesuit buildings. On the outskirts of town, is the childhood home of Che Guevara, now a museum. It documents the course of his life with plenty of photographs, original letters and documents. My favourites are letters written by little Ernestito and ‘La Poderosa’ - the motorcycle ... read more
Alta Gracia clock tower
Alta Gracia clock tower
Alta Gracia Jesuit estancia

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba February 6th 2019

Today we fly 800 miles north-east to Córdoba. It’s rather a dull day; drive, airport, flight, airport, drive. My only source of entertainment; a book I found at the hotel, which I wouldn’t have chosen given a choice of two. But it’s OK if you’re into American submarine sinking conspiracies. Finally we reach our hotel in Córdoba; Yrigoyen 111. It’s very pleasant and heaving with professional tennis players, as there’s an ATP tournament in progress. We walk a mile across town to meet a friend (a student we hosted in the summer). She’s given us an address but it’s for a block of flats, so when we arrive, we realise we don’t know which flat is hers. We consider standing in the street shouting ‘Wilma’ but then manage to WhatsApp from a petrol station round the ... read more
Breakfast with a view
Córdoba airport

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba June 9th 2017

David here... The 7 hour bus journey from Rosario to Cordoba was hell, hell I tell you. Actually it wasn't at all, it was surprisingly comfortable and the people on this bus seemed to have a bit of consideration for once. We both read, dozed, watched the scenery pass by, ate the lovely ham and cheese sandwiches Suzanne had prepared the night before, and before we knew it we were in Cordoba. The bus station was only a few minutes from our apartment but we were quite early to meet the host so wandered round for a bit. The place seemed to have a vibrancy missing from Rosario and numerous choices for food and drink. We got to our apartment just before 17:00. Ana was waiting for us and showed us into the lovely apartment at ... read more
Beato Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero
Beato Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero
Beato Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero

South America » Argentina » Córdoba November 12th 2016

Another ‘episode’ in 'our' travel experiences. The collective ‘episodes’ (this being the sixth) describe our journey from our arrival in Buenos Aires (Sth America) from the 1st week of October for an extended tea-bag experience of this huge continent. Like home, the continent is huge. In the few weeks available to us, we can only experience a few locations - a (tea-bag) dunk here, another there, and so on. After a few days in Buenos Aires, we flew to Lima for a 'dunk' into a few selected locations. We then fly to Chile to do some more 'tea-bagging'. We'll eventually make our way back to Argentina and our departure home. We attach a few pics to give a flavour of our journey, and some may 'flow over' past the dialogue. If we do this, you may ... read more
Green scene
Flying over the Andes between Chile and Argentina
Cordoba at night

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba June 25th 2016

During my final days in Buenos Aires I received an unexpected, yet welcome, email from my friend Julie who I had met while in Leticia, Colombia a few months before. Turns out she had some time off from school and was going to be in Argentina. She asked if I was in the area and if I wanted to meet up. Turns out I was in "the area". So I hopped on an overnight ten hour bus (at the cost of $270 pesos or about $45 USD) bound for Cordoba in the central part of this vast country. Arriving around eight in the morning I quickly found the tourist office for a map and set out walking in Argentina's second largest city of 1.5 million people to find my hostal where I would meet Julie and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba June 12th 2016

About a year ago I received an e-mail notification of Couchsurfers needing somewhere to stay in the nearby town to me called Reading. Although the town Is spelt the same way as in reading a book its actually pronounced as "Redding". I message this guy called Miguel who I thought wanted to stay near Reading and was visiting from South America. Anyway, turns out that Miguel doesn't need anywhere to stay and just put Reading down as the location in the hope to speak to native English speakers. After messaging Miguel a few times, I knew he was a top guy. We have many similar interests and both passionate about travelling. I find myself talking to Miguel on a regularly basis and, although we have never met in person, felt like we had become good friends. ... read more
My new mansion
Lunch with Miguel
City view of Cordoba

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba June 10th 2016

The next day we were off to Rosario, this is meant to be Argentinas cultural capital and an up and coming place for backpackers. Fortunately our hostel was much nicer than our last hotel and breakfasts included some pastries as well as baguette breads instead!! But still, just bread for breakfast. I think places here have mistranslated bed and breakfast to bed and breadfast. We headed to the monument in Rosario to get the best view of Rosario. The view looked over the river, which at this point (being the rainy season) was flooded. The town itself looked like it had been a very prosperous place in the 60’s and 70’s with high rise apartments built there, but outside the main street, the town had a more tired look. Along the river bank were teens setting ... read more
Band in Rosario art gallery
Cordoba Cathedral

South America » Argentina » Córdoba August 10th 2015

Distance driven last two days: 347 miles / 558 km Cumulative distance driven: 14,298 miles / 23,010 km Last two days’ trip: Mendoza to Laboulaye, Argentina Change of plans (again) and more bike trouble: yes I had struggled for months to come up with a good title for my last article in my doctoral thesis in the early 2000’s. I was looking for a metaphor that could explain a process though which a team had managed to construct a shared mental understanding of a complex situation, its origin, causes and implications. And then I read an article about combat operation centers of U.S Navy ships and found what I was looking for. Those who man these naval command and control centers use the term “having the bubble” to indicate that they have been able to construct ... read more
Jan Eliasson says - Deal with one hell at the time
Having the bubble in a spirit level has now the meaning of being in control of a situation

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