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South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba August 8th 2015

Distance driven today: 377 miles / 607 km Cumulative distance driven: 13,507 miles / 21,737 km Today’s trip: San Miguel de Tucuman to Cordoba, Argentina Practically as soon as we entered Northern Argentina via Bolivia, the landscape changed almost immediately. Ever since central Mexico, the landscape and with it the roads which run through it, have had a multitude of curves and have virtually always been ascending or descending. For almost two months now our mental mode when driving has been a combination of the following: sharp left curve, sharp right curve, steep uphill or steep downhill. However, for the past two days all of that had changed. Yesterday, we drove pretty much on a straight and flat road for over 6 hours from Tucuman to Cordoba in northern Argentina. Initially, it felt really good to ... read more
Distances really are large in the Argentinian Pampas
Ruta 9 to Cordoba
Welcome to the Estero region

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba March 3rd 2015

A bit of culture, meeting friends on the way, lots of hot days, being flooded and, evacuated and to top it all off a mad bash back to Cordoba to take a bus to Asuncion. You might call this a boring few weeks but it wasn’t. Just another day at the office of my backpacking life…. After Carla left Buenos Aires I spent the Sunday afternoon just walking the streets and enjoying the last hours in that amazing city. As I mentioned in my BA update, this city captured my imagination and I could easy see myself living here. I hope that one day I will return was and explore the places that escaped me this time. On Monday I had to catch the bus to Villa Maria to catch up with some friends from Facebook. ... read more
How they fix streets in Cordoba
Main plaza in Cordoba
Jesuit church - Cordoba

South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 5th 2015

Sadly it's a 2 day journey back to BA to return the "Desado" :( This 18hr. Drive from Mendoza to Buenos Aires actually made me home sick is is a huge agricultural area lots of cows and crops. Check out this video on YouTube: Check out this video on YouTube: read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 19th 2015

Today I planned as much as my itinerary as possible, contacted friends and family, re-packed my luggage, updated my travel blog, prepared my docuents for the next few border crossings and ate spaghetti in an Italian restaurant where I watched the breaking news about a famous ‘Fiscal’ who had been found dead this morning in his apartment. It is believed that the government had killed him and covered it up to make it look like suicide. The ‘Fiscal’ was due to speak out and to tell an important government secret related to Israeli attacks and the government’s part in it. Whilst I was in the kitchen in the hostel talking to my Dad on skype about Bolivia a French couple overheard my conversation and gave me advice about the next part of my trip. They had ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia January 18th 2015

Today I spent the day in Alta Gracia – a town about one hour away from Cordoba by bus. It’s a beautiful town at the foothills of the mountains with a little river running through it where lots of holidaymakers were camping, sunbathing and kids were playing in the stream. I’d gone to Alta Gracia specifically to visit Che Guevara’s childhood home. I walked over a bridge and up a hill through winding and shady streets lined with houses on either side (many were made in the French style) until I found Che Guevara’s house and the museum of Che which was one of them. Once I got there I went to look for something to eat before taking in the history of Che. Whilst looking for a place to eat I asked an Argentinian man ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia January 18th 2015

Che’s real name was Ernesto and was born to aristocratic parents. He was called Che because in Argentinian Spanish Che is a pronoun meaning ‘you’ and he didn’t want to be recognised by his aristocratic name so he adopted the name Che and was known throughout Central America and South America as Che Guevara. His mother was a feminist one of the first women to smoke, wear trousers and drive a car and his father owned a lot of land and both had a high place in society. They were on their way to Buenos Aires from Cordoba when Ernesto was due to be born and they stopped in Rosario (a town in between Cordoba and Buenos Aires) to have Che. Che was born in Rosario with a bronchial condition which later developed into asthma. The ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 17th 2015

Today I visited and studied Plaza San Martin, the main Plaza dedicated to the liberation of Argentina from the Spanish, I passed Obispo Mercadillo with wrought iron bars, I saw the Manzana Jesuitica (the Jesuit block) and the four buildings included in it, I looked around the beautiful church Iglesia Catedral. Outside a man asked me where I was from and when I said that I was from the UK he began explaining what happened in the Falklands and asking me when they would get their precious islands back. Whilst he was saying it in good fun, since coming to Argentina I have realised how much they want their land back. In my first few days in Cordoba a man wearing a small British flag on his t-shirt was confronted by an Argentinian who said ‘Las ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Jesús María January 16th 2015

This morning after finding out that I could easily get back to Cordoba by bus from the festival in Jesus Maria at any hour of the night, I set out to buy my tickets to the gaucho show this evening. I queued in a well air-conditioned shopping centre in Cordoba for nearly an hour to buy my ticket at the auto-entrada. In the afternoon I travelled to Jesus Maria by omnibus. The journey took one hour and passed through beautiful green pampas and when arriving into Jesus Maria the streets were dotted with parillas – barbecues. Once I arrived at Jesus Maria bus station I found a Pizzeria and had a delicious Pizza Mozzarella cooked on an open fire. I walked to the festival where the squares were lined with stalls selling gaucho related products including ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 15th 2015

Today I’m very disorganised and as a result it wasn’t a very interesting or productive day. I got a map of the city, got up early and had planned to finally get to the gaucho festival which is one hour from here by bus. By the time I’d got organised and had breakfast it was already very hot outside so I decided to go and see the historic town instead and get to know the area a bit more. I saw lots of beautiful churches, statues, had a delicious, colourful mixed salad with beetroot, tomato, lettuce and carrot, and to even it out for tea I had a burger with fries, then a toffee ice cream. Apart from this there was nothing to write home about but after yesterday’s three interesting conversations on the 10 hour ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba January 14th 2015

I headed to the bus station straight after breakfast to buy my ticket to Cordoba. Thanks to the lovely staff in the hostel my trip to the bus station was a smooth and as I knew the bus times and the tickets that I wanted there were no problems. The only problem is that the bus station has a bad reputation for crime and as usual I was warned by locals to keep my eye on my bags all the time as it is common for thieves to use distraction techniques – often a thief sprays mustard or ketchup on a tourist and then helps to wipe it off whilst his or her accomplice grabs their bag. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard this advice. It is the tenth time I had been told about ... read more

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