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South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba April 7th 2013

Back in Argentina again 7/4/13 Santiago to Buenos Aires to Cordoba Another early start as our flight was at 8.30am and we had to be there 2 hours beforehand. It only took 2 hours to get to Buenos Aires but as they wouldn’t check our bags right through to Cordoba we had to mess around collecting them and then trying to find somewhere we could leave them until our next flight at 6.30pm. We finally found out that the Information Desk could sort this and after filling in a form, waiting for a security guard who then led us through the airport to an xray machine, scanning the bags, then leading us further on and out to a tin hut in a car park where the bags were tagged and stored we were free of them. ... read more
2 Cordoba Iglesia Catedral
2 Cordoba
2 Cordoba Iglesia Catedral

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba April 7th 2013

We arrive in Cordoba early Sunday morning after a 20 hour bus ride that was considerably better then the previous one. We went carma again, but this time we were fed three fairly decent meals and vino. The city is a ghost town, not only because it is early Sunday morning, but also because it is Sunday, and everything is closed. It was still a bit of a shock for us, as the city is big, and we had spent the last 5 weeks in Patagonia. We check into our hostel, Morada Hostel, which is quite funky, with cool art all over the place. It has the reputation of a party hostel, but is quiet now which suits us. This was made even more clear to us when when we were talking to the girl at ... read more
The famous picture of Che
Just like home
Air plant

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba March 24th 2013

Another week-end, and another venture out of Buenos Aires. I've jsut calculated it, we should have visited 15 at least of the 23 provinces of Argentina this year...not bad, and for sure more than most people leaving in Buenos Aires. So this week-end, we head for the dry Cordoba...except that when we arrived at 7am on the Saturday morning, it is raining in Cordoba...and that's not normal. The good news, by lunch time, the rain had disappeared. Cordoba is an interesting city, but nothing really amazing beside the Manazana Jesuitica. We arrived by 7am, and on the Sunday lunch time it was already back to head home on the 10 hours ride. What i love about Argentina is their huge collection of small...and pretty good museums. These cost may be max 2usd per adult, free for ... read more
Next to the Museo de la Memoria
Manzana Jesuitica
Retiro bus station...

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba March 6th 2013

06/03-07/03: Cordoba / Alta Gracia Was time for us to move on and we said good-bye to B.A to pursue our travel up north. We stopped for a couple of days in Cordoba, second biggest city of Argentina and famous for its universities. A lot of personalities, women and men have been studying here. It is a modern city rich in culture and historical heritage. Been declared the South American Capital of Culture since 2006. We visited Alta Gracia - a little town situated only 30 min away from Cordoba as it has been home to the Guevara de la Sierra Family from 1935 to 1943. The Guevara family were seeking a better location for Ernesto´s (Che Guevara's) asthma and Alta Gracia was famous for its dry wholesome air. Despite his asthma , Ernesto (Che) was ... read more
Museum Che
Museum Che
Museum Che

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 21st 2013

Atsikėliau bivuoke apie 6 ryto, tuo metu mechanikai vis dar darbavosi prie Oscar bagio. Atsisveikinau su nemiegančiais ir iškeliavau ieškoti dakaro greičio ruožo. Daug maž žinojau kur jis turi vykti, bet tai dar nereiškia, kad man pavyks jį surasti. Sėdau į pirmą autobusą ir nuvažiavau link tos vietos. kelyje stovėjo daug žmonių kurie laukė atvažiuojančių lenktynininkų, bet pamatęs negreit važiuojančius motociklus supratau, kad tai tik pravažiuojamas ruožas, o specialus ruožas kažur toliau. Paklausinėjęs vietinių išsiaiškinau, kad už 2km greičio ruožo startas. Nuėjau iki starto, bet toliau eiti neleido kareiviai prižiūrintys saugumą. Vistik randau aplinkelį kuriuo pavyko apeiti tą apsaugą ir taip keliavau palei trasą apie 5 km kol suradau visai neblogą vietą iš kur matosi nemaža atkarpa bei keletas gražių posukių. Čia pažiūrėjau mo... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 21st 2013

Jau trečia diena kaip aš Cordoboj, bet miesto beveik nemačiau, kadangi visas dėmesys buvo skirtas Dakarui, taigi pagaliau išsiruošiau apžiūrėti miesto. Be to šianden dar reikia nusipirkti ir bilietą iki Santiago,o prieš tai dar ir išsikeisti pinigų, nes jei pirkčiau kortele, kaina būtų paskaičiuota oficialu kursu, o ne tuo kuris gatvėje. Man dar vakas Jose nurodė gatvę kur galiu rasti gatvinių keitėjų, tad piriausiai ten ir nuvažiuoju. Normalus keitimo kursas gatvėje 8,5 peso už 1 eurą, bet keitėjas pradeda derybas pasiūlydamas 7, čia matyt pradinė kaina žiopliams nes oficialus kursas 6,5. bet netruku susideru 8,5 tad viskas gerai. Pavaikštinėju po miestą, apžiūriu įdomiausiu objektus, senas bažnyčias, parkus. Bet man įdomiausias objektas miese pasirodo senovinis apžvalgos ratas, tokio dar nebuvau mates. Dar visai įdomus pasirodė viešas base... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba January 19th 2013

Geo: -31.4053, -64.1804Once a trip, maybe once a lifetime, you get an Osvaldo in your life.Osvaldo's job was to teach us Spanish here in Cordoba and in doing that he became the kind of friend you might spend years developing. He found us very reasonable lodgings and the first day of class even met us at our apt and rode the bus to his house with us so we'd know how to do it.When Bob broke a tooth Osvaldo called his own dentist and begged an apt for him and then took him there and sat with him the whole time to translate.When our apt was so hot we couldn't sleep he arranged for Luli to bring us a fan and after we mentioned we were getting tired of cold showers because the water heater kept ... read more
What? Me study?
Our singing Spanish teacher
Our favorite teacher

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 18th 2013

Iš ryto atsikėliau gan anksti, pagal nuorodas dakaro puslapyje pirmieji dakaro dalyviai greičio ruože į kurį planuoju važiuoti, turėtų pasirodyti apie 2 valandą dienos. Iš namų išeinu apie 10 ruto, tad laiko turėtų užtekti iki ten nusigauti. Autobusų stotyje surandu turistų informaciją ir paklausiu kaip nusigauti iki greičio ruožo, bet panašu, kad jie ir patys nelabai žino kas, kur ir kaip čia su tuo dakaru. Man pasiūlo važiuoti iki miestelio kuriame yra bivuokas (techninio aptarnavimo zona). Pagal organizatorių žemėlapį, visai netoli nuo bivuoko turėtų būti ir greičio ruožas tad, paklausau patarimo ir važiuoju už 50 km esantį Villa Carlos Paz miestą. Kelionė trunka apie valandą. Ten nueinu į vietinę turistų informaciją, kur man duoda žemėlapį su nuoroda kur rasti bivuoką, bet apie šiandienos greičio ruožą man nieko pasakyt negali. Pas... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba January 18th 2013

Geo: -31.4053, -64.1804Cordoba is a young person's city, a university town with a high rate of graduates and a low median age of citizens. Cordoba, established in 1500-something had a university and a municipal swimming pool 200 years before Lewis & Clark were loading the canoe. And in the beginning it was part of Peru, but then that's another chapter entirely.Anyway, it's young and fun, but still has lots to offer us older folks. We loved the pedestrian areas and walked them often on our way to Plaza San Martín, the main downtown plaza. Our favorite though was a late afternoon saunter along the little creek that runs through the city. It's leafy and green and calm. They call it La Cañada, the canyon. I like to call it La Cañanita--the little creek that gurgles happily ... read more
La Lampana
Happy City
Pedestrian walk

South America » Argentina » Córdoba January 11th 2013

Geo: -31.4053, -64.1804The first trajedy of our trip struck the day before we left Buenos Aires for Cordoba. A filling popped out of my front tooth and left a big gaping hole.Karen said, I guess we'll have to go to a dentist. When we got to Cordoba we met our spanish teacher, Osvaldo Carnero and along with many other helpful things he did for us, he said he would ocntact his dentist and arrange for me to get my tooth fixed.He emailed us later that day and said he had made me an apt for 6:00 the next evening, right after our class ended. He drove us to the dentist and insisted he stay with us as a translator so he could tell me what the dentist said. This was a wonderful, generous thing that he ... read more

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