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South America » Argentina » Córdoba January 8th 2013

Geo: -31.4053, -64.1804It's so totally Argentinean. Immense--gigantic even, with 150 different bus companies. Can you see that? There is nothing in the US that compares to this--it blows your mind.This is a bus station. And it's all in Spanish--every millimeter of it. In a country where petrol is more expensive than fine wine, taxis convert to natural gas. So even if you own a car, it's just out of sight to drive it far.When you're traveling cross country you grab a bus, not your keys. These long distance buses are luxurious with comfortable padded seats, some that fully recline (180*) and offer white glove dinner service that includes wine. That explains the need---can't even guess why there has to be 150 different providers.We got to the station last night an hour early because it's been two ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba January 2nd 2013

Now travelling independently caught a coach inland (using some very basic Spanish along with some fluent pointing), across the flat pampas for 10 hours to Argentina's second city Cordoba - a relaxed university city with Jesuit buildings in centre. A morning sitting in the sun listening to local buskers was contrasted with a sobering visit to museum to the thousands of disappeared during the military rule in the 70s set in the old police station. Headed out of the city into the nearby mountains, staying at the pleasant resort town of La Cumbre with its fine Heladeria (ice cream shops). Next day did a very hot hike up the 2000m Cerro Uritorco mountain, famed for its UFO visits (not making it up - have a look on wikipedia - also just missed day it was closed ... read more
Museum to "Disappeared"
Cordoba cathedral
South America's finest bano ?

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba December 26th 2012

At the beginning of December I arrived in Cordoba, the second city of Argentina, ready to settle down for another period of study at a language school. The first positive was that after completing a written exam and conversation “interview” with the class co-ordinator I had moved up from the “A2 beginner” level that I was being taught in Buenos Aires, to the “B1 intermediate” level here in Cordoba – so it seemed the Spanish practice on the road had been useful! (There are six levels, beginner (A1 & A2), Intermediate (B1 & B2) and advanced (C1 & C2). The school was very friendly, although they seemed to be in the middle of a bit of a recruitment drought when I arrived as I'm sure for the first week there were more staff at the school ... read more
Cordoba's main cathedral
Who doesn't love a giant Christmas tree...
Snr. Espacio

Oh, sweet mountain towns! I love following the meandering streams that cut through their centers and walking to their edges for hikes in nature. While I was in big city Cordoba for its sizzling, September spring, I interspersed my time with retreats to cool, little mountain towns that were so small, they're not even listed on the map above. Villa General Belgrano and a Hostel in Paradise Villa General Belgrano is a somewhat popular mountain town set in a lush, green valley, and named after the creator of the beautiful Argentina flag, General Manuel Belgrano. The town was originally settled by Germans in 1930, and the Bavarian architecture, trolls and elves around town reflect this heritage. Tourists go there for the microbreweries, beer gardens, German food, and the third most famous Oktoberfest in the world. I ... read more
Oktoberfest Villa Belgrano
steep street, La Cumbrecita
La Cumbrecita trail with fallen logs

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia October 27th 2012

Alta Gracia--Cultural Treasures Alta Gracia is the biggest city, 45,000 people, that I visited in the mountains surrounding beautiful Cordoba. Like the other towns, it was built along a gurgling, shady river, perfect for strolling. However, it also held several cultural treasures such as one of the region's well-restored, UNESCO-designated, former Jesuit estancias/ranches, as well as the house-museums of the adolescent Che Guevara and the elderly Spanish composer, Manuel de Falla, a clock town erected in 1938 to celebrate the city's 350 anniversary, the1903 Sierras Hotel which was Argentina's first casino, and a lovely urban park built around the former Jesuit reservoir. Moreover, it was September, spring, and the town was filled with brilliant, purple-blooming jacaranda trees. I'd come from little Mina Clavero on a local bus that wound through the mountai... read more
La Caroya Estancia
La Caroya owl
clock tower and lake reflections

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Mina Clavero October 7th 2012

The Sweet Sierras of Cordoba Traveling between the popular tourist meccas of Mendoza and Codoba, I eschewed the overnight bus taken by most travelers, and spent a month exploring the charming small towns enroute, first in the state of San Luis, now in Cordoba province. The beautiful, colonial city of Cordoba is ringed by mountains set with jewel-like towns offering cool respite from the sizzling city. The mountain towns are all built along grassy-bordered rivers with boulders in fanciful Henry Moore shapes, and shaded by tall trees--perfect for cool afternoon walks. In the blazing hot, northern Argentine summers, the towns are bursting with refugees from big city Cordoba. Fortunately, I was there in September and October, spring, when the mountain temperatures were perfect for hiking, and I had river and hill walks and swimming holes to ... read more
Henry Moore reclining nude
plateaus opening to little canyons everywhere
hostel hammock over the river

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia September 16th 2012

The history of Cordoba cannot be separated from the Jesuits. Around the city they had several estancias that provided the income to support the university in Cordoba. We knew that we had to visit at least one of these estancia and were thrilled when the lady at the tourist information office told us how easy it was to get to and from Alta Gracia. As well as the estancia, Alta Gracia is famous for being the home of Che Guevara during his adolescent years. The local bus station was a 5 minute walk from the hotel. It looked like a small version of all the bus terminals we had seen so far. The ticket offices were inside downstairs. There was only one operator who had Alta Gracia tickets as they were the only ones to go ... read more
Clock tower and reservoir
Motorcycle diaries

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba September 15th 2012

Sleeping on a bus is easier if your fellow passengers keep their mobile phones on silent and don't receive messages all night. It's also easier if they close the curtains so toll booth lights don't shine directly in your face and if you don't get woken at a very early hour for breakfast. Not happy Jan! We were really pleased that when we got to the hotel the room was immediately available and the Argentina vs Australia match was on the TV. We were able to shower, watch the game and have a bit of a sleep, all before lunch. Harriet didn't think that was enough sleep for her, so Toby and Fiona left her to sleep some more and went off to discover the city of Cordoba. It was stinking hot when we walked out ... read more
Collegio Nacional de Montserrat

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba July 2nd 2012

On this page I would talk about my internship, particularly what I have achieved, discovered, and shared through the NGO Nuestra Córdoba. Primera Parte First of all, few words to describe Nuestra Córdoba, a NGO dedicated to the construction of a city more Fair, Democratic and Sustainable. These broad ideological goals are applied to a very located and specified area: the town of Córdoba, second Argentinian city. To achieve these goals, the NGO has built a wide network of associations specialized in ten themes (Environment, Urbanization, Participative Democracy, Public Transport, Health, Education, Economic and Social Development, Public Budget Control, Urban Mobility and Culture). What I found quite new and very interested with Nuestra Córdoba's approach is their determination to implement a Bottom-Up strate... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba July 2nd 2012

Eso es una part que concierne mi vida cotidiana en aujourd'hui, no voy a describir todo, espero que mis fotos sean sufisiante para hablar de mi experiencia exceptionnal que hoy en dia me da tan buenos recuerdos ! This part concerns my daily life in Córdoba, I will not tell you more about it, cause I rely on the photos to share this experience which still give so much good memories ! Voilà une partie qui concerne ma vie quotidienne à Córdoba, je ne vais pas vous en dire plus, je pense que les photos en diront suffisament sur cette expérience exceptionnelle qui aujourd'hui me donne tellement de bons souvenirs !... read more

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